‘A Banner At The Expense Of Fans?’ JYP Issues An Apology Over Rudeness Towards Stray Kids Fandom During ISAC Filming

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JYP Entertainment apologized to the Stray Kids fandom after their side was involved in a dispute related to rude treatment.

On August 2, JYP Entertainment, Stray Kids agency, said on its V LIVE page, “We apologize for the lack of smooth progress at the 2022 Chuseok Special Idol Star Championship.”

We are sorry that we have hurt the hearts of our fans who we should be grateful for regarding the issue of the cost of making the banner due to our wrong direction. We apologized to the fans who were selected and proceeded with the banner production through a separate email. We would like to express our apologies once again.”

JYP also apologized for the staff’s remarks about telling fans they would read their letters out loud if they didn’t stop filming,

“On the day of the recording, we found a post on SNS that a staff said, ‘If you don’t stop filming, I’ll read the fan letters out loud,’.
After finding out the facts, we confirmed that it was a mistake made by an employee of a security company hired by the headquarters.
We sincerely apologize to the fans who must have felt uncomfortable at the scene, judging that the issue was caused by the external companies or the headquarters’ failure to hire and properly manage the company, and to all the fans who should have enjoyed the event but couldn’t due to this incident.”

Earlier, a fan of Stray Kids posted on SNS that he paid 190,000 won for the production of Stray Kids banners. In addition, there were complaints about the rude response of the staff to fans during the recording of “Idol Star Athletics Championships.”

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