Get To Know “Doom At Your Service” Actor Seo In Guk: Military Backlash, Dating History, Struggles With Bulimia And More

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“Doom At Your Service” is one of the hottest currently airing Kdramas, the drama has also found massive appeal overseas selling its right to 150 countries worldwide.

The drama is led by the talented actor-singer Seo In Guk. He’s gained many fans through this new drama and many have been searching information about him, so we’re here to introduce to you key Seo In Guk facts you need to know.

Seo In Guk’s military status- why he didn’t serve

Seo In Guk is among the few Korean actors who couldn’t serve their country, but his story is a bit more complicated than others.

Seo In Guk actually enlisted into the military but he was excused just four days after getting in. He was scheduled for a medical re-examination to determine whether he can serve at all or not after leaving.

As a result, it was later announced that he’s been exempted from the national service because he was given a grade 5 in physical examination due to his illness, the actor-singer has osteochondritis.

Osteochondritis causes bones under the cartilage to disappear because of necroses. This illness is commonly caused by injury to the ankles such as sprains gained during exercise.

The major symptoms of this illness includes swelling, pain and it usually results in a sound that the joints make as someone goes up and down stairs, the patient also feels pain even when not moving much. About 70% of young men in their 10s to 30s suffer from osteochondritis including soccer players and baseball players as well.

Sadly, this didn’t go over well with some backlash from the public. Despite his health status, he had to endure backlash from netizens who brought into question why he was exempt. Added to that, one media outlet claimed that he knew of his condition but refused to treat it before the enlistment and this was how he managed to be exempt from the military.

Military service is a very sensitive topic in South Korea and because he was exempt, netizens reactions to him became cold.

Since then Seo In Guk denied the report, explained his side of the story and apologized to the public.

Seo In Guk ended up formally apologizing again during “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” press conference, he bowed 90° in apology for the controversy.

Seo In Guk girlfriend, dating past, ideal type and wife?

Seo In Guk is a very private man and he’s kept a low profile as he’s risen to fame, however, he’s been in a public relationship once.

In December of 2017, Seo In Guk and Park Bo Ram confirmed they were dating. They had been dating since 2016, the former couple later announced their breakup in 2018.

Aside from that, the actor has never been in any other public relationship.

The topic of Seo In Guk’s wife does often come up every now and then mainly because the actor is in his mid thirties and many newer fans assume he’s married, but the actor is not married and does not have a wife.

As for Seo In Guk’s ideal type, in a past interview, the actor said this,

“I would prefer an intelligent woman over a pretty one as my ideal type.”

And regarding fans who question whether Seo In Guk is currently dating, the actor himself has given an answer to that question recently. During a press conference for his upcoming movie “Pipeline,” the actor said he was single but ready to be in a relationship when he finds a good person.

Seo In Guk bulimia struggles

Seo In Guk has been open about his past struggles previously when he used to make guest appearances on variety shows. The actor had openly admitted to battling bulimia and the reason will break your heart.

Seo In Guk used to be on the heavier side. The actor originally began his career as a singer and during auditions he was often told to lose weight. In a previous interview, he opened up about his eating disorder.

As a result of the harsh industry standards and failed auditions, he became obsessed with the idea of losing weight and would vomit everything he ate, this in turn damaged his vocal cords. When he lost weight, he went back again to the agency that rejected him but was rejected again.

In 2010, the actor ended up auditioning for “Superstar K” and was crowned the winner beating over 700,000 competitors, this helped him regain his confidence. He also learned to eat healthier after that.

In a recent interview, the actor also said he was around 73 kilograms (161 pounds) for ‘Pipeline’ and dropped to about 68 kilograms (150 pounds) while preparing to film for ‘Doom at Your Service.’

Did Seo In Guk get plastic surgery?

Past photos of Seo In Guk have often stirred many discussions and many have argued he’s gotten plastic surgery such as getting work done on his eyes and a nose job. Photos of Seo In Guk before and after are often brought up when discussing major Korean celebrity transformations.

However, the actor himself has never publicly confirmed those rumors. The jury remains out on whether Seo In Guk did get plastic surgery or not because he transformed right before our eyes and has lost a considerable amount of weight after winning “Superstar K,” some attribute his more refined facial features to his weight loss while others remain convinced he’s gotten plastic surgery.

The secret behind Seo In Guk’s birth

Imagine finding out about your birth secret on national TV? This is exactly what happened to Seo In Guk and it was a very hilarious situation.

In a past broadcast, Seo In Guk and his mother appeared on the KBS show “Mama Mia,” his mother went into details about his birth shocking everyone in the studio including her son. She’s revealed that not only is she seven years older than his father but that Seo In Guk was conceived prior to their marriage, his mother was pregnant with him not long after they’d initially met.

We suggest you see the video for yourself here. Its absolutely hilarious, Seo In Guk’s face was priceless.

Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young- their thoughts on each other

Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young have been the topic of discussion among the kdrama community since “Doom At Your Service” aired its first episode. They have topped the Top Most Buzzworthy Drama And Actor Lists and many fans believe their chemistry is off the charts and they’re already being labelled one of the best kdrama couples ever.

In multiple interviews, Seo In Guk talked about Park Bo Young and how he felt working with her, he said,

“I think she’s an amazing actor. Her attitude on set, her expression of her character, her quick understanding of the director’s instructions, and her refreshing, bright energy were all great to see.”

Interestingly, the two actors had actually known they’d eventually work together one day. During the press conference for “Doom At Your Service,” Park Bo Young said she knew she would meet him one day when she learned he’s been confirmed for the drama. Park Bo Young also called Seo In Guk a charming actor.

Seo In Guk had also previously made a cameo in Park Bo Young’s drama and noted that despite being short, she has a big presence and he knew they’d eventually link with each other again.

Did any of these facts about Seo In Guk surprise you? Whats your favorite drama of him? Let us know in the comment section below!

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