33 Industry Officials Pick The Biggest Korean Singers Of 2022, IVE, Lim Young Woong And BTS Take The Lead

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BTS, IVE and Lim Young Woong have been named the top singers by 33 industry officials.

On December 17, News 1 published the results of a recent survey on the “Top Singer of 2022” among professional popular music experts. A total of 33 representatives from music companies participated in the survey and selected two teams (names) each. The full names of those who gave their opinions are listed below!

According to the survey results announced on the 17th, IVE received 16 votes out of a total of 63, becoming the “top singer of the year.” After a fierce competition among various hit singers this year, IVE emerged as the top singer by achieving a triple hit.

IVE made its debut in December 2021 and has made remarkable achievements in the music industry this year, standing out in the industry. IVE released a total of three singles and recorded a triple hit starting with its debut song “ELEVEN,” followed by “LOVE DIVE” and “AFTER LIKE.” “LOVE DIVE” topped Melon’s daily chart and “AFTER LIKE” recorded a perfect all-kill on domestic streaming sites.

Trot singer Lim Young Woong received 14 votes and ranked second. He won the “Mr. Trot” competition in 2020 and made significant achievements this year as a male solo singer. With the release of his first full-length album “I’m Hero” in May, he sold over 1 million copies in the first week and held his first nationwide tour. He also became the first trot singer to perform at the Gocheok Sky Dome, proving his popularity.

BTS, which released an album in June of this year and announced a temporary hiatus from group activities to focus on individual activities, ranked third with 10 votes, with officials saying, “In addition to being a promotional ambassador for the Busan EXPO, they also actively pursued individual activities and showed worldwide influence.” Officials also cited that Jungkook’s solo performance at the World Cup opening ceremony had significant meaning.

In addition to this, NewJeans, who hit it big in the second half of the year with “Attention” and “Hype Boy,” received 5 votes and ranked 4th. (G)I-DLE, which returned after Soojin’s departure, ranked 5th with 4 votes each by successfully releasing “Tomboy” and “Nude” in succession.

The full list of the top Korean singers of 2022 is:

  1. IVE (16 votes)
  2. Lim Young Woong (14 votes)
  3. BTS (10 votes)
  4. NewJeans (5 votes)
  5. (G)I-DLE (4 votes)
  6. IU, BLACKPINK (3 votes)
  7. KARA (2 votes)
  8. NCT DREAM, BIBI, SEVENTEEN, Stray Kids, Yoonha, Crush (1 vote)

News1 also revealed the names of the 33 representatives of the popular music industry who responded to the survey. Their names are below! (in alphabetical order)

  1. Go Ki-ho, President (InnexTrend)
  2. Kim Sang-ho, President (JYP Entertainment)
  3. Kim Sook-kyung, President (Jellyfish Entertainment)
  4. Kim Yong-seop, Director of Business (FNC Entertainment)
  5. Kim Ji-won, President (SM Entertainment)
  6. Kim Jin-woo, CEO (RBW)
  7. Kim Tae-yeop, Vice President (Connect)
  8. No Young-yeol, President (Amoeba)
  9. No Hyeon-tae, CEO (Thinking Entertainment)
  10. Park Moo-sung, CEO (We are Entertainment)
  11. Park Yong-bok, President (Wake One)
  12. Bang Jae-hyuk, President (KQ Entertainment)
  13. Baek Chang-ju, CEO (C-JeS Entertainment)
  14. Shin Min-kyung, President (Tioop Media)
  15. Shin Joo-hak, CEO (Star Empire)
  16. Woo Cheong-rim, Head (Ulrim Entertainment)
  17. Won Geun-yeon, President (Marugi Planning)
  18. Wi Myung-hee, CEO (Wi Entertainment)
  19. Yoo Ji-hoon, Team Leader (YG Entertainment)
  20. Yoon Do-yeon, President (Blockberry Creative)
  21. Lee Won-min, CEO (WM Entertainment)
  22. Lee In-gyu, Head (Antenna)
  23. Lee Jae-young, CEO (C9 Entertainment)
  24. Lee Jun-won, Vice President (Abyss Company)
  25. Lee Ji-hyeon, Manager (Starship Entertainment)
  26. Lee Hae-jong, President (DSP Media)
  27. Lee Hyeong-jin, CEO (MLD Entertainment)
  28. Jeon Seung-hwi, Vice President (Cube Entertainment)
  29. Jeong Jin-ho, Manager (Hybe)
  30. Jin Jeong-gyun, President (Grandline Group)
  31. Choi Seong-pil, Vice President (IST Entertainment)
  32. Choi Soo-ri, Head (Brand New Music)
  33. Tiger JK, CEO (Feel Ghood Music)

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