Upcoming January 2023 Kdramas To Put On Your Watch List

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January is here and you know what this means, a slew of upcoming kdramas to be on the lookout for.

Lets go over the full list of upcoming 2023 January kdramas. Let us know, which one of those are you planning on watching!

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Brain Works

Cast: CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa, Cha Tae Hyun, Kwak Sun Young, And Ye Ji Won

Plot: “Brain Works” is a brain science comedy investigation drama about two men who desperately want to kill each other as they collaborate to solve a criminal case involving a rare brain disease.

Air date: January 2, 2023. 

Network: KBS


Cast: Lee Sun Kyun, Moon Chae Won, Kang Yoo Seok, and Park Hoon

Plot: “Payback,” SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama written by Kim Won Seok and directed by Lee Won Tae is a thrilling revenge drama between ‘money dealer’ Eun Yong and ‘legal engineer’ Joon Kyung fighting against the cartel of law and money.

Air date: January 6, 2023.

Network: SBS


Cast: Lee Bo Young. Jo Sung Ha, Son Naeun, Han Joon Woo, and Jun Hye Jin

Plot: “Agency” is a drama that tells the story of a woman who became the first female executive of a large advertising company and the first to build her career by taking on the best and highest position in that company. The drama will realistically depict the story of those who are working in an advertising agency and are struggling to always stay at the top.

Air date: January 7, 2023

Network: tvN

Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist 2

Cast: Kim Min Jae, Kim Hyang Gi, and Kim Sang Kyung

Plot: a continuation of the 1st season.

Air date: January 11, 2023

Network: tvN

Can We Be Strangers

Cast: Kang So Ra and Jang Seung Jo

Plot: “Can We Be Strangers” is a drama about a divorce lawyer’s love life, where divorce is easy but separation is difficult. The story is attracting attention as it is the next work of director Kim Yang Hee after co-directing “Our Blues”.

Kang So Ra plays the role of Oh Ha Ra who is a star divorce lawyer, known as the queen of litigation. Jang Seung Jo plays Koo Eun Beom, Oh Ha Ra’s ex-husband and colleague.

Air date: January 18, 2023

Network: ENA

Crash Course In Romance

Cast: Jeon Do Yeon, Jung Kyung Ho, and more

Plot: “Crash Course In Romance” is a drama depicting the bittersweet romance between a president of a national side dish store and a private math instructor. Director Yoo Je Won and writer Yang Hee Seung have reunited after a long time after “High School King” and “Oh My Ghostess”.

Estimated Air date: January 14, 2023.

Network: tvN

Season Of KKok Du

Cast: Kim Jung Hyun , Lim Soo Hyang , Kim Da Som , Ahn Woo Yeon, and Kim In Kwon and Cha Cheong Hwa

Plot: “Season of Kkok Du” is a fantasy romance in which Kkok Du, the god of death, who comes down to punish humans every 99 years, meets a doctor with mysterious abilities, Han Gye Jeol.

Estimated Air date: January 27. 2023

Network: MBC


Cast: Jang Geun Suk, Heo Sung Tae, and Lee Elijah

Plot: “Bait” is a crime thriller that tracks the secrets surrounding a case for which a suspect was pointed out in a murder case eight years after the death of the criminal of the biggest fraud case since the accident. It will captivate viewers at once with its solid story between the mysterious murder case at this point and the fraud case that shook the Republic of Korea in the past, unexpected shocking developments and twists, and thorough acting by the main actors.

Air date: January 27, 2023

Network: Coupang Play

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