2PM’s Jun.K Caught Driving While Intoxicated, JYP Entertainment Apologizes And Halts All His Activities

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On February 13, it was revealed that the leader of 2PM has been caught drunk driving while under the influence of alcohol on February around 7 a.m. KST.

Reports revealed that the idol’s blood alcohol level of 0.074% is enough to suspend his license. It was reported that he was alone in the car.

An official at the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul said Kim responded to the police without any resistance, and after the police investigation, the manager came later and picked up the vehicle.

Following the controversy, JYP Entertainment released a statement,

“Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

We sincerely apologize for the fact that Kim Min Joon (Jun.k), an artist of our head office, was drunk driving.

Kim Min Joon is deeply repentant and reflecting, and we will stop all activities in the future, and will only decide whether to proceed with overseas activities in respect to the wishes of our overseas partners.

Our company has had a designated driver service since 2014, we regularly conduct training in measures for the prevention of drunk driving to our celebrities.

The company also pays for the costs of using that designated driver service in full.

Nevertheless, we’re willing to take responsibility for what has happened and will improve upon and consider more effective preventive measures.

Once again we deeply apologize.”

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My Reaction

I am so disappointed right now!

I have no respect for people who have no respect for others. Drunk driving is hella of a serious issue in SK and we all know it, its a serious and dangerous thing to do everywhere, not only in SK. Don’t give me that crappy sentence that begins with ‘at least.’

Don’t defend him for his actions. I believe that stricter measures need to be taken whenever anyone, not only a celebrity, drunk drives. You endanger not only your life but potentially others lives.

He was driving around 7 a.m. probably when students and little kids are out and about or going to their schools. He was drinking and partying until found drunk driving at 7 a.m…. WOW!

What do we do with your designated driver sentence? Its like you’re implicating yourselves in the process. Its like they’re saying we have a driver but he didn’t use it! Jesus!

I am a JYP stan and a 2PM stan. I am very disappointed right now! How do you guys feel about this?

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