N.Flying Members Military Enlistment And Discharge Dates


Find out the full enlistment and discharge date for all the members of N.Flying!

Military service is mandatory in South Korea, meaning all able Korean men must serve their country, this law extends to Kpop idols as well. Every able Korean man must serve their country before they become 28 years old [international age].

Today, we’re taking a look at the full N.Flying members’ military enlistment date. The below article includes the members’ enlistment and discharge dates.

Note: this article will be periodically updated as N.Flying members enlist or get discharged. So please bookmark it.


N.Flying members currently serving the military: Cha Hun, Jaehyun, Dongsung

N.Flying members who have been discharged from the military: Yoo Hwe Seung

Seunghyub [wont enlist]

Lee Seung Hyub has been exempt from service due to a past leg injury that required 2 surgeries. He’s the only member of his group who will not serve in the military.

Seunghyub enlistment date: not applicable

Seunghyub discharge date: not applicable

Yoo Hweseung [done with service]

Hweseung wrapped up his service before his debut with the band, he had done it before his debut as an idol.

Hweseung enlistment date: 1st July, 2014

Hweseung discharge date: 31st March, 2016

Cha Hun [enlisted]

On February 2 of 2023, FNC Entertainment announced the news of N.Flying Cha Hun’s enlistment in the military on their official fan café by saying that Cha Hun will undergo basic military training at the training center on March 20 and fulfill his defense obligations in the military band.

N.flying’s Cha Hun enlistment date: March 20, 2023

N.flying’s Cha Hun discharge date: September 19, 2024

Jaehyun [enlisted]

Recently, FNC Entertainment confirmed Jaehyun and Dongsung will be enlisting soon. The date has not been set yet but is expected to be revealed soon.

N.flying’s Jaehyun enlistment date: May 25, 2023

N.flying’s Jaehyun discharge date: November 14, 2024

Dongsung [enlisted]

Despite the fact that the youngest member of the group Dongsung still has time left until his enlistment, he’s decided to enlist sooner to minimize the group’s hiatus. The news was revealed recently by his agency. Later, his agency confirmed his military enlistment in May of 2023.

Dongsung enlistment date: May 8, 2023

Dongsung discharge date: November 7, 2024

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