14U Rumored To Have Disbanded Due To One Member ‘Inappropriate Relationship’ With Head Director, CEO Responds

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Rookie boy group 14U disbandment is being brought up and there was a report by Korean news outlet that is leaving fans baffled.

The rookie group suddenly reportedly disbanded less than two years after their debut. Previously, it was stated they had reportedly disbanded due to favoritism. Later, the agency issued an official statement confirming the group disbanded.

Now they’re rumored to have disbanded because of one member who had a sexual relationship with the head director of 14U’s agency BGent and also an international fan.

Xportsnews looked into the matter and an insider alleged that the member who has been having an inappropriate relationship with the head director also had one with an international fan overseas in Japan.

The insider explains the other members found out about the two relationships and judged they could no longer maintain the group which led to their disbandment.

It’s also being reported that the members’ parents were aware of the inappropriate relationship and following the group’s schedule in Japan, they reportedly demanded their children contracts be terminated.

However, the CEO of BGent heavily refuted those rumors.

He told news outlet E Daily that the disbandment was decided after considering the opinion of each member.

He says he even terminated their contracts without demanding a penalty fee from the members and says he tried to calculate their last payments and give them good vibes.

A former employee of the agency also says the earnings of the group were at a deficit because they didn’t promote for long but the CEO decided to disband the group upon the members’ wishes sacrificing himself.

The CEO also called the report about the group’s alleged disbandment due to inappropriate sexual relationship ‘not true and utterly shocking.’

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