Kdrama Cameos That Literally Stole The Show

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Korean dramas are no strangers to great cameo appearances, but in recent years there has been a noticeable rise in cameos that become the highlight and received so much attention and went viral.

Today, we’re taking a look at some kdrama cameos that literally stole the show and left fans wanting more.

Vincenzo” – Kim Sung Cheol


The most recent example on this list is Kim Sung Cheol memorable cameo on “Vincenzo.”

He took on the role of the morally corrupt rich heir Hwang Min Seong who is also gay. Song Joong Ki’s character Vincenzo had to get close to him to reach his goal and what better way was than to become a homme fatale and seduce him, which is exactly what Vincenzo ended up doing.

The two actors chemistry was off the charts and they became the topic of discussion as soon as the episode aired, despite his short appearance, Kim Sung Cheol gained a lot of attention and many new fans who can’t wait to see his next project.

Hotel Del Luna”- Kim Soo Hyun


“Hotel Del Luna” could be easily labeled one of the most popular and best kdramas in recent memory. Led by IU and Yeo Jin Goo, the show has become a hit domestically and overseas.

IU is known for being good friends with hallyu actor Kim Soo Hyun, they’ve previously starred in the same drama “Dream High” and have maintained a close friendship ever since. Kim Soo Hyun agreed to make a cameo appearance in her drama to support her.

In his scene, after the final minutes of the last episode aired, Ma Go announced that Hotel Del Luna will be getting a new owner, and behold it was none other than Kim Soo Hyun.

Kim Soo Hyun’s cameo appearance created a huge buzz online as it was also his first appearance on TV following his military discharge.

Because of the overwhelming love and support of his cameo, rumors of a second season became a hot topic. tvN responded to speculations about it and stated that they haven’t even discusses the possibility of a second season.

“Its Okay Not To Be Okay”- Kwak Dong Yeon


“Its Okay Not To Be Okay” is also another hit that has made its mark on the kdrama scene. Being Kim Soo Hyun first official project following his military discharge, the drama gained a lot of attention and support.

One of the characters in the drama that made a huge impact was played by Kwak Dong Yeon. The character Kwon Gi-Do is; in theory; a pervert because he strips down and flashes his private parts to people, but the character was portrayed perfectly by Kwak Dong Yeon to show the humane side of that character.

The character shows the underlying issues that might lead someone to do this.

Kwak Dong Yeon gained massive attention and praise for his portrayal of the character.

“True Beauty”- Lee Jae Wook And Kim Hye Yoon


“True Beauty” is another drama that found huge success internationally. It was directed by Kim Sang Hyub who also worked on another popular drama called “Extraordinary You.”

Put of loyalty to the director, Lee Jae Wook and Kim Hye Yoon decided to make a special cameo appearance on the show reprising their roles from “Extraordinary You.” Again, Kim Hye Yoon is running after Haru and Lee Jae Wook is still desperately in love with her and is still trying to win her over.

Fans fell in love with the references, despite it being short, it definitely left a mark and led to many theories by fans as it suggests the two dramas were made in the same universe.

“Crash Landing On You”-Kim Soo Hyun


Kim Soo Hyun makes a second appearance on this list, this time for his short but viral cameo appearance on the hit drama “Crash Landing On You.”

Kim Soo Hyun makes a cameo appearance in the 10th episode of the drama reprising his famous role Dong-Gu from the 2013 movie “Secretly Greatly,” in which he played a North Korean spy hiding out in South Korea as a dim-witted Chinese Restaurant delivery man.

Since the drama is also about North Korea, fans were more than happy to see his character in reference to the massively successful movie “Secretly Greatly.” As soon as the episode aired, fans went crazy over Kim Soo Hyun’s cameo.

Its a very beloved character that made a comeback in a hugely popular kdrama.

“Itaewon Class”- Park Bo Gum


Imagine making a small cameo appearance that goes so viral that it has people begging the broadcasting channel for a season two that focuses on that cameo. Park Bo Gum can relate to that.

Park Bo Gum made a cameo appearance on “Itaewon Class,” this was possible due to his relationship with producing director (PD) Kim Sung Yoon, with whom he worked together on the hit KBS drama “Love in the Moonlight” back in 2016.

He appears before Kwon Nara’s character who opens a new restaurant and is hiring chefs. Park Bo Gum appears as a chef applying for a job at her restaurant. When she meets him, she’s unable to hide her surprise, she mumbles to herself, ‘daebak,’ in reaction to his good looks.

As you’d expect, Park Bo Gum’s name topped real-time search rankings after his appearance. Fans pleaded with the writer and director to create a second season of “Itaewon Class” that focuses on a love line between their characters.

“Hotel Del Luna”- Lee Joon Gi


“Scarlet Heart Ryeo” fans assemble!

Who doesn’t love to see the combination of IU and Lee Joon Gi together? Fans were over the moon after it was revealed that Lee Joon Gi would be reuniting with IU in her hit drama “Hotel Del Luna.”

The guest appearance came about because of the actors’ close friendship. They first shared the screen in “Scarlet Heart Ryeo” back in 2016. They have kept in contact with each other since then showing support through food and coffee carts to the set of each other projects as well as attending each other concerts or fan meetings as guests.

Lee Joon Gi made a cameo appearance in episode 3, after IU’s character gave him the ability to see ghosts, he became an exorcist and vowed to hunt down a dangerous ghost and that he won’t accept her offer to join her hotel before he catches that ghost.

The epic cameo appearance showed the two actors reunite in present day time which is definitely a step forward to fans ultimate dream of seeing the two together in a new project one day.

“Goblin”- Jung Hae In


Considered one of the biggest kdramas of all time, “Goblin” gained so much attention that even minor characters who played a small part gained so many new fans because they appeared on that drama.

One of them was none other than Jung Hae In who was a rising rookie actor at the time. He makes a small but memorable cameo appearance as Tae Hee, Kim Go Eun’s sunbae. His chemistry and adorable interactions with Kim Go Eun’s character drove Gong Yoo’s character crazy.

Jung Hae In’s visuals gained attention and fans couldn’t stop talking about the handsome man in baseball uniform. Many attribute this cute cameo appearance to opening doors for him in future projects.

So this is what we have for the list of memorable kdrama came appearances, is there a kdrama cameo appearance we failed to mention? Let us know your favorite in the comment section below!

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