Big Hit Entertainment Issues A Response Regarding Allegations That A BTS Manager Used Their Van Privately

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A BTS Manager is under fire for allegedly using the company’s van for personal reasons.


Big Hit Entertainment has issued a response after ARMY made an issue out of a online community post that alleges a BTS manager used the group’s van for private use.

On May 19, Big Hit Entertainment told news outlets that they will be looking into the allegations to confirm it and will take action based on their findings.

Are you happy about their response?

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On May 18, an online community post shared photos and wrote about how a certain BTS Manager is using BTS’s own van for his girlfriend as they go on personal outings. The post claims that the manager’s girlfriend had uploaded a picture on her Instagram story bragging about it, she also congratulated her boyfriend on being an employee at BTS’ agency.

But that’s not the end of it, she continuously posted images from BTS’s van and would write things such as ‘wow, that’s BTS van,’ and more.

The OP who posted the photos claimed that she has done many times, but the OP wasn’t able to capture every single time they bragged about it on SNS.

The post also alleges that the manager friends also rode in the car. The post has gone viral and currently has more than 240,000 views and counting.

ARMY were furious to find that out, here are some of their comments,

shouldn’t the manager be fired?

Its wrong to use a van for personal use and its wrong for a third party to take pictures and upload it to SNS.

shouldn’t we disinfect bangtan’s van? you look like a moving germ..

Do you think it’s a big deal or are people blowing it out of proportions?

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