2PM Jun.k Personally Releases An Apology Following His DUI

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Following the controversial DUI incident of the 2PM leader, he personally released an apology through 2PM official site.

He said,

“Hello, this is Min Joon (his real name).

I am so sorry to write to you in this matter

My own instant judgment was foolish. I know how big a drunk driving is, but I look back at myself who made such a mistake, and I’ll reflect deeply with regret.

For the fans and members who loved and believed in me, I sincerely apologize for disappointing them.”

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My Reaction

Oh well! I seriously believe his apology means nothing, I just wish he never repeats it, we, JYP and 2PM stans, are very embarrassed and disappointed right now!

Why must he endanger people’s lives? I just don’t understand what people think when they drink and believe they can drive, if you’re careless about yourself, at least watch out for others lives that might be taken due to your DUI!

I just wish that he never repeats it!

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  1. Deva_O_Gee here from ( Devaogee At Vikitv on facebook ) . I just want to add my two cents to this because I just find it hard to understand why the hell a person in the public eye, with a fan following that looks up to them as a role model, and knowing age is but a number, but he’s not a kid, would ever decide to do something as idiotic as drive under the influence whereby he could have possibly killed someone, lost everything and became known by another social title such as..* Vehicular Killer *.
    These are just a few of the factors he should have thought on before making the decision to drive drunk.
    Now give me your thoughts on this. What could have influenced him to make the decision to drive drunk. Let’s consider this one first. He got drunk. Okay, factor 1.
    Next, according to his social status, he is classified as a * CELEBRITY *.
    Hmmm, would you say he may tend to think he might be a bit more important than the average person thereby also influencing his decision to drive drunk. You know, he might have said to himself, ” What the hell, let me get drunk as a skunk and drive my dam car around town, why you say, because my name is Jun.K, lead vocalist of 2PM, and I’m the sh….t. Okay, that was factor 2
    Now, this is all hypothetical, but I’m just saying, it’s possible, and no, because of who he is, I don’t believe in his heart he truly feels sorry, but that’s just my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions…they’re like A..holes everyone has one…this was mine. A bit of advice from me to Jun.K… You are blessed dude. Take care of your blessing. Don’t mess it up by doing something stupid in your life. Sometimes society can be most unforgiving. All you have to do is take a look at some of the other artists that have fallen from grace. Check yourself and buck the hell up. If you need any sound advice from someone who is not a yes person and does not care about your money or your status…feel free to look a sista up anytime. I care about people period. 🙂
    Stay Blessed My Brotha!
    *♥✿*Diva_O_Gee-Seoul-SisTa-2018*✿ ♥* ㋡

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