[BREAKING] Ku Hye Sun Claims Ahn Jae Hyun Had An Affair With An Actress, Says She Has Evidence

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The divorce controversy between Ku Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun continues to escalate!

On September 4, news outlet Dispatch releases a very detailed set of text messages throughout the past two years between them, they conducted forensic analysis to prove the text were not fabricated or edited.

The Dispatch report is very long and shows many messages, if you want to be provided context before reading below, please read Soompi’s translation of their conversations here.

When Dispatch released the exclusive report this morning Ku Hye Sun didn’t stand still but instead responded with something that will get her sued. She took to her instagram again this time to accuse Ahn Jae Hyun of having an affair behind her back.

Here is the translated Instagram post:

“The result of Dispatch’s forensics? I am a person who changed her phone three times this year.

The reason for the divorce is Ahn Jae Hyun’s extramarital affair. I heard so many rumors about him dating the actress in the drama he’s currently shooting.

It troubled my heart whether I should trust him or not, so my mind went back and forth.

I was so heartbroken to hear that he exchanged messages on kakao with this actress when he wouldn’t even properly text or call me saying he’s busy, it made me feel betrayed and like my heart was getting ripped.

This is why I still need time to organize my feelings.

(I have a photo I found in my husband computer after our marriage. In the photo, he’s eating late night snacks with an actress at a hotel wearing a gown. I will submit this to the court as evidence.”

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  1. Why is she making him seem like his the bad guy. If she’s getting a divorce she should get a divorced, she don’t have to post everything on social media and letting everybody know her business. So immature. The guy is all quiet and stuff
    and she should stay quiet too. Like goddame.

  2. She’s one of my fav actors and he’s one of my fav actors, but I must say she comes across as very immature. She’s proving why age ain’t really nothing but a number. I’ve seen kids in elementary school act more mature

  3. I support Kyu Hye Sun. Heck, it’s not easy to “wash dirty clothes” on social media but she does it anyway. Her reason? Maybe she does want him to look bad, I mean can you imagine how much pain she might be going through? Your husband, the guy you trusted the most, insulting you in way he did, (her being not sexy and all) besides she’s a writer, author. She expresses her feelings through her writings so yeah, i guess she feels some sort of ease in posting online–a little careless yes but justifiable.

  4. People need to know the truth, if she stays quiet what he did then other girls will be hurt too if they dated him , airing your dirty laundry for others to see isnt immature. she just want it to be known that all his lies needs to be heard .. I support her , it takes a strong women to stand up to a scum of a husband .. korean women have suppressed for too long because the society tells us to be quiet, giving him a divorce is what he wanted so he van play with other girls, makes me sick

    1. I strongly feel the efforts of kU Hye sun saving their marriage. I had read all the conversation and it suck because Ahn Jae Hyun has really no love for Hye Sun, at all. Why did he married her anyway?if he cannot stand all the challenges in marriage. Hye sun was right of telling him that marriage is not a small thing. He is the one whose acting immature, he shouldn’t have entered that level of relationship; he doesn’t even feel any remorse. It was so easy for him to ask for a divorce, as if it really is just a “small thing”. He just wasted all the efforts of his and Hye Sun’s family when arranging their wedding. What shameless guy. I like him when he is playing in dramas or movies, but his character sucks. Be a man Ahn Jae Hyun please do what is right. If you really wanna divorce her, then you should do it in a way a man should do. Anyway, God bless to you and to your wife. Me and the other fans are hoping for you two to solve your problems.

  5. Although she acts immature ,I think I understand her…she is being this way because she loves him and he is being this way because he loves her as well….if they didnt,they would have caused a huge ruckus everytime they met…How would you feel if your property was being shared to someone without your permission??
    Of course you would react to that…so dont blame anyone….what happens or happened to them,can or could happen to you….so understand them

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