Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo’s Divorce: Everything You Need To Now [FULL REPORT]

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It was the calm before the storm, on June 27 morning fans woke up to the shocking announcement of the famous Song-Song couple divorce.

Song Joong Ki released an official statement through his lawyer relaying that he has filed for divorce from Song Hye Kyo.

To understand what’s going on we need to go back in time because as many of you already know there had been many rumors about their divorce since early 2019.

I was one of the blogs who talked about the absurdity of the rumors back in early 2019. Chinese news outlet Sina reported the couple was not on good terms and will be filing for a divorce.

As you’d expect, fans weren’t happy with Sina reporting such statements out of the blue. Sina suggested that the couple is not wearing their wedding ring which is one of the hints at their rocky relationship.

Read more on this, here, here and here.

Back then, Korean news outlets made fun of the reports made by Sina. Additionally, the couple agencies refuted the rumors in a simple statement saying the rumors are so outrageous they don’t even need to address them.

Despite that, Sina continued to report on their upcoming divorce. And on June 27, it was finally confirmed by the couple themselves.

So here is a timeline of what happened and what I know so far:

Song Joong Ki’s Shocking Announcement

On June 27, it was announced that Song Joong Ki has filed for divorce from Song Hye Kyo. His attorney told news outlets that his law firm has filed for divorce on the behalf of their client at the Seoul Family Court on June 26.

In his official statement, he says he wishes to reach amicable divorce without blaming each other and arguing who’s at fault. He also refused to state what went wrong since it’s about their private lives.

His statement shocked fans and the fact that he announced it first was also interesting.

You can read more about his announcement here.

What makes it interesting is the timing of all of this. Song Joong Ki’s drama “Arthdal Chronicles” is currently airing, usually, such events influence the respective actors’ schedules, often negatively. Many fans wondered why he chose to announce it now instead of waiting until the second season of the drama concludes before filing for divorce.

Song Hye Kyo’s Response

Following the shocking announcement, Song Hye Kyo’s side confirmed the news and revealed the two have decided to amicably file for divorce.

However, they elaborated more on the reasons for the couple’s divorce. The agency stated their personalities didn’t match (they were different) and it became too difficult to overcome their differences which is why they decided to get a divorce.

Fans found it interesting why Song Hye Kyo decided to reveal the reason while Song Joong Ki declined to comment on the exact reasons.

Many assume it’s because of the tone of Song Joong Ki’s official statement, in his statement he said,

“Rather than denouncing one another and arguing over who is to blame, I hope that the divorce process can be wrapped up amicably.”

This spiked fans’ curiosity given the tone of the statement, many believe Song Hye Kyo provided a brief explanation to calm down rumors that started to spread following the announcement.

Read her statement here.

What Was Going On? Speculative Reports On Their Resident Home

After the announcement, various news outlets started reporting differently on what led to the divorce. One news outlet reported the couple hadn’t been seen in their luxurious honeymoon apartment for a while now, they had purchased ahead of their marriage. Read more about it here.

Another news outlet reported the couple hadn’t even moved to the apartment to begin with, the news outlet reports Song Joong Ki has been living in Song Hye Kyo since they got married.

Sports Chosun, a Korean news outlet, reported the couple had actually been living separately since September 2018 (less than a year after their marriage). The couple reportedly stopped living together after Song Joong Ki began filming for his drama “Arthdal Chronicles” back in September.

An acquaintance told Sports Chosun that Song Joong Ki has been living with a close celebrity friend of his since then. (source)

“Arthdal Chronicles” Response

Following the news, tvN was asked about what will happen to “Arthdal Chronicles” after the divorce announcement.

tvN released an official statement in which they explain the filming for the drama has been finished a while ago and the broadcast is set to continue without any interruptions. tvN states the drama will not be affected by the actor’s private issue.

In their official statement, tvN also explains part three airing date isn’t confirmed yet but part two will proceed as scheduled. (Source)

Park Bo Gum Unfortunately Caught In The Middle Of It

Park Bo Gum is a good friend of Song Joong Ki. Earlier this year, he and Song Hye Kyo played lovers in the tvN drama “Boyfriend” aka “Encounter.”

Despite both agencies warning fans not to speculate, many started theorizing what could’ve been the reason behind their divorce and unfortunately, Park Bo Gum name was brought up.

Many started blaming him and pointing fingers at him claiming he’s the reason they’re getting a divorce. Soon baseless harmful cheating rumors spread.

In response to these malicious rumors, Park Bo Gum’s agency issued a statement threatening legal action against those harmful rumors.

In their official statement, the agency states that the sheer fact that Park Bo Gum’s name was mentioned is offensive and they will take firm legal action against any groundless rumors.

Song Hye Kyo’s agency also issued a response to these rumors, they stated they’re not true and it’s a pity such rumors began spreading. (source).

More Details On The Divorce Proceedings

The two actors also later clarified what will happen and how the divorce will be handled.

A spokesperson for the law firm representing Song Joong Ki told Korean newspaper Hankook Ilbo that the two are in complete agreement about the decision to get a divorce.

When the lawyer was asked about why the couple didn’t opt for ‘a collaborative divorce,’ the lawyer clarified there are reasons for that, the former couple had slight difference in opinions about the details of the divorce.

Song Hye Kyo’s side released an official similar statement confirming the couple is in complete agreement about the decision to get a divorce.

It was also revealed through her agency that they will not be going to court, unlike the majority of couples getting a divorce.

According to law experts’ observations, the divorce is expected to take about a month if one spouse files for divorce single-handedly (which is what Song Joong Ki did through his legal representative).

Law insiders shed more light on the case and revealed,

“In most cases, the side without fault files the request for settlement through a legal process.”

Which points that Song Joong Ki is the side without fault. He’s also the side that’s willing to go more public with the divorce. This spiked interest even more now.

Sources: (A), (B), (C)

Taking strict legal action

As you’d expect many rumors began spreading online. Song-Song couple is one of the most famous South Korean couples. Many people supported their marriage and took interest in their relationship.

As you’d expect the two actors’ agencies were quick to ask fans not to spread rumors or speculations since it could hurt the artists.

Song Joong Ki’s agency released an official statement declaring they will be taking strict legal measures against all gossip, speculations, and reports that help spread false rumors.

Song Hye Kyo’s agency also asked fans to refrain from speculative reports. (Source)

Song Joong Ki is taking a break

His agency Blossom Entertainment has told news outlets about his short break, they released a statement confirming the actor is set to take a short break for himself, he will not be attending any official events for the time being.

It was previously confirmed, the actor alongside Kim Tae Ri, Jin Seon Kyu, and Yoo Hae Jin were confirmed for the upcoming film “Lightening Ship.” The agency said the exact schedule for filming hasn’t begun yet but the actor will be focusing on the filming once it starts.

Read more on it here.

The end of a beautiful memory

The news was shocking to some while expected for others.

The couple met on the set of “Descendants Of The Sun” and got married on October 31st, 2017. It’s been less than 2 years since they’ve officially tied the knot, fans are shocked to hear the news.

I wish both actors the best in their lives!

Any further reports about what will happen to the two actors will be reported separately. Follow Song Hye Kyo’s news here and  Song Joong Ki’s news here.

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  1. Something must have stirred the marriage. They should consult professional help. No one is perfect and everyone will learn to grow with one another in a marriage. One should not quit so fast in a marriage. Stick to the vows you’ve made, at least try all means and exhaust every single help one can get especially with the support of family members. So sad to hear you file for divorce Joong Ki.

    1. Why do i feel that it was all staged. Love marriages dont normally break in 18 months. Things can still be patched up if love was there. And if it breaks, it will not be so amicable. Also the lack of a child. ( I am not trying to be rude, but i will talk about the age). Considering the girls age, wont they be wanting to immediately start a family, if they really have a love bond?

  2. I dont know, but I really dont wanna know this if this is happening, it’s really too sad to know. Weddings are so holy, why break up? the pledge of your eternity and united body and soul is now what!? Yah, I don’t know whats behind all of this break up but married life is different than being boyfriends and girlfriends, they shouldve known the consequences because marriage is a unconditional love, in sickness and in health and must overcome problems. It’s something holy that can’t be thrown so easily! Why wed when this is just going to happen???? They shouldve not wed then when they said they have different personalities, I don’t believe this kind of reason! they shouldve known each other before being wed! Don’t fight me, Im just saying what I feel about this, these two are one of my favourites, so right now I just uuuhhhhh

  3. Marriage is not a joke, they should’t have got married if they cannot take their love ’till the end of their lives. Marriage is not a game that once they are on it, they could also retreat. They should talk to each other like adults and solve their problems and misunderstandings calmly. Divorce is not the solution to their problems as a married couple, it is only a way to give themselves more trouble. I could understand them if the other half is cheating but this their divorce is really just out of the line.

  4. Why you Song Joong Ki have the courage to file the divorce first? I thought that if you really love Song Hye Kyo you will not initiate the divorce. You will respect your wife and be patient about of what misunderstandings you may have in your marriage. I’m just a fan who likes both of you as a couple and also disappointed because you’re getting a divorce.

      1. they could have at least talk it out and settled their differences. anything can be solved by communicating whats the problem is. i love this couple and im so sad and heartbroken when this happen. divorce is not a solution to a marriage, it shows how selfish you are. cant accept personal differences as the issue i think its more than that. im sorry for both of you. i thought you do love each other thats why you oft to marry but its so shallow. love endures and perseveres. total acceptance is the key. i still wish you both all the best and God Bless.

  5. Something major had to happen. Song Joong Ki doesn’t Seem like the type that would just up and get a divorce. I feel sorry for both of them but if there is no love there what’s the purpose of staying together. They are young and they should just move on with their lives. This like everything else shall pass.

  6. We will pray that the Song Song couple will overcome the trials of their marriage.We will fervently pray also that the two will find ways to keep the sanctity of their marriage.We both love you please stay together.

  7. So so sad…sometimes it just happened and now it’s been hard for us who follow the two of you…much affected..but hoping someway somehow somewhere along the road to be back in each others arms. God willing.

  8. I believe it was just a contract marriage to gain more projects for both…Now that Song Joongki can stand alone with his career, He filed for divorce.

  9. Normally in marriage, the first 5 years would be the adjustment period. Unless there is this big disagreements whether to have a child or not, the couple often times ended up in a divorce. One may not like responsibilities while the other one might be looking forward to a bigger family. . . So sad. They ended up in a divorce. 🙁 I just hope that the love they have for each other may still unite them soon. . .

  10. No matter what even if he does not love her anymore or that she has done something wrong he should at least be gentleman enough not to go public about his wife’s misgivings, he gave the public hints that his wife is at fault. I’m not a fan of both but especially him when I read his comment about himself a long time ago attributing his success to his good looks. I find him subtly arrogant and conceited.

  11. Song Joong-ki always mentioned about ‘Family’ comes first and how important to him. While Song Hye-kyo is one of the most beautiful actress in the business. The only thing comes to my mind is that their different opinion to start a family, like having a child… It is sad. They were a lovely couple but who knows. Meanwhile, I really liked Joong-ki’s approach not to discuss over the subject. It is called ”respect”.

  12. What the hell!! Thisbis really shocking to hear. Was hard accepting it when I first heard about kept denying it to myself, saying miracles happen there are awesome fairytales like their’s, but it seems true and really hard to accept!!
    Well!! We can do nothing but wish the good in both their lives.

  13. Loving someone is not easy . it takes time to know each other before getting marriage.
    and if you really love someone you need to love not only his petals but also his thorn.
    Sing Hye Kyo i hope you find true happiness like Ms Cha in encounter!

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