Surprising Facts About “Record Of Youth” Cast You Need To Know

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“Record Of Youth” in the newest hottest tvN drama led by Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam, and Byun Woo Seok. It’s doing extremely well in viewership ratings leading the race in its timeslot driving many to take interest in its cast.

Today, we’re here to talk about “Record Of Youth” cast and to discuss interesting facts about them.

“Record Of Youth” cameo lineups is one of the best of 2020

These days, a good cameo can boost any drama ratings; some cameo appearances in dramas create such a massive positive response from fans that they begin to demand second season featuring that said cameo, an example of that would be Park Bo Gum’s own appearance in “Itaewon Class” that prompted fans to ask for a second season featuring him as the main lead.

“Record Of Youth” has already established itself as one of the kdramas that had the best cameo lineup.

Kim Hye Yoon, Seol In Ah, and Kim Gun Woo are some of the actors who already made a cameo appearance in “Record Of Youth.”

Seo Hyun Jin and Park Seo Joon are also set to make a special appearance; however, the production team hasn’t revealed the exact episodes they’ll appear in yet. You can stay tuned for more updates on that here.  

“Record Of Youth” OST artists lineup is one of the best in 2020

A good OST definitely enhances the experience of your favorite kdrama, some OSTs become so iconic that they’re forever remembered by fans. “Record Of Youth” is on its way to become just that with its roster of talented singing for the drama.

The lineup includes: EXO’s Baekhyun, Chungha, SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan, MAMAMOO’s Wheein, Kim Jae Hwan, Lee Hi, and J Rabbit. tvN also recently teased another popular kpop idol and it turned out to be iKON’s Bobby.

There could be even more talented artists and idols joining the OST lineup, so stay tuned for further updates.

Park So Dam was invited to join the Academy roster

Park So Dam is part of one of the biggest Korean movies of all time, “Parasite.” The movie won so many awards including four Oscars and as a result, the cast of the movie was invited by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to join its roster.

Jang Ki Yong was offered Park Bo Gum’s role

When the news about a new drama called “Record Of Youth” were first published, it was reported that model-turned-actor Jang Ki Yong was offered the leading role.

His agency confirmed that he was offered the leading role but was looking over it. Eventually, Jang Ki Yong declined the offer to lead the drama. If he had accepted, he would’ve played Park Bo Gum’s character and it would’ve been his second time working with Park So Dam on a project. The two actors had previously worked together on the 2016 drama “A Beautiful Mind.”

Park So Dam’s drama “A Beautiful Mind” poor ratings caused it to get shortened

Park So Dam’s rise to fame wasn’t easy; she worked so hard to get to where she is today. On her road to success, one of her dramas “A Beautiful Mind” became one of the few dramas to have had their episodes shortened due to poor ratings.

Originally, KBS wanted to shorten the drama from 16 episodes to 12, however, the screenwriter refused to do this because it would tamper with the plot too much, instead, it was decided that it would be reduced from 16 to 14 episodes.

The ratings ranged in 3~4% but dropped to a low of 2% for its finale episodes.

Byun Woo Seok Originally Debuted As A Model

Byun Woo Seok is in fact playing a role very close to his real-life story. He debuted as a model in 2015 and later debuted as an actor in 2016 playing a guest role for the drama “Dear My Friends.”

He gained fame playing roles in “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency” and “Live Up to Your Name.”

Byun Woo Seok played IU’s ex-boyfriend in “Scarlet Heart Ryeo”

You might not particularly remember it, but Byun Woo Seok started to gain momentum when he played a minor role in the beloved Korean drama “Scarlet Heart Ryeo” opposite IU.

He appears in the first episode during the flashbacks as IU’s character drowns, he played her ex-boyfriend who left her with debt and cheated on her with her best friend. She got into an altercation with her and him. Her face was hurt as a result. Although he appeared in a flashback, he left an impression on many fans.

Park Bo Gum secretly volunteered at an orphanage for 7 years

Park Bo Gum is well known in the industry for being one of the kindest actors ever, he’s always known for being extremely polite to everyone he meets and for kindly treating everyone around him.

After his enlistment, an orphanage where he’s been secretly volunteering for seven years thanked him for sending a cake and a handwritten letter to the children. He has tried to visit in 2020 but couldn’t due to the ongoing pandemic. Just another proof of how kind and loving Park Bo Gum is.

Park Bo Gum will entertain you with two upcoming movies soon

Park Bo Gum might’ve already enlisted but the actor has many projects coming up. He’s currently starring in “Record Of Youth” as you all know but he also filmed for two movies, “Seo Bok” and “Wonderland.”

In both movies, he’s starring opposite Gong Yoo. “Seo Bok” tells the story of the first ever human clone Seo Bok (played by Park Bo Gum) who possesses the secret to eternal life. Gong Yoo will play an ex-agent of the intelligence agency who gets involved in dangerous situations when people try to get hold of Seo Bok.

On the other hand, “Wonderland” tells the story of a universe where people can reunite with loved ones who are missing for various reasons and are unable to meet in real life. He and Suzy will play a young couple in their 20s, Park Bo Gum’s character goes into a coma and they’re unable to meet in real life.

“Wonderland” has a star-studded lineup including: Gong Yoo, Suzy, Park Bo Gum, Jung Yu Mi, Choi Woo Shik, and Tang Wei.

Both films haven’t had a release date set yet but will be coming to cinemas soon.

Kwon Soo Hyun is considerably older than Park Bo Gum and Byun Woo Seok

They might be playing same-age friends but that’s not the case in real life. Kwon Soo Hyun is actually 34 years old; he’s 7 years older than Park Bo Gum and 5 years older than Byun Woo Seok.

Kwon Soo Hyun has a baby face so you’ve probably haven’t noticed, his character hairstyle also makes him look considerably younger than he actually is.

Park Bo Gum and BTS V are besties

BTS V is known for being a social butterfly, he has many friends in the entertainment industry and one of them is Park Bo Gum, he’s especially close to Park Bo Gum.

V previously revealed that he met Park Bo Gum at a music show and they exchanged numbers then, they became closer after finding out they shared similar hobbies and interests.

Over the years, Park Bo Gum and BTS V showed their close friendship countless of times. They’d always support each other’s projects. Park Bo Gum previously attended BTS concerts. They also vacationed together many times before and shared photos and videos of their get-togethers. Fans can’t get enough of their cute interactions.

So these are some basic facts about the cast of “Record Of Youth,” were you surprised by any of these facts? Is there any interesting or shocking fact you’d like to add?

As always, you can keep up with “Record Of Youth” news from this link.

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  1. it’s a bit confusing when I finish ep 10 of Record of Youth k-drama…
    I’m a fan of Park Bogum!
    I’ve watched Reply 1988 and Love in the moonlight and there are some clip that same with his role in this 2 k-drama
    First, hye-jun accepts the role of being a King in this series that same with the story of “Love in the Moonlight” there is a girl portraying a boy same as “Love in the moonlight”
    and Park Bogum lost his mother at a young age just like in the series of Reply 1988 there was a script line saying he miss his mum so much…
    And when Hye-Jun in “Record of Youth” nominated and Won the Best Male Actor because of the Series “The King Has Returned”, Same as Park Bogum won the Best Male Actor because of “Youth Over Flower” or “Love in the Moonlight” in real life. And there was Soongki; his real-life friends crying because of Park Bogum achievements…. as well as in the “Record of Youth” Hye-Jun friend’s Hye-Hyo crying because of Hye-Jun Achievements.
    Lastly, Hye-Jun was enlisted in the story but made it postponed because he actually made to become an Actor.
    In the real-life Park Bogum shoot the Love in the Moonlight first before he enlists in the military as well as the series “Record of Youth”.

    This is all about my opinion about the story of Park Bogum and the series of “Record of Youth”. I just loved how the storyline of this series turned to be amazing!

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