“Memories Of Alhambra” Ending Explained- Why Netizens Reacted Badly

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Memories Of Alhambra” ending is here and fans wanna know, was it a happy or a sad ending? Today, we’re here to recap the ending and talked about whether it was a happy or a sad one.

The final episode of “Memories Of Alhambra” has been released and a lot of Kdrama fans have already watched it and in case you don’t know, people are pissed (both netizens and international fans, which is rare to see).

“Memories Of Alhambra” started out as an ambitious project by writer Song Jae Jung whose name is going to be repeated a lot in this article while discussing the finale.

Memories Of Alhambra ending explained- a quick recap

Basically, the final episode was an open ending, CEO Yoo Jin Woo gets deleted by Emma for being a bug in the game, Se Ju (the founder of the game) says he programmed Emma to stab whenever it detects a bug.


The final episode was a PPL feast of Subway and such. The majority of episode 16 uses flashbacks, Yoo Jin Woo gets killed off in the first minutes of the final episode.

Does Yoo jin woo die?

The answer is yes. After Yoo Jin Woo gets ‘erased/killed,’ the game miraculously resets itself and deletes all data of what programmers have been working on for a year.

Yoo Jin Woo’s body is never found and he doesn’t contact anyone after he allegedly got killed off.

The game somehow still manages to get released despite people not knowing why there was even a bug to begin with or why the game reset itself. Se Ju, the teenager who built the game, also doesn’t know why it happened.


Se Ju gets hired as the CEO (for some illogical reason) of a subsidiary company J One had established exclusively for him.


Hee Joo decides to never give up on Yoo Jin Woo and says she believes he’ll return one day, towards the end of the final episode (in the last 5 minutes) we get a glimpse that hints at the possibility of Yoo Jin Woo still being alive.


Se Ju explains it by saying that only the master of the game can create an ‘instant dungeon’ which is basically another world you can trap yourself in, like another dimension.

Se Ju subsequently explains why he disappeared for a year saying he did the same to himself, when Yoo Jin Woo finished the quest he became the master and it’s likely that he can actually create an ‘instance dungeon’ to protect himself? I don’t know what he wants to protect himself from with all honesty, all bugs were deleted.

Netizens reactions To “Memories Of Alhambra” Ending


Naver site was buzzing with articles discussing “Memories Of Alhambra” Ending which is almost an open ending in a sense; it also slightly leans towards the possibility of a season two.

Here are some of what netizens are saying about the ending (provided by Netizen Buzz):

  •  [+148, -8] This ending was more shocking than ‘Lovers in Paris’. Actually, a dream would’ve been better.
  • [+141, -0] I’ve never seen such an irresponsible ending. Did the scriptwriter get gravely ill in the middle? Are they alive? Or are they hiding somewhere?
  • [+135, -1] This isn’t an open ending, the producer just didn’t find a way to end it at all
  • [+103, -2] What was the point of the scene of Bora marrying the grandpa.. so useless. So many useless scenes and flashbacks after flashbacks.
  • [+92, -14] Nothing but cancer and PPL
  • [+87, -2] I could’ve written a better ending than this
  • [+10,166, -44] Open ending? More like an ending to piss you off ㅡㅡ
  • [+6,290, -47] Memories of Subway and Toreta
  • [+3,285, -60] This was cancer
  • [+3,154, -24] The scriptwriter got weak as it went on. Next time you write another drama, please make sure you flesh the whole thing out before filming it… The drama’s concept was great but it kept feeling like she was just rushing to fill in the holes as the episodes went on.
  • [+1,990, -27] What a waste of Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye’s acting skills. Please apologize to the two actors, especially to Hyun Bin for all the suffering he went through.

Memories Of Alhambra ending review


I have a wish, I wish to meet Song Jae Jung writer-nim and talk about what led her to the choices she made for the drama.

I have watched countless kdramas starting from 2012, some good, some terrible, and some memorable but I haven’t seen a script so messy in a while, and I doubt anyone can surpass it, its in a league of its own.

Logically speaking, Yoo Jin Woo bought the rights to the game. The moment the writer showed that the servers can be shut down, it compromised the entire fundamental idea of the AR concept.

Yoo Jin Woo could have chosen to shut down the servers, risk getting the company bankrupt, return to Hee Joo’s arms, speak with programmers/hackers/developers to figure out the programming error in this game off-line in order to fix it.

He knew he nearly finished the quest, if he really cared about Hee Joo he wouldn’t just do that. After Professor Cha died he could have shut down the server, called the police, went through the investigation (he would have been proven innocent because of lack of evidence anyways), he could have restarted his life, the whole runaway situation from the police is flawed and illogical.

He could have told Hee Joo it would take him more time to get back her brother while he goes through the police investigation so he can logically think of his next step. What was he rushing for exactly? Any experienced lawyer would have been able to get him out of the police investigation, he’s rich he can do it.

The writer tried to create a sense of urgency when there isn’t really anything at stake if you pause to think about it. The writer portrays Yoo Jin Woo’s character as a rational smart man yet he made the most irrational incomprehensible decisions that don’t even match his character description.

Also, how can a teenager be able to craft up to 100 missions in a game and think so far with the resources he had? how could he have plotted it out like that (telling Emma to kill bugs like that)? Also, J One has a smart team why couldn’t they decode the issue or find the source of the error? A team of professionals is surely able to detect and dissect every tiny detail of the game… that’s also another thing I don’t understand. I could be wrong with this part because I am not a programmer or developer but it just doesn’t add up logically speaking. correct me if I am wrong!

For a drama to come a full circle everything needs to be top-notch, the writing, the directing, the production quality, the acting, and the chemistry. All parts of this drama were near perfect except for the script.

Song Jae Jung is a very ambitious woman, yet it appears she can’t wrap her head around her own ambitious ideas. I like the fact that she’s ambitious and isn’t afraid of writing experimental ideas like that. What I do mind is when writers lead viewers to believe a certain scenario that they’re unable to carry out.

Song Jae Jung also wrote “W: Two Worlds” which was a mess, when I first started watching “Memories Of Alhambra” I didn’t know she wrote it, halfway through the drama I checked out who wrote it and my heart sank. I held on because of the amazing performances, mainly by Hyun Bin who puts on his (in my opinion) best drama performance of his entire career. He was marvelous.

It feels that Song Jae Jung didn’t completely write the script before suggesting they go ahead with the production. When you usually write a story/novel/script, it goes through rounds of proofreading and editing.

“Memories Of Alhambra” is a nice ambitious idea that should have been completely written before the production even began.

What’s sad is that people will now remember this drama for its flaws; I am not a young person so I don’t expect all the dramas to end on a happy note. I do appreciate it when they’re well-written regardless of whether the ending turns out to be good or bad. Real-life is full of sad endings and not all kdramas end on a happy note but that doesn’t make them all bad.

Here is the silver lining to all of this, the drama was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed my time up until the second half, that’s when I started to worry. There are far too many plot-holes for me to count. The execution of her ideas is messy at best. There isn’t any cohesiveness at all.

What did you guys think of “Memories Of Alhambra” ending?

Whats your reaction to this article?


  1. I just finished watching this drama today on Netflix. I got really annoyed from episode 13-16 .there was so many unexplained elements. Then all of sudden se ju appears. Was the game he created a magic spell. How are you going to kill the main actor at the end . How you going to let the girl lose her blooming love to just stop right there . How do you kill the character by a computer game .what was this writer was thinking . She didn’t do her research on gaming or computer programming or life.if this was an open ending I hope they find a way to get him out and end the killings and no more product placings, felt like it was 1 hour of commercials and 15 min of drama .if they do a special episode and close all holes. Let’s say the ending left a bad taste in my mouth. Poor hyun bin and park shin hye they were great .

  2. to be honest with you. I never felt so angry my whole life to see the ending of this K-drama. It is really waste of Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye (who keep crying on every episode for nothing). at least on W, even the script is shit after few episodes but there is a happy ending. it was still forgivable. Song Jaejung makes this drama like shit for sure.

  3. What I wanted was for Zinu (Yoo Jin Woo’s manifestation) in the game to be killed off by Emma, then Yoo Jin Woo/CEO would have returned to Hee Ju after saving Se Ju. After all saving Se Ju was Jin Woo’s life goal, which he stated himself. In my opinion, Jin Woo wanted to find Se Ju out of love or reciprocation for Hee Ju saving his life multiple times and for the unconditional love and care she showed him while he was hurt and convalescing. That would have been a conceivable and happy ending in light of how much the intimacy between the two lovers have progressed. This ending though coveted does not leave much to the imagination of the viewers or so to the presumed thinking of the writer. I do not have the right to dictate how this story was going to end. We cannot change how the story unfold in front of us because it was created by the imagination of the writer. What I can change is my perception of the story and how I think, and I choose to believe a more symbolic meaning to its ending. Otherwise, these last two months of my life would have been a sad, waste of time… Emma was a peacekeeper and was created to kill a “bug”. I think everyone can agree that Marco was the first bug, not just symbolically but literally. That was the Genesis of it all. It was in the presence of Emma that Se Ju was stabbed by his supposed friend. It was in that instant that the Game was first corrupted. A virus or bug on the game was formed. It was then that Se Ju was able to use a gun from the game to kill Marco. It seemed that from then on, any one playing the game with animosity who wanted to act out the hatred in their hearts would have been successful in decimating their rival in the corrupted or bugged game. In one of the flashbacks, Jin Woo would have killed or stabbed his friend long before he played the game if he had a knife that time he met his ex-wife with Hyeong Sok, his ex-friend and business partner. That was why none of the testers identified anything wrong with the game because they were all just playing the game for fun without malicious agenda or intent. Although there were a lot of senseless deaths and plot holes (i.e., how did Se Ju and Marco played the game when the lenses weren’t release to the public yet; and how did the game reset when Marco who was also a bug in the game wasn’t killed by Emma). The dead characters lived and died depending on the principles they lived by. For the secretary, it was his loyalty to his boss. For the professor it was his pride and the loyalty to himself. For Jin Woo, it was his perseverance to succeed to the point of giving up his live and for his true love for Hee Ju, whose happiness he placed above his own. I choose to believe the ending to proceed in the trajectory the drama hinted for our imagination. Jin Woo was alive, not an NPC but a user. Only the characters whose dead bodies were found were really dead. Similar to how Jin Woo deduced that Se Ju must have been alive because his body was not found. Se Ju the creator and genius was given a job by the company whose task I hope was to develop a patch or upgrade for the game to get Jin Woo out before a player reaches level 100. I choose to believe that Jin Woo was trapped rather than hiding in the dungeon and was waiting for an opportunity to get out. His signal like the citadel’s hawk was using his gun or helping the players in the game. Se Ju who is a genius I believe can develop a patch for the game, similar to the patches we get on our phones or computers to prevent corruption to our files or operating system. Otherwise, why give Se Ju that screen time and mention the dungeon in the ending? Even though the ending was poorly executed (Hyun Bin’s godly physiognomy was not explicitly revealed), we know that the shadow hiding in the dark is Jin Woo, he’s alive, and Hee Ju is running to find him.

    1. I agree. I believe the same thing. I also believe that the reason he was in a hurry to finish the game was because time was of the essence in saving Se Ju. Jin woo believes that Se Ju was trapped in a certain world, that’s why he was adamant to open the “heaven” using the key. He believes it opens a portal to a different dimension.

      Anyway, I think the writer has the idea of giving “Easter Eggs” and trying to make viewers hunt for clues but it was poorly executed. The ending was not only a cliff hanger, it deviates the goal of the series. And it was obviously Jin Woo in the end. But why stop there?

  4. I was fine with the concept of dying from the video game. The game tricks the brain, etc. But, the first foul is that the game continues when the lenses – primary interface to the game – are removed. I ignored that fact because the show was FUN. It just broke down at the end. I think the core problem the show needed to solve was “Where is See-Ju” If the show could have come up with a plausible explanation for that, it would have been good. It should have been the primary motivation for the main character after the writers introduced shutting down the servers. That gives the game a reason to continue. The instance dungeon thing was just lazy. Kinda like time travel to reset catastrophic events. The one year lapse in between is also frustrating. Why oh why did we need that! And how’s taking responsibility allowing a game that killed all of your friends to be published and sold? I love the concept of this show. It just broke down in the end and feels like the idea was wasted. It could have been so much more. The romance could have been so much more interesting. So much potential lost. 🙁

  5. I didn’t think MOA’s ending was a mess though. If anyone had watched the whole storyline properly, it did show how the virus came about which was when Marco stabbed Seju (virus was hence created by Marco). The only question is how it got passed to Jin Woo & the rest.
    My take is that it happened when Se Ju transferred the file to Jin Woo via email from Marco’s computer, and when the rest who died, were “infected” when JinWoo made them his enemy and allies. As mentioned by Seju, only Emma (or anyone holding the Key after it had been activated by Emma) can get rid of the bugs (that was the main purpose of him creating her), hence Jin Woo was able to stab the rest of the “bugs” himself. In the end Jin Woo went to get stabbed by Emma and Emma managed to delete the last bug, Jin Woo. But Jin Woo, still alive (but very sure he’s in pain) & being the New Master was able to activate (maybe knowing / unknowingly), the Instant Dungeon, before Emma reset the whole game. My theory on why he’s still in the game is cos he can’t really get out, unless there’s a new Master or, he willingly stayed even after the server came back on, to protect the other Users for getting the virus (as a sense of responsibility towards the Users) as he doesn’t want the other users to encounter the same situation as him before.

  6. I believed that Hyun Bin would win a Grand Prize in this year’s Baeksang for his amazing performance but with the ending like this, will everybody accept the drama to give him an award?

  7. I agree with all of you here! The ending was a total disappointment! There was no explanations. Se ju’s character return should have being used to explain all of it. They wasted so much time with Hee ju’s character going back to the church over and over. They could have use that time to have their characters meet up at the end . And how in the world can someone survive in an “instance dungeon” for a whole year without water or food?! Not enough explanations. That game shouldn’t gotten forward to be released! What if another glitch happened and more people died. Why would he take that chance, even if the company had to go under. Not enough Par shin Hye throughout the whole drama. The ending was just lazy.

    1. I don’t want to be too critical, because I loved the show, I couldn’t have written the script, and I did have family members interrupting my viewing, so I might have missed something. But, wasn’t Marco a bug? Why didn’t Emma delete him? As a Christian, I found her mixture of Christianity with an AR world ridiculous. Plus the ending The ending! Wouldn’t Yoo Jin-Woo realize the game had been reset, if he was helping newcomers by shooting NCP? Lastly, in a truly satisfying episode, someone would have slapped the professor into next month.

  8. Fans waited 2 to 3 years for our favourite actor n actress starring in a drama together. The finale of the drama, we all looking forward for a happy ending. So that after 8 weeks of chasing episode after episode, we can still rewatch the drama over n over again, something to look forward to even the drama comes to an end. But the write robbed us from having that options. Feeling cheated to glue to our seat for 8 weeks for such a crappy ending. Is infuriating!! Such ending only could exist if there is a second season like all American drama does. If there isn’t a season 2. She should tie the loose ends n give us a good ending!!

  9. Why couldn’t Jinwoo shut down the server and actually meet Seju and together figure out how to fix this mess? Oh, because he didn’t know Seju resurfaced, because he never called or went to see his girlfriend, because their romance had no depth. Ughhhhhhh. Jinwoo knew he completed the quest so he really should’ve checked with somebody, anybody, on the whereabouts of Seju. What was the urgency to get rid of the bugs?? At least could the writers show that maybe his reason was because he didn’t want the company’s yearlong work to go to waste, or because he felt so defeated/broken/hopeless from the emotional distress of having to go through the deaths of Dr. Cha, Prof Cha and his secretary die yet again? There was no reason at all, at least none given to us for him to rush into his own death.

    Also I just don’t understand Jinwoo’s relationship with Heeju. There was no substance whatsoever. Just Heeju crying every episode, as someone else here mentioned. So annoying. It was always her running after him and Jinwoo really just a call away but always MIA. It seemed so one-sided to me. Ughh. Like we, the viewers, know that they’re coupled up but how would Heeju know that Jinwoo actually cares about her when he is always unreachable and she seems to be the only one making effort? I get that he was super busy trying not to die in fights but if his reality is that he’s always busy doing that, realistically there’s no space for a romance plot.

  10. I waited for this series after hearing about its storyline. I truly regret for waiting after I saw this ending.
    How could zinu be a bug?
    Then what about Seju and marco? They also have the same situation as zinu and Dr.cha. where is the logic for the bug not being Seju?
    If zinu is in the instance dungeon and he was able to come out then what was reason for him not showing up?
    It is just not clear. I thought the final episode would solve all the doubts that I had from the start, but it only gave me more doubts. When the episode ended I was like ” how could this be the ending? May be they have some additional episodes to surprise us and because of that it turned out to be like this.” But after I searched for it and saw there was no info like that, it truly was a horrible feeling. I really feel sad for park shin hye and hyun bin. In spite of their efforts, the ending of this series has made their efforts go in drain.

  11. I am really mad !!!!
    What about Marcos??? Actually he caused all this when used a real knife in the game. He was the mais bug!!!
    All who have died were bugs, but Jin woo!!! He didn’t deserve to die!!!

  12. After watching all episodes with hopes of good news, it finished with all bad news. This is entertainment industry, it suppose to take you away from real life and feel ‘entertained’. Seriously, watching it caused me to feel sad and depressed. I feel sorry for the characters, the real actor and actress, for everyone who put time and effort to it. I feel sorry because as an end product it fails big time. The story writer need to take the blame here. Hyun Bin you are fantastic, Park Shin Hye you are amazing. Next time make sure you work with a better story writer.

  13. I was thinking, is this really the finale? NAH, IT CAN’T POSSIBLY END LIKE THIS. I was like waiting for another episode? And suddenly I read ‘Thank you all for loving and watching MEMORIES OF ALHAMBRA….. WHAT!? like WHAT!? Did they meet? WHY ON EARTH Se Jun becomes a CEO!? AND AND AND I was so mad at the second wife!! Like why even bother in putting her in when they could have cut that scene and extended the last scene! SO FURIOUS and DISAPPOINTED!

  14. Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye did their part as the actors. But the writer messed up really bad. How could you create a very frustrating ending. it doesn’t make sense at all. You made Jin Woo an idiot guy who doesn’t think smart when the problem arise. You made Hee Ju run, cry, all the time, when all that she wanted is to be with her brother and lover. Are you sick?

  15. Este final necesita una segunda temporada. El primer error no fue borrado, el primer error era Marco, por eso Sae Joo duró un año desaparecido porque estaba escondido. Sae Joo cree que Jin Woo esta vivo y escondido en una mazmorra. El cuerpo de Jin Woo no apareció asi que sigue vivo. Va a aparecer hasta que alguien termine con la misión de eliminar a Marco,

  16. The problem is that fans are way too used to sappy endings with the hero and heroine living happily ever after. To me, MOA was never meant to be a romance. Despite certain plot holes (e.g. all bugs were killed off except Marco??), my take on it is that Jin Woo is the new master and some player will get to release him as part of the next quest.

  17. If Zinu is Bug, why Marco and Seju not? How come Seju get out from Instance Dungeon? Where’s the note that Prof Cha took? At least at the end let us see Jinwoo and Heju looking into each other eyes! Aargh soo frustrating

    1. Yup, I was waiting for Marco to be deleted, but Zinu and Seju are players. So it does not make sense for them to be treated as a bug. And they still have to explain why the game continues without the lenses-were they corrupted? did they leak some toxic fluid or electric current that affects the brain? Full-on holographic images without any device need some explanation.

  18. I hope the script writer can explain the ending of MOA via press conference. I was hooked by this KDrama plus I love the main actors.
    The script writer owe us an explanation.

  19. Yep. There are just too many inconsistencies I think. And the ending! Ugh. The ending isn’t an ending. It feels like it was rushed up.
    Tho, I still long for a second season for Scarlet Heart, I think it has a better ending than Memories of the Alhambra.

  20. That was a weak ending indeed. I was left to wonder whatever happened with Marco and why he isn’t a bug? What level did Seju reach in the game that he was not able to ‘get rid’ of Marco (as a bug) but was able to shield himself? I’m not as other viewers so I’m not really into this AR thing, but I stood by the series bec it was different from all the rest I have watched, besides being a Hyun Bin starrer whom I have watched last in Secret Garden twice or thrice. Alhambra was promising at the start, and despite the lack of chemistry between PSH and HB (in my opinion) I somehow felt I was forcing myself to finish it in support of HB because he was acting out the Jin Woo character very well. But the ending was disappointing. The script didn’t do justice to the acting that was poured in the drama. I was so hopeful, but ended up heartbroken for HB, for PSH and the rest of the actors and staff who has given their best shot to take this series to a diff level.

    1. I agree with the comment that Marco should have been the final bug and somehow Yoo Jin Woo should have become the second master eventually meeting Seju. The idea of going in and out of the game is something that kept intriguing me throughout this drama. I wonder if we could solve world peace if people could play a game to resolve differences, but then the bugs that resulted in deaths. Was it caused by flawed characteristics of the players? Were their loyalties misplaced or non-exsistant? Was the ending that disappointed us a result of something kept from us as the game was restarted and not completed? Why would we be left without resolution which all good writing leaves us with some resolution even if we don’t like it? Please give us four more episodes or more to resolve this incomplete drama. We your audience deserve this much as we stuck it out to the end.

  21. This is why it is a fiction, though we don’t like how the writer end it or created much loopholes as if the viewers were stupid- its the writers call. Fiction stories are for fun and not reality. I only watch it because I’m a fan of Hyun Bin.

  22. I second to all the comments that you all have here. I was also thinking the same that Marco will be deleted by Seju since Marco was the first bug to appear on AR game. I was ultimately gutted about the ending, it frustrates me that it doesn’t make sense at all. It could be better to end this Kdrama but man I the person who created this was lucking of knowledge in script.

  23. Well. I agree to the part that you don’t understand it. The writer’s fault here is that there are things that weren’t explained much maybe because they’re expecting you to do your research. And all this “analytical” shit is good but there’s one important thing that you’re missing out. ENJOYMENT. You’re too caught up on explaining things and logically looking at it that you forget to enjoy them. After watching the whole series that’s the only time I analyzed it. I enjoyed it first and i don’t want to throw shit at it like what you people are doing here. And after analyzing it, it kinda makes sense for the most part. So don’t hate it just because you’re unable to understand it.

  24. As an IT professional myself, it’s kinda funny to see how the writer describe a whole new way of “bug fixing process” by coding a logic to instruct NPC to do so….

    If I had to force myself to think BIG, I might be able to tell myself “oh what a sophisticated technology they have here”. But to be honest, it doesn’t feel right.

    I thought they will hire Seju to fix the bug by actually tracing the code to find the root cause, and then actually fix the line of the code that causes bugs.. Seju can develop something so grand like this, fixing the fault should not be a problem for him.
    If we go back to Jinwoo’s prediction about where all this system faults started, it actually started from Emma, right? So how do we except her, the source of the defects, to fix the defect herself? It’s just waaay to irrational..

    There’s also no logical reasoning as to why only Jinwoo, Hyung seok, Prof. Cha, and the Secretary were considered as bug. If it really started where Emma saw the real weapon, it should affect either ALL USERS or only those who were around her at the time of the incident.
    If it was the later, why Jinwoo is considered as bug when he wasn’t there at that moment? He is not even an NPC. On the other hand, why Seju and Marco are not considered as bug when they were clearly in front of Emma during that time?
    Am I thinking too logically?
    I mean, she is trying to write about technology. But no matter how sophisticated a technology is, it should be logical shouldn’t it?

  25. The disappintment from the ending was mainly because it didn’t meet with the character of Yoo Jin-woo and his goals in the story. Last episode spoiled for me the entire series. Pity because it was great story full of wonderful ideas.

  26. Frustrating and disappointing end.. It feels like as if last few chapters of a novel was torn off.. It ended abruptly leaving an unpleasant feeling in the mind.. But great acting though

  27. Please allow me to rant!!!

    My mind is brimming with curses and profanity directed towards a writer who is infamous for earning the wrath of the viewers due to her shitty endings.

    Admittedly I have been raving about the uniqueness and freshness of this drama as far as plot and storyline is concerned.

    It has displayed a cocktail of superb actors interacting with witty dialogues that will forever be remembered in the annals of drama history.

    It exhibited awe inspiring sights and scenes and a series of breathtaking views magnificently displayed by superb cinematography and screen play.

    But we were totally screwed over and played with ruthlessly. Our emotions were rendered useless and unimportant because that accursed writer did not respect the viewers and offer us a decent conclusion.

    In this episode time element is very important, to fit in all those issues that were missing to finally lay the puzzle to rest.

    But hell, a lot of time was wasted on a succession of flashbacks which could have been used in A SCENE WHERE THE PROTAGONISTS COULD HAVE MET AND HUGGED EACH OTHER if the dratted writer is allergic to kisses, because she says it was difficult for her to write a love scene. (a lot of bull if you ask me). WE VIEWERS WERE NOT ASKING FOR TOO MUCH..


    This drama took us to the peak of excitement and elation, made us soar towards the sky with silly grins on our faces, only to be pushed towards the edges without a parachute to soften the blow.

    Freaking psycho author!!!


    Can I take this time out to give HyunBin a hand for those scenes where he was removing the bug from the specter NPC’s specially that scene where he reluctantly stabbed SecSeo while his tears were flowing and hugging him as a farewell gesture..He successfully deleted the bugs although in turn he was consigned to kingdom come. I am at a loss how to praise his brand of acting…He breathed life to JinWoo. I couldn’t imagine another actor performing this role convincingly

    On the other hand, Park Shin Hye bore the brunt of the proverbial “short end of the stick” by being saddled with a role that is almost tantamount to a glorified support. The unfair treatment of this batshit crazy writer to the female protagonist was too glaring, it makes me wonder if she has any amount of womanly instinct in her body. PSH hardly had any room to display her versatility as an artist. Her acting prowess was relegated to the dungeons of tears…

    If this writer had any decency at all, she could have at least listened to the viewers general consensus of being against a messy ending. But no…she totally obstinately stuck to her delusional grandeur that she knows better than everyone.

    Nothing over the top at least some sort of closure to both our main protagonists would have sufficed..

  28. For the police part. He couldn’t not be caught by the police because it would of been too dangerous for him to stay in one place without being able to move. Hyeongseok or the enemies would of killed him easily. He was running away to be able to finish the quest, free hee ju brother and fix the bug. Even if he got deleted in the way. Doesn’t like you understood this so I explained! :D. I think the story is beautiful and it added to my best drama I’ve seen list. The ending is definitely leading us to a season two.

  29. This drama is full of illogical things, you have listed most of them and I’m glad i was not the only person noticing them.
    another thing that I found very illogic, is when Profesor CHA leaves Seoul is was not in danger anymore because he left the playing zone.
    however Jin-woo went to USA and he still in danger.
    if it’s that simple, he could leave the city like professor Cha and that’s it.. why all this drama????

  30. I think jinwoo didn’t die; he merely went into an instance dungeon. Se-joo was explaining to j-1 r&d mgr towards the end of the last episode about the privilege of Master ability to create an instance dungeon for himself. He somehow managed to come out of the dungeon after 1 year and helped other gamers in trouble….I think it is a good ending after all.

  31. Loved the scenery, the cast, their acting….but that ending?!?!?!?!?! You’re right at pointing out W. It was another good idea but poorly written and executed. That was an amazing cast, they deserved better.

  32. I think the idea behind the glitch with dueling people and winning they haunt you and log you in whenever wherever. …doesn’t make it logical but only those who kill others get chased down…How you may ask…..Yowza i cant answer that. Lol i love the show and i understand why you all dislike the script but honestly i love everything about the show except the terrible ending( unless season 2 which idk if i can watch) and the Cha’s….. what father doesn’t ask questions about his son’s death to his new …..Son?!? I also thiught mr cha would be more direct with his revenge with jin woo…. please dont hate on my post too much im so upset with this ending im here posting basically nothing important im just sooo sad about this crappy ending i had to put my 2 sense somewhere…..i cant sleep and i work in 5 hrs….this show meant alot to me and would rather he die or survive not…..whats ur best guess. Also because the creator was master at the time of the bug does that exempt him him from deletion simply because he was master when the bug occurred and jin woo wasnt….im sorry for this mess im just upset….bye

  33. Well. I do enjoyed the show a lot. Because from the moment Dr Cha is dead, I have just taken it as a fantasy series. In fact, nothing has been logical at all since the beginning, and that is what picked up my interest. I must say, why dont people look at the good side of it and the enjoyment it brought instead of scrutinizing every points and loopholes in it. Yea, maybe that’s how self proclaimed true audiences are like and casual audience like me are just too dumb to differentiate a good and a bad series eh. So does an ending with suspense is bad? Well, not all dramas or movies end the way you want it. Must they be like reconcile and reunion only considered to be a good ending? I find it totally acceptable though. Maybe I’m not as professional as you guys are.

  34. That ending was utter trash. It proved the writer is a narcissistic, malicious b****. She knew damn well what the viewers wanted to see, what they *needed* to see, what they deserved to see. But she instead decided to emotionally f*** everyone for her sick enjoyment.

    I absolutely despise that writer.

  35. I knew it! I had a bad feeling for this kdrama! I should have trusted my kdrama instinct and stop at episode 4! I invested a lot of feelings and time for this kdrama, because of Hyun Bin and Chanyeol~ and the story concept was good! But then, if only I had searched first who is the Write-nim, who also wro W:Two Worlds! Then I should really have not watch it all the way to the last episode~ I am so full of regret! I wanna cry for myself! Why?!

      1. I just finished the ending last night an i don’t know how i will react. I just want to know what happened next. Maybe they need to re-start again the game and someone need to complete the quest enable for him to be out on the “instance dungeon”. He was alive in the other part that no once can see him. Maybe Emma is the one who needs to complete the quest again.

    1. This is also one of the questions I had when Yoo Jin Woo started to kill the bugs. How will he able to kill Marco? is he going to meet Se-Ju to have an alliance so he could see him and kill him considering he is a bug and why is Jin Woo considered a bug? Shouldn’t this also mean that Se-ju is also a bug? I mean the bug all started when Marco stabbed Se-Ju with real knife.

  36. My wife and i just end watching the final episode… im here cuz i was looking some explanation on what the hell we just watch… i was hoping this may have a second season but i lost all hopes readimg the article TT-TT

    1. I totally agree about the ending was way too absurd, im fine with sad ending tho but the writers gave an 50/50 ending which i still can’t get it why. If What se ju said about instance dungeon is true then why the new player can see yoo jin woo? but when se ju were the one who got stuck in instance dungeon no one can see him?

      1. Se ju only stayed in the instance because he was afraid and in hiding until someone completed the quest: he was never stuck. That also means yoo jin can freely exit and enter the instance dungeon whenever he wants too as he is the master now. I came to this assumption is because at the end where he helps out the 3 players his gun phases in and out from the instance so he couldn’t be seen by them. The time that he was spotted might have been when he was out of the instance.

  37. I think they just don’t care because they earn money anyhow. I agree with you about there should be several iteration before finishing writing the script. Even if it is fantasy genre writer should fill the holes. Like explaining why such “magical” things happen, even with one sentence at least. I would be even fine them saying that it’s ailien technology or fairy magic or something. But no explanation how a lens can structure the mind to feel the pain and trick the mind that the body is dead, no explanation about even the server is shot down, they can see the real dead people, no explanation about how that boy survived in the instance dungeon, what is instance dungeon. They say that it is another dimension. What does that mean? Was the boy really invisible in the real world or in the game? Is jin woo invisible in the real world? How? Then they accidentally discovered invisibility and how are they just fine about that? Why is jin woo in the dungeon? Hiding from
    emma? Why didn’t se joo inform her sister about the instance dungeon even though he can see that she’s sad obviously?

    Instead of writing a meaningful plot, they filled the drama with a bunch of unnecessary scenes.

    They do this, because they earn money anyway. Probably they didn’t want to delay the shooting of the series by going through iterations of script update not to miss this ar hype or maybe actors/actress were busy with other projects next year so they had to start it immediately. They know they’ll earn money anyway with these actors/actresses and with this ar game idea. Because even though many things annoyed me, I enjoyed it anyhow. Especially the first half. So probably they know they have a strong first half in their hand that is enough to hook viewers. They leaved the rest to the romance and some mysterious stuff which they wrapped up sloppily in the last two episode.

  38. I just finished the series. WHYYYY?!!! I waited for the time where Hee-Ju will play the piece of “Memories of Alhambra” for Jin-Woo’s sake. He asked her to at least play it for him. But why?!!! And the ending really killed me.

  39. 1. Marco is a bug. He miraculously disappeared. Where to?
    2. How did se ju come back? Which timing did he released himself? What was the trigger?
    3. Only dead people are bugs. Jin wo is not a bug!
    4. They didn’t explain how a person becomes a bug. Some can get killed in a game and not die, some can.
    5. They didn’t explain why you can log on without lens either.

    Wayyyyy too many unnecessary flashbacks. This is one of the poorest drama which I fell asleep at the last few episodes, wake up and still showing the same thing. I didn’t have to rewind to understand the plot.

    The last quest should stop after he got the key. The mobs should stop coming. He was still killing.

    The mad ex wife is too shallow. Her abrupt plunge of events were merely told by a reporter in 5secs. Wow.

    I wouldn’t recommend this drama to anyone. Just watch the first and last episode you are done with it.

  40. The best theory I could come up with is that Jinwoo is playing as himself in a virtual reality game in which he plays an augmented reality game. This could explain the issues with the plot holes too. Like, an inception game that has glitches in it. Jinwoo could have disappeared at the end because he simply logged out or turned the game off and RESET it because he was tired of the glitches interrupting his gameplay.

  41. U guys way too critical, i watched cuz hyun bin acted good

    Plot holes ? Heres one

    He was running a marathon in the second half then all of a sudden he is back on crutches lmaos

  42. You’re review is very helpful and I already agree with you even though I haven’t even watched the drama but I felt like I was reading a review I, myself, had written. So I’ve been reading reviews here and there, debating whether I should watch this drama or not because a Friend of mine who has watched it already told me that “Don’t watch it. I know you. You’re gonna go all critic on it. You will not like it”.
    Although I was still trying to find an opinion that would tell me to watch it but as soon as I read that this is the same writer who wrote “W”, I made up my mind to never watch it because I’m sure it’s going to be a trainwreck. AND THIS IS SO DISAPPOINTING because I’ve been looking forward to watching this drama since it started airing because I don’t watch anything unless it’s complete already. Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hae are amazing actors and I love them both and damn I AM DISAPPOINTED.

  43. I disagree I think that people aren’t looking at the deeper picture. Woo Jin said that he had to solve the quest or else all the deaths would have been in vain. He had to run from the police because being constricted by handcuffs would have cause him to die especially if Dr. Cha arrived. Yeah, he could have definitely just went back to his girlfriend and told her that it would take time to find her brother but that would have caused her to worry. He loved her so her sacrifices himself to save her family. In my opinion that shows true love.

  44. I liked this drama overall, except the ending. It was better to be sad ending after he decided to end the game by deleting bugs including himself, if they let out hopes up as it kept us wondering Jin woo’s whereabout. In the last episode, in the very last minute Seojun (brother) revealed about the inner dungeon, which made me think Jin woo would come back at last. But it was such a disappointing that he is still trap in the game helping other players rather keeping promise to come back to Hee jin. I don’t understand why Jin woo need to be trapped in the game knowing Hee jin is waiting for him to come back. It is so unfair after he lost everything. He survived and he solved everything then why cant he get out the game when bother could? this drama should be 20 episode long or at least have two more extra episodes to conclude with better final.

  45. Abandoné en el capítulo 5 y definitivamente estará entre los dramas que NO retomaré, mis expectativas eran altas por ser Hyun Bin el protagonista pero ni su impecable actuación impidió que dejará de ver este drama

  46. Je me demandais si pour libérer Jin Woo du jeu un autre devait devenir maitre du jeu ?
    En tout cas je n’ai pas chercher à décripter ce drama j’ai laissé libre court à mon imagination et j’ai aimer les 16 épisodes

  47. For me I extremely enjoyed the drama and yes the script was messy but in a good way, some scenes were random but yet connected, but I think that the illogical part was only that Margo wasn’t killed as a bug, but maybe it was solved when the game reset happened.
    And the ending means that Jin-woo is in the “instance dungeon” cuz they didn’t find a body and he can control when to be in or out of it, that explains how other players saw him.

  48. Unfortunately, this drama is my favourite, I dont need any rationality in dramas or movies. Because this is the place (movie and drama) that creativity or fantasy that can be over the limit. As a script writer as well, yes there are many part that has not been explained in this drama but sometimes it does not need an explanation because maybe for the writer of Memories of Alhambra. I am thank to god and this writer that write W Two Worlds and Memories of Alhambra, she bring another version of fantasy drama. It really fun. The ending also, it makes audience like me figuring myself , creating the ending by ourselves. Yes it is good to get the resolution ending. Bad ending or good ending that resolve any confusion or question in this drama. But sometimes, I didnt know what I that like so much in these two dramas but it is different from others, the story itself does not exist in this world. So my mind was woooooooow. HAHAHAHA just like a child. But many of you are experienced scriptwriter so this is just my opinion as I am just a student that took language course but dreaming to make a blockbuster movie and drama. For the writer Song Jae Jung Please I As Your Fan, dont stop doing dramas like this even though many are commenting because there are also me and many audiences that prefer this kind of drama. Woooo Fighting

  49. I love this drama and if you watch carefully, all the answer has been answered in the drama. Why I can understand the drama and answer all the question others had in their mind? Some answer already explained by Jin Woo and Se Ju – Go watch it back closely. And honestly – if you’re programmer, you’ll understand it’s not easy to fix other programmer works if he is a genius like Se Ju who can make AR alone with limited resources without any help from others (Marco only someone who played the games (tester) with Se Ju. He didn’t create the game. He only want to used Se Ju and take the money as someone who so call partnership. That is why he stab Se Ju when Se Ju want to give him 30% from the selling deal). That is why this AR programme still under development today.

  50. I completely agree with your review. MoA went from one of my favorite TV dramas, to one I would not recommend to my friends, The acting, character development, photography and editing compensated for the holes in the plot, right up until the end. I know it’s a fantasy, but it still needs coherence. It would have been more credible if Se-Ju was either channeling, or was replaced by, a being from the future, Needless to say, the ending was a disappointment of monumental proportions

  51. I as well was disappointed at how the drama end. Indeed it has so much plot holes that remained unanswered and that is not satisfying after going through 16 hours of the series. Though I have some insights I want to share:

    1. The urgency of getting Se-Ju might be due to the release date of the game, and also he is going to be caught by police later on (he explained if he gets handcuffed, it’s game over for him since he won’t be able to fight). Arguably the game should never be released without fixing the bug. But to my understanding, no one actually BELIEVES there’s a bug. No one believes JinWoo crazy “hallucination”. Since JinWoo can’t convince people of it and the company insists on releasing the game, he has to find Se-Ju asap to get it fixed.

    2. Why JinWoo doesn’t shut down the servers in the first place and get things fixed? Despite the fact that it might not be possible to fix some other programmer’s bug (they portrait it as a ” genius’s” work), again, when he is still CEO, no one believes there’s a bug to be fixed. JinWoo is always viewed by others as “mentally ill” or as ” a person who killed his friend”. When he got fired, then he just doesn’t have the power to control the servers on/off at all. That’s why he had to negotiate with Professor Cha to keep the server on, instead of pleading not to be caught by police.
    3. I think the bug exists when someone kills another human as an enemy in the game, then the person starts to feel real pain when injure and the game exists out of the contact lenses. Whoever becomes the ally of the person feels and sees the same. It’s not very well explained in the series and sometime I had to think it through.

    I don’t like a lot of the things in this series but it is still a fantasy. Things like how the game keeps on without the lenses, I just play along. Plot holes like Marco is a bug that’s not fixed agitate me. They also should spend more time to develop the romantic relationship. Both Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye are amazing actors afterall. The most thing I hate about the series is the repeating scenes – always always replay scenes IN FULL LENGTH that happens even in the same episode and it slows down the story telling so much to the point I can’t stand it I had to fast forward. Still, it’s such a fresh topic and I had fun with it. Now moving on.

  52. I was trying to find out if I am the rare few who was extremely disappointed with the ending and I landed here. The drama was really gripping and exciting to begin, the effects were so good and Hyun Bin was do perfect for the role. Some where towards the middle of the drama, I thought they had brought things too far and wonder how they’d brought things back together again. (maybe everyone comes back to life when Jin Woo found the solution, despite the fact that the physical body would have turned into skeletons? Haha…). A lot of unnecessary scenes to my opinion, besides the flashbacks, for example, for a person to get to their destination, we need to go through them walking out of the house, into the car, long drive, arrived but still walk a long way….. Then there is this phone call scenes, we need to go through the person getting his phone, looked through a list in phone book, called,waited a long time for answer, hesitate before talking….

    Finally, I thought a lame happy ending would be better than this very bad opened ending. I went from highly recommending this drama to strongly discourage from watching. Feeling sad for Hyun Bin for his involvement in this drama.

  53. Lmao you all sound so dumb. I liked the ending. Also, you all are thinking too realistically for a drama. It’s a DRAMA lol. Don’t think too much for some parts of the show. Pathetic.

    1. Yea I understand what you mean as a drama. But when you watch a drama it can’t be so bad that you want answers and more importantly i predicted the ending. I was really close. In the last 10 minutes I didn’t see how they can explain how Mr. Cha died of blood loss or even why the main was hiding in the game. I was sitting there going this better not end with Hee Juu staring at Jin woo. But the ending was basically the same like she was going to the park and will meet up with her. But that didn’t turn up all the loose ends.

      If you want to watch romance in a cute almost cringey but doable because you want to see the end watch Minami no Koibito. That’s a really good heart felt drama. Even though it’s school kids and basically a fairy tale. It wraps up so much nicer than this drama.

      Look it’s okay to have some magic in a drama, and some drama or tension is good. But if it doesn’t feel right you have failed in terms of story telling. As a writer you have to put yourself in the viewers shoes and be like does this work? Not just end it however you want.

      I think the biggest issue with me is the f(profanity) filler lengthy shots and romance. Unnecessary slow mo and flashbacks throughout the drama. You can easily cut this 16 ep to an 12 ep and still achieve the same effect.
      The Romance…. OMG the worst. You can’t have a heroine that dispises the main and then like him again for no apparent reason, why because she just suddenly feels sorry for him and takes cares of him? Makes no sense on top of that he was really abusive to her and she was clingy? Absolutely rubbish.

      Take a page from Minami no Koibito, only 10 eps and it feels right, the pacing of the drama is much better with some flashbacks. The ending is what you hoped for as the characters actually develop feelings for each other especially the main dude, in which the romance made sense and the drama felt right. It might not be Oscar winning acting or script, but it felt right overall, there are some cringey scenes, though the ending and as awhole a much better drama.

  54. You all are acting that the actors should feel bad for being involved in this drama sound so dumb. An open ending like that is good and you all shouldn’t expect you “happy ending” to come everytime

    1. No it doesn’t have to be an happy ending. It’s a bad drama because the intention of the drama is flawed. For example a good open ender is inception, where did the main go is he still in limbo or did he come out of reality.

      I don’t mind open ender if it’s set up for it and makes sense as the writing leads up for it.

      This drama is a mess, clearly it’s a romance drama and you will want alot more answers than just oh, did Jin woo survive. Is he real or they gonna meet up with the heroine Hee Juu. Like it’s pointless to keep that part open to interpretation.

      It’s wrapped up really badily and the writing shifted from alot of mysteries to having even more mysteries without answering even of them and even ending with a question.

      It’s a wrong genre to end with open interpretation because you can’t just put so much emphasis with the unnecessary flashbacks and slow most and building up on the romance and they just basically cut it at the end. I mean it’s implied they do meet up, but there’s too many questions to be answered.

  55. Honestly i swear i was so done with this drama already but the ending should never have been that way. It is unclear and there were many plot holes. Also, this drama is considered under the romance genre but I barely saw any romantic scenes. They could have worked out a better relationship between Jin Woo and Hee Joo, I never got emotional when he died and she started crying, cause there wasn’t much that happened between them except crappy AR game scenes. As a whole though this drama was interesting, action-packed and filled with fantasy and magic. But like I said many plot holes, things left unexplained if not this would have been an excellent drama what with Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye in the lead roles. The script writer should have been more thoughtful. I am clearly very dissapointed.

  56. I agree! So many questions and plot holes. It’s sad because it had A LOT of potential, if only it could’ve been developed a little more. How the AR responds to reality and vice versa gets too blurred to be realistic or logical. A supernatural or evil AI could’ve been an approach to explain what was happening (even if it’s super cliche) but nothing is explained in regards to the science behind the whole premise. When the instant dungeon was brought into play, I was even more confused. (Spoiler) How could people who don’t wear the lens not see through It’s invisibility? Is there some sort of AR blanket that covers the entire world? Even if there is, the next question is why does the instant dungeon work but the real world returns to normal or is unaffected when the AR and AR damages disappear? The drama nearly had everything down but overall, the script was not handled really well.

    1. For me, I think Marco was not involved with Zinu (Jin Woo’s in game character). Think of it like any other Online Game. Different people or characters have their own quests to complete. Since Jin Woo wasn’t involved with Marco it didn’t matter because all he had to do was complete his own quests and delete the bugs that got involved with his In Game character. After all the bugs got wiped out, I assume Marco also got deleted after the server restarted.

  57. i didnt know that the writers of W and the MOA were same and i really agree to the point that this writer sure is not able to give proper endings.
    both the dramas have pretty interesting concepts but there endings sure were disappointing
    but i think the writer sure has very good storylines and she will give us an extremely satisfying drama in the future
    we should not insult her like this as we have no idea about how much pressure she might have been dealing with
    lets hate the sin and not the sinner

  58. I enjoyed watching this but the plot holes bugged me. such as this : how did players using swords get physical feedback?? People were shown sword fighting but the lens only create an illusion, not real swords. When swords hit each other, peoples arms stopped moving as if they were hitting solid objects… what??
    A second season could explain things better.. maybe the game really did open a portal to another augmented reality, a hyper reality..but what is the instance dungeon? How could the game heal Jin Woo’ leg? One scene shows CCTV footage that Jin Woo is really limping. But when the police are chasing him, he fully functioning and the cops comment on how fast he is. What?? That stuff was so illogical even within the framework of the show. As for the ambiguous ending, in Asian literature I have read, and dramas I have watched, endings like this are not that unusual. The K Dramas Monster, Signal are also examples of endings that just seem to hang in the air but conclude the story. There are others too. But YES! I would love to see a Season 2!

  59. Totally a mess. First episode it was decent, but last episode delete all story. The writer made a nonsense story.
    I don’t wanna a second season from this very bad k drama series. My review for this series is max 3 from 10.

  60. Very simply, the bug should have been created by Cha Hyung Seok and Marcos. Marcos programmed a bit with the master Jung Se-joo, so he could plausibly plot with Hyung Seok to do something to sabotage the game since Se-joo was pulling out of the sale with Hyung Seok. When Se-joo was on the phone with Jin Woo in episode 1, he mentioned how bad a person Hyung Seok was, and this could tie that statement in and give it a reason for being said.

    This answers the need for a cause for the origin of the bug/s. Emma having the power to kill/delete bugs was unnecessary. And one more thing: Why was everyone applauding Se-joo for creating a game that ended up killing people.

  61. Like everyone else I was very disappointed in this ending. I stayed up late to finish this only to end up angry. It was mentioned before this story was full of plot holes, ppl and flashbacks. Some things that bothered me were; the fact that they can hear the game with just wearing contacts, they could feel pain, and that they could kill each other. None of this was grounded in some form of reality that could help it make sense. I would have believed it more if you had to inject nano machines into the body that would feed game info to your body making wounds in game be felt and so on. I also find it hard to believe how everyone suspected the mc of killing the other CEO when there was no proof of foul play. But none of this compares to crappy ending. I’m not a professional writer or anything but if I was to write the ending for this show it would have ended either three ways.

    1: The mc would have brought the key to Emma who would of activated the key killing all the bugs ( the players that died and were turned into npc enemies or allies) once all of them are gone the game would reset and the mc would go back to the female lead before turning himself in for questioning. He would have been let go dude not enough evidence along with the fake allegations revield. Now a free man he would end up with the female lead, be reinstated as CEO or start a new company with the brother. Finally live happily ever after with a loving wife.

    2: pretty much like how the show ended but after Emma stabs him to delete the big his character dies but now without the bug attached to him he does not actually die and just like how a normal player would die he would just end up logged out. Then still alive the ending would follow what I wrote above.

    3: Way is that he would have died from the bug being removed. His body would have been found in the church.

    Also last note and major plot hole if all the bugs needed to be deleted then the brother (developer) and the guy he killed should have died too for the game to reset.

    1. The ending supposedly reflects the resurrection of Jin Woo. He created an instant dungeon but got stuck since the game reset itself! So he has to now wait for someone to get him out. What a mess! The oddest thing is that how he knew that the developer was already back in Seoul and even then, shows nearly no curiosity to meet this bloke who caused all the mess. He went on a suicidal mission but ended up being stuck in cyber space. We are suppose to assume that he will come out eventually. My idea of a good ending would be to jump 30 years into the future when Jin woo’ and Hee Ju’s daughter marries Hyeon suk’s son in Granada bringing peace at last to Jin woo. The company passes into the hands of the future owners and our hero takes a well deserved break.

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