Korean Celebrities We Lost In 2020

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2020 was a difficult year for the industry , it was a year in which we lost many reputable Korean actors and idols.

Below is a comprehensive list of Korean celebrities who passed away in 2020.


  • The list won’t include mothers/fathers/immediate family of Korean celebrities.
  • If the cause of death isn’t written, its because it wasn’t disclosed to the public.
  • If we fail to mention anyone please let us know in the comment section so we can add them to it.

Veteran Korean Actor Song Jae Ho


Actor Song Jae Ho passed away on November 8, Korean news outlets reported that beloved veteran actor Song Jae Ho has passed away at the age of 83 from chronic illness, its been reported that his health recently deteriorated.

Song Jae Ho made his debut in 1959 as a voice actor for KBS and made his debut as an actor a 1964 film. He went on to starr in over 200 dramas and movies. He retired after his health worsened.

Comedian Park Ji Sun


On November 2, a source from Seoul Mapo Police Station stated that Park Ji Sun and her mother were discovered dead in their home in Mapo District, Seoul at approximately 1:44 p.m. KST. It was one of the most shocking deaths of 2020.

According to police reports, Park Ji Sun’s father had called the police after failing to get in touch with his wife and daughter. As a result, police were dispatched to her home where they found the mother and daughter deceased. In a later update, police stated they have found a note believed to be written by her mother at their house while investigating. Police stated that details of the note will not be disclosed according to the wishes of the bereaved families, no autopsy was also conducted following the wishes of their family.

Park Ji Sun was a renowned comedian who debuted in 2007 under KBS. She appeared on many variety shows and hosted several events and press conferences for many idol groups.

Oh In Hye


On September 14, it was reported that Oh In Hye was found unconscious in her home, police suspected suicide. Emergency performed CPR and she was transported to a nearby hospital. Korean news outlets reported that her pulse has returned and her heart was beating. Ultimately, Oh In Hye was unable to make it. She passed away after her heart stopped beating according to an exclusive report by Dispatch. She was only 36 years old.

Oh In Hye debuted in 2011 in the movie “Sin of a Family,” and has appeared in several dramas and movies since then.

Jo Young of indie band ‘An Introduction of Youth’


Jo Yoong of indie band ‘An Introduction of Youth’ passed away after getting hit by a truck, he was only 26 years old.

On September 11, his agency Mojo People Records confirmed that he had passed away after getting hit by a truck while doing a part-time job. He passed away on September 10. His agency expressed their sorrow through their official statement adding that they will proceed with his funeral while adhering to social distancing measures.

Jo Yoong has been struggling as an artist after COVID-19 began, and as a result, he took on part-time jobs due to difficulties, he worked as a delivery driver and was up all night working, he was hit while driving his motorbike according to the CEO of his agency.

Jo Yoong formed the band An Introduction to Youth in 2014 with Lee Si Young. He has been working hard on his band and as a soloist; he even did a collaboration with Juniel back in 2017.

Top Secret [TST] Yohan


On June 17, SPOTV News reported that the young idol has passed away on June 16. The cause of death hasn’t been revealed according to the family’s wishes, as reported by SPOTV.

Later, Top Secret’s Yohan agency confirmed the tragic sudden news, in their statement they, they wrote,

“The bereaved family is in great sadness. We sincerely ask the media to refrain from spreading speculative rumors about the cause of Yohan’s passing.”

Yohan was 28 years old. He debuted as part of the rising boy group Top Secret [later changed to TST] back in 2017, he was born in 1992. He used to be a former member of the group NOM.

Actor Park Ji Hoon


On May 15, Park Ji Hoon’s family revealed the unfortunate news through his Instagram account. The model-turned-actor passed away on May 11 due to stomach cancer.

Park Ji Hoon’s most notable TV appearance was tvN’s “Chicago Typewriter.”

Actor Kim Hong Seok


On April 20, it was revealed that Kim Hong Seok passed away from cardiac arrest on Tuesday morning. He had no underlying health issues so the news is a big shock to his family. Because of this, the police conducted an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death.

It’s been reported that the actor was found collapsed at his home, when the ambulance arrived, he was already found in a state of cardiac arrest.

It’s also been reported that Kim Hong Seok has been earnestly preparing to produce dramas until recently.

Kim Hong Seok debuted as an actor in 1977, and appeared in many memorable films such as “Father and son,” “Mother’s room,” “The last Witness,” “Basics of love” and many others. He also appeared in many theatrical projects across the years.

Actor Moon Ji Yoon


Moon Ji Yoon passed away on March 18 at 8:56 pm KST.

According to various news outlet, the cause of death is acute sepsis. His agency later confirmed that he has indeed passed away after getting admitted to the hospital on March 16 due to a sore throat, his condition deteriorated and he fell into sepsis and lost consciousness.

Moon Ji Yoon has been acting since 2002 and appeared in several hit dramas such as “Cheese in the Trap,” “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo,” and “The Sound of Your Heart.”

His last appearance was in the 2019 drama “Golden Garden.” He is well-known among kdrama fans for playing the role of Sang Chul sunbae in “Cheese in the Trap.”

Actress Go Soo Jung


On February 12, Go Soo Jung’s agency Story J Company revealed through an official statement that the young actress passed away recently, her funeral procession was held privately on February 9 with her close family present.

“We’ll always remember actress Go Soo Jung, whose radiant smile shined on this world. Rest in peace.”

The rookie actress was born on April 24, 1995, and her debut project was the hit tvN drama “Goblin” back in 2016. Since then, she appeared in “Solomon’s Perjury” and the music video for BTS’s “With Seoul.”

After the report was released, many fans wanted to know about the reason behind her sudden tragic death. Go Soo Jung’s agency issued a second statement clarifying that she passed away due to chronic illness but didn’t comment on the exact nature of the illness.

Kim Ki Duk


On December 11, local news outlet Delfi reported that Kim Ki Duk passed away due to COVID-19 complications. It was said that he has been in Latvia since November 20 to purchase a home in order to obtain residency status; he was diagnosed with COVID-19 and died in the hospital two days after admission after experiencing complications.

Later, various Korean news outlets confirmed the news; a representative from his production company confirmed it and stated that nothing has been decided yet regarding the funeral plans since his family has just heard the news.

Director Kim Ki Duk is considered one of the biggest Korean film makers who has received international recognition, after debuting in 1996, he went on to direct many films such as “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring,” “3-Iron,” “Samaria,” “Pietà,” and more.

Kim Ki Duk was 59 years old.

May all their souls rest in peace.

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