Whatever Happened To “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” Cast?

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Many international fans are already aware of the sweet romantic drama, it became so famous that many wished to see “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” second season.

Back in 2017, that drama became so popular it broke JTBC’s rating records and became the highest-rated drama for the cable channel- at that time. The drama enjoyed national and international popularity, the contrast between its cute and scary parts made it that interesting to fans.

In case you’re wondering whatever happened to “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” cast, today we shall go over what they’ve been up to for the past couple of years.

Note: “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” season 2 hasn’t been ever confirmed, and despite the fact that many fans would like to see the cast reunite, the makers of the drama never talked about the possibility of a second season of the drama.

Park Hyung Sik


Following the huge success of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” Park Hyung Sik took a rest and then got back to business in the short film “Two Rays Of Light,” he played a visually impaired young man who meets and falls in love with another visually impaired woman (played by Han Ji Min).

The movie was released in late December and received a favorable response from national and international fans.

In 2018, he took on the second leading role in the Korean remake of the popular US series titled ”Suits.” He also received praise for his acting and the drama performed well in ratings, going as high as 10% in some episodes.

“Suits” aired in the first half of 2018 on KBS. In that same year, he signed with the exclusive agency UAA which houses Song Hye Koy and Yoo Ah In. He explained in an interview that the two popular actors played a role in his decision to join the agency.


After the drama wrapped up, Park Hyung Sik made appearances here and there on sets to support his friends. He usually hangs out with “Hwarang” cast BTS V and Park Seo Joon, the trio usually posts photos of their gatherings every once and a while.

In that same year, he began filming for his first EVER feature film “Juror 8,” an interesting film about 8 jurors who participate in the first-ever civil criminal trial in South Korea. It marked his first acting role in a movie, his first big-screen debut.

“Juror 8” premiered in 2019, and it wasn’t a box office success, it performed below expectations in the box office, grossing 1.8$ million.

In mid-2019, the actor announced his plans to enlist in the military. On June 13, Park Hyung Sik started his military service; he received basic military training for five weeks before serving as an active-duty soldier in the military police department of the Capital Defense Command.


He is set to be discharged some time in the first half of 2021.

Park Bo Young


Park Bo Young is known by her dedicated fans for being more of movie star rather than a TV star. So it only made sense that following the conclusion of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” she took on a movie role.

After taking a break following the huge success of her JTBC drama, news confirmed she will play the love interest of Kim Young Kwang in the romantic movie “On Your Wedding Day.”

The filming began back in September 2017; the cast also includes Song Jae Rim and Shin So Yul. The film tells the love story of a man who finally gets to date the woman he always knew was the one. It was released in August 2018. The film was a success and drew in more than 21$ million in the box office.

In 2018, it was also announced that she will lead 2019 upcoming tvN drama titled “Abyss.” The drama aired its first episode in mid-2019. The drama started out with 3% in ratings but it slowly declined and maintained ratings in the 2% range for the majority of its run time. The drama wasn’t near as successful as “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” it was also met with mixed reviews.

No further plans have been revealed for the actress following the wrap up of her drama “Abyss,” many people would like to see her again on screen soon.


Park Bo Young usually stays away from the spotlight when not working on her dramas/movies. She has previously stated that she doesn’t want to use social media; she occasionally interacts with her fans through her Vlive channel.



After his heart was broken badly in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” he took on a tougher role opposite many talented Korean actors in the second season of “Bad Guys.”

Ji Soo cut his hair short, worked on his body and took on the role of a man who went to prison while defending his younger brother.

“Bad Guys 2” rated well but didn’t generate the same buzz the first season generated. However, Ji Soo had revealed that he had so much fun filming for the gore drama and that he developed a good relationship with the cast.

He was very happy when talking about how much he learned from his seniors who helped him out a lot during shooting for the drama.

In the second half of 2018, he filmed for a short drama titled “Ping Pong Ball,” the drama was only two episodes long and focused on the unlikely friendship between Jisoo and an older homeless man.

In 2019, things looked even better for Jisoo, he was able to snag his first-ever leading role. He played the first lead in Netflix “My First First Love.” a Romantic Coming-Of-Age Drama. The drama has two parts so far; the second part started airing recently. It’s available on Netflix.

Jisoo doesn’t have any other plans set in stone for the rest of 2019- so far. Fans would love to see him in another leading role soon.

An Woo Yeon


An Woo Yeon had a very busy 2017. Following the conclusion of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” he went on to play many roles in other kdramas such as “Hip Hop Teacher,” “Lovers in Bloom,” and “Circle: Two Connected Worlds,” and many others.

The rising actor has also taken on the second male lead on KBS series “Good Witch,” and the tvN drama “Let’s Eat 3.”

“Good Witch” did very well in ratings while “Lets Eat 3” performed okay. His latest project in 2019 was a supporting role in “The Banker.” The drama aired its last episode this past May.

He was born in 1991 and due to Korean military laws he enlisted on April 30, his enlistment didn’t affect his last drama and he was able to finish all of his scenes ahead of his enlistment. He is currently serving the military as an active-duty soldier and is set to be discharged in 2021.

Seol In Ah


Seol In Ah also enjoyed a boost in popularity following the conclusion of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” she joined the cast of the KBS School drama series “School 2017” that same year.

In 2018, she appeared on various variety shows. During an episode of the SBS variety show “It’s Okay To Be Slightly Crazy,” she talked about her friendship with popular singer Chungha, the two enjoyed an indoor activity during the broadcast.

She also joined the popular variety show “Law of the Jungle,” she joined BTOB’s Eunkwang and Hyunsik, WINNER’s Lee Seung Hoon and Red Velvet’s Seulgi. They headed to Mexico.

Seol In Ah also joined B1A4 Baro in a web movie thriller, the movie was released in March 2018.

In May of 2018, she took on her first-ever leading role in KBS1 “Sunny Again Tomorrow,” the daily show did well in ratings and managed to reach the 20% range during its run. It also won Seol In Ah her first award as the “Best New Actress” at the 2018 KBS Drama Awards.

In 2019, she took on a supporting role in MBC “Special Labor Inspector Mr. Jo,” the drama performed well in ratings but not exceptionally well.

Kim Won Hae


Probably everyone’s favorite uncle, Kim Won Hae enjoyed great success with every drama he’s been in in 2017.

Following the conclusion of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” he played a vital role in the beloved SBS series “While You Were Asleep,” he captured fans hearts again with his great acting and great personality.

He also played the crazy detective in OCN’s “Black.” He was also in one of 2017’s hit box office movies “Battle Ship Island” opposite Song Joong Ki and So Ji Sub.

In 2018, he played the role of Jo In Ho in the second installment of “Mystery Queen,” and joined Kim Yoo Jung JTBC drama “Clean With Passion For Now.”

He also took on a role in one of the most expensive productions, the KBS drama “Are You Human Too.” “Are You Human Too?” had a staggering budget of almost $10 million. It completed filming back in 2017; and aired in summer 2018.

He also took on the role of CEO Jung in the movie “Midsummer” which was also released in 2018. He also made special appearances in many dramas in 2018 and 2019 such as “Feel Good To Die” and most recently “Hotel Del Luna.”

He is now playing a supporting role in “When the Devil Calls Your Name,” and is set to join Ji Chang Wook in his first drama since his discharge from the military “Melting Me Softly.”

He has also been in numerous movies in 2018 and 2019, he is the most active actor out of the entire “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” cast.

Jang Mi Kwan


The most hated character of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ had to be the creepy kidnapper played by model-turned-actor Jang Mi Kwan.

He attracted attention following the conclusion of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” he then joined the cast of the time travel themed drama “Man Hole” later in 2017.

He took on the role of the pharmacist, the love interest that Uee’s character.

Sadly, “Manhole” was the lowest-rated 2017 kdrama, and the 3rd lowest rated kdrama of all time on a public TV channel. After “Manhole” wrapped up, news of Jang Mi Kwan next project spread.

He was supposed to take on a main role in “Best Delivery People” which was led by Chae Soo Bin and Go Kyung Pyo. However, plans fell through and he ended up leaving the drama, the production found another actor to replace him in the role of the chaebol.

Jang Mi Kwan hasn’t taken on any projects since “Manhole,” looking through articles for his updates I wasn’t able to find anything of substance to add to his section.

So that was all there is to know about what the cast of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” has been up to since the drama aired 2 years ago.

Do you miss the drama? Would you like to see the cast reunite again soon?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I miss the drama though i don’t need second season or part 2 of it was a good drama indeed. I wanted to see both Park Hyung Sik and Park Boo Young in a new drama. Please hear me out.

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