“They Did Not Know She Passed Away Until 9 Months Later,” The Heartbreaking Story of Singer-actress Hannah’s Death

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Nine years have passed since the death of singer-actor Hannah (real name Ryu Sook Jin) and netizens have revisited the shocking news of her death.

Hannah passed away on January 13, 2014, at her home in Bundang, Gyeonggi-do after making an extreme choice. She was 32 years old.

Hannah was reported to have had a difficult time before she passed away, including suffering from panic disorder. In particular, the news of her death was not known until nine months later. People in the music industry were even more shocked and said, “Close acquaintances and fellow singers are not aware of this.”

Hannah, who appeared in the music video for singer Kang Sung Hoon’s 2nd album ‘Reminiscence’ in 2002, participated in the 2003 feature of singer Rain’s 2nd album song ‘I’m liking you again’.

Originally from JYP Entertainment, Hannah, who made her official debut in the music industry with her debut song ‘Bounce’ in 2004, worked as a singer until 2008. She later turned into an actress, working under the stage name Han Ji Seo, and appeared in the 2011 film “Money Bag” and the 2012 short film “Black Crayons”.

In particular, it was a mobile phone advertisement that made Hannah known widely. In the advertisement, Hannah asked the male counterpart to listen with her earphones, saying, “Shall we listen together?” The scene became famous.

Although she worked as a singer and actress, Hannah was said to have had a hard time and struggled mentally. An official added regret by saying that Hannah suffered from a panic disorder right before she passed away and that she did not tell her acquaintances and colleagues about her difficult situation.


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