Korean Celebrities Who Shocked Us With Marriage [And At Times!] Baby News In 2021

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2021 was definitely a year to remember, this year became well-known for being the year many Korean celebrities shocked us with their wedding and baby news.

Let us take a look at the list of Korean celebrities who announced their marriage in 2021.

Honey Lee


Last month, Honey Lee surprised her fans by confirming she was indeed dating a non-celebrity boyfriend.

On December 21, her agency Saram Entertainment announced that she held a private wedding today.

The agency stated that instead of holding a wedding, the two got married on December 21 through a vow ceremony somewhere in Seoul that was attended by only their families. Additionally, the agency asked for fans’ understanding since her husband is a non-celebrity.

2PM’s Chansung


On December 15, Chansung announced on his personal Instagram that he is going to get married to his non-celebrity girlfriend, he also stated that his fiancée is pregnant!

He wrote,

Today I want to tell you about a change and a joy that is happening in my life. I have a person I have been dating for a long time. This person has been a haven for my unstable heart for a long time, a friend and a lover I can talk to about anything. I was planning and preparing to marry this person after being discharged from the military, but the blessing of a new life came faster than expected, we are planning to get married in the beginning of next year. I’m very careful because she is still in the early stages of pregnancy, but because I wanted to deliver this news to you first I am writing this today.“

Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon


One of the most recent on this list is Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon and while the marriage news wasn’t a big shock since they had been dating for a while, the baby news was truly what shocked fans.

On November 23 morning, Park Shin Hye made a very important announcement to her official fan cafe, she wrote a letter to announce that she’s getting married. She’s revealed, “I am getting married to the person I’ve been seeing for a while now, he’s been a pillar of support for a long time and has embraced the person that is Park Shin Hye with all her lacking qualities.”

Besides the shocking marriage announcement, Park Shin Hye also revealed she’s pregnant. She’s revealed that while they began preparing for their marriage she found out she’s pregnant.

Park Shin Hye’s agency SALT Entertainment has also released a statement to confirm Choi Tae Joon and Park Shin Hye’s wedding will be held on January 22, 2022. They also confirmed she’s pregnant with her first child, and is in the early stages of pregnancy. Details of the wedding will be kept private in respect of the actors and their families.

Choi Tae Joon’s agency also issued a similar statement sharing the happy news.

Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon confirmed they were dating in 2017.

iKON’s Bobby


On August 20, Bobby took to his Instagram to share two huge shocking announcements with fans. He revealed that he’s getting married soon and will also be welcoming his first child in September. He wrote,

“I promised to marry the person I love. And in September I will also become a father.

I am happy to welcome a new family member, but I am even more sorry to the fans who will feel embarrassed by my sudden news.

I should have informed you sooner, but I’m sorry for the delay because I was worried more than anything for this reason.”

This was one of the most shocking announcements of 2021. Bobby is the youngest on this list and is only 25 years old.

In September 2021, YG announced that Bobby’s fiancée had given birth to a son.

Kim Yoon Ji (NS Yoon-G)


On June 18, Kim Yoon Ji (NS Yoon-G) shared handwritten letters to her Instagram account in both Korean and English to tell her fans she’s getting married. Along with the letters, she posted a photo of herself and her soon-to-be husband.

She wrote in English,

“Hey everyone it’s YunJee. I wanted to let you guys know that I have found my forever one and I will be getting married in September. He is a kind, caring, warm and loving person who’s always been there for me. I want to be there for him always as his wife. Please bless us with your love ☺︎ And thank you always for all the support and love!”

Kim Yoon Ji debuted as a singer in 2009 with the stage name NS Yoon-G, she has released many hit songs since then. She’s also active as an actress under her birth name Kim Yoon Ji.



Two SECHSKIES members tied the knot in 2021.

On June 12, YG Entertainment confirmed Jang Su Won is getting married.

YG has released their own statement as well as a separate statement by Jang Su Won formally announcing his upcoming marriage.

In their statement, YG asked fans to look warmly on the idol and his soon-to-be bride.

In his statement, Jang Su Won talks about his 25th debut anniversary as a member of SECHSKIES. He says he wanted to relay the news to his fans first and is sad he wasn’t able to do so.

According to news outlets reports, Jang Su Won’s fiancée is one year older than him and is a stylist of an A-list actor.



The second SECHSKIES member to get married in 2021 was Lee Jae Jin.

On May 11, YG Entertainment stated in an official statement that Lee Jae Jin and his partner have decided to get married. This was also accompanied by a personal statement from the OG idol himself.

Lee Jae Jin also personally announced his marriage and thanked his fans and SECHSKIES members for their support.

The idol debuted as part of SECHSKIES in 1997 at the young age of 18 and is getting married in his early forties.

Due to COVID-19, no wedding was held but a simple meal with family members took place instead.

Rapper Beenzino And Stefanie Michov


One of kpop fans favorite couples were the first to announce they’re getting married in 2021.

Beenzino And Stefanie Michov have been together since 2015 and are known for being openly affectionate to each other; they’ve showcased their relationship multiple times on variety shows.

On January 1, Beenzino posted on Instagram a video from after his proposal, in the video, Stefanie Michov is still crying after getting proposed to, she showed off her ring. He also posted a couple of photos from the kitchen and his proposal event.

Stefanie Michova also posted her own photos of the event and wrote in English,

“I’m so excited and happy to start 2021 with so much happiness and love.”

Crayon Pop’s choa


On October 29, Happy Married Company officially announced the happy news via a statement. Crayon Pop’s choa will hold her wedding on December 25 at an undisclosed location in Seoul.

Choa’s fiance is a man whom she met three years ago through an acquaintance and he’s an entrepreneur who is six years older than her. Choa happily revealed that the moment she met him, she felt that she’s met her dream man.

Yoon Kye Sang


Yoon Kye Sang had previously surprised fans with his dating news reveal shortly after breaking up with actress Honey Lee, and has surprised fans again by revealing he’s getting married in 2021.

On August 11, Yoon Kye Sang announced on his official fan café that he’s getting married to his girlfriend. His wife is beauty brand CEO who is five years younger than him. In his statement, he calls her his special person who makes everything surrounding her warm

This was followed by a statement by Yoon Kye Sang’s agency JUST Entertainment too. The agency stated Yoon Kye Sang started dating his girlfriend last year after they were introduced to each other by an acquaintance.

They have received permission from both of their families and registered their marriage first because it is difficult to carry out a wedding ceremony during the pandemic.

Yoon Kye Sang also requested through his agency that fans respect their privacy as his bride-to-be is a non-celebrity.

The wedding announcement came two months after Yoon Kye Sang confirmed he was dating.

Shin Go Eun And Yoon Jong Hwa


Shin Go Eun And Yoon Jong Hwa became lovers after meeting on the set of the MBC daily drama “Bad Love,” the couple began dating around June of 2020 after the series ended and on March 19, Shin Go Eun And Yoon Jong Hwa announced their plans to get married.

Shin Go Eun And Yoon Jong Hwa will hold their wedding on May 19 in Seoul with few guests in accordance with social distancing measures.

Shin Go Eun personally announced the happy news via an Instagram update. Shin Go Eun debuted as a singer in 2011 and has been working on many kdramas such as “The Last Empress,” “Gangnam Scandal” and “Bad Love.”

Yoon Jong Hwa debuted as an actor in 2005 and has been in many projects across the years, he was diagnosed with spinal cancer in 2015 while filming “Eve’s Love” and recovered over a year of receiving treatment.

Lee Si Eon and Seo Ji Seung


On November 8, industry representatives reported that Lee Si Eon and Seo Ji Seung will be holding their wedding on December 25 in Jeju Island. The report mentions that the wedding will be small and only attended by their families.

In response to the reports, Lee Si Eon’s agency confirmed the happy news and stated that due to COVID-19 and for the protection of the actors’ privacy, the wedding location and time won’t be revealed.

Lee Si Eon and Seo Ji Seung began dating in 2017, they confirmed their relationship in 2018.

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