2PM’s Wooyoung Says He Was In A Similar Alarming State As The Late SHINee Jonghyun

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2PM’s Wooyoung shocked fans when he sat down for an interview recently and talked about why he didn’t promote much in Korea for the last five years.

The idol has recently released his 2nd mini album five years and six months after his first mini album, he sat down for an interview with TV Report in a café Gangnam.

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When he was asked about why he didn’t promote much in Korea when compared to the other 2PM members he said,

“I recently heard of the unfortunate news of Jonghyun’s passing. I believe he made that decision because he was struggling more than I did, but I understand him and I believe that many celebrities in this business are going through similar situations. I was also in a similar situation 5 years ago.”

He added,

“It felt like Jonghyun’s depression was my own story. At the time, I wanted to overcome it in any way possible. I thought of 2PM members and I could’ve just ended my life but then I thought that I couldn’t do that and end it this easily. I held on thinking that I need to finish strong.”

He then shared more about his journey to overcome his depression and said,

“I found many ways on my own. I learned to draw, and I also tried scuba diving, I also relied on hyungs that lived together longer than I have. I also read books and watched documentaries.”

We’re glad that Wooyoung is over it and is doing well. Thank you for fighting Wooyoung oppa, you did well![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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