2020 Will Be The Most Competitive Rookie Year Ever, All The Big 3 Agencies Are Debuting New Groups This Year

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2020 is about to get lit!

All eyes are on the big 3 agencies (YG, JYP and SM) after a recent report by MoneyToday business.

The report goes into details about how the entire industry has been suffering from COVID-19 and how profits for all the big 3 agencies dwindled this year despite the good forecast for 2020, the pandemic situation is affecting all businesses around the world and the Kpop industry has been hit pretty hard.

The report then goes on to detail each agency plans to debut new groups this year. Starting with the known, YG is set to debut TREASURE in July, their first boy group since 2015.

The report doesn’t mention YG’s plans to debut a girl group as well despite the fact that the agency had previously confirmed their plans to debut a girl group within this year. More on that here.

Next up is JYP, their upcoming girl group NiZi Project is set to make their debut this year, but that’s not the only group they plan on debuting, according to MoneyToday, they’re set to debut more than two groups this year.

SM is also planning to debut groups this year, a new girl group and a new boy group. The girl group is coming first followed by the boy group; their debuts are planned for some time in the second half of 2020.

2020 will go down in history as the year all the big 3 agencies debuted their next generation of Kpop groups. All eyes are on the agencies.

Which agencies debuts are you most excited about?

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