Interesting Fun Facts About The Cast Of “100 Days My Prince” You Need To Know

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“100 Days My Prince” is considered one of the most popular kdramas of 2018, national and international fans love the drama and its plot.

100 Days My Prince” has recently become the 4th most viewed tvN drama of all time. Its 14 episode rated 12% which makes it one of the highest rated tvN dramas of all time.

It joined the elite club alongside “Goblin” and “Mr. Sunshine.”

But what about the cast? Any interesting facts about them?

Today, I will tell you some interesting facts about the cast of the drama.

Kim Sun Ho Is A Rookie Actor

It might be difficult to comprehend because he plays every role so well but he’s a new rookie actor. He has only started back in 2017 with a supporting role in the hit drama “Good Manager.”

He went on to play the second leading role in “Strongest Deliveryman” and “Two Cops” to which he won Best New Actor award and Excellence Award at the 2017 MBC Drama Awards.

With his great acting abilities and his interesting fun character, I believe he will become famous one day.

Kim Sun Ho Is Part Of Park Shin Hye’s Agency

Kim Sun Ho’s talented didn’t go unnoticed and an exclusive agency that houses talented actors took note of that.

He has signed an exclusive contract with Salt Entertainment on September 12, 2018; they released a statement confirming the news and also expressed their excitement to have him join the agency.

He is expected to take on more projects in dramas and movies, Salt Entertainment said they will support him to grow more as an actor.

Nam Ji Hyun Struggled In Her Transition From Child To Adult Actress

Nam Ji Hyun might be 23 years old but she is considered a veteran in her own right. She has been acting for 15 years and has been doing so many movies and dramas since she was little.

In a recent interview she admitted that she struggled in her transition but explained she had to do it slowly and not suddenly, she said,

“I chose to go slowly rather than make dramatic changes. Even if the role looks familiar, I wanted to play roles with at least one difference. It seemed like that was the path that allowed me to act for a long time.”

Nam Ji Hyun has made a successful transition from child to adult roles. Fans were eased in to her transition.

Nam Ji Hyun Is A Huge DAY6 Fan

Nam Ji Hyun has good taste in music that’s for sure!

She is a huge fan of DAY6, a JYP band that has been doing well and receiving love for their great songs.

She often posts pictures of their songs to her instagram account and even attended their concert. She was also lucky enough to take a group photo with them backstage.

She went on vlive once and talked about how much she enjoyed the music and the concert, saying, ‘my ears were blessed. I enjoyed it a lot and relieved a lot of stress.’

Nam Ji Hyun Is Studying Psychology

You wouldn’t think that young actress Nam Ji Hyun would be attending university to pursue this degree, psychology.

Most Korean actors and idols pursue college and university education, they usually choose majors that are close to what they do for a living. However, the same can’t be said about Nam Ji Hyun.

Nam Ji Hyun enrolled in Sogang University as a Psychology major in 2014.

Nam Ji Hyun LOVED Working With The Song-Song Couple

Since Nam Ji Hyun is a popular child actress she got the chance to work with some of the biggest names in South Korea.

When she was a little girl she shared the screen with Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo and Kim Soo Hyun.

In the drama “Will It Snow For Christmas” she plays Song Joong Ki’s character little sister as well as Kim Soo Hyun’s character love interest.

She talked about her experience working with Song Joong Ki whom she described as a loving oppa and actor, she said,

“He was really nice to me, he had a younger sister the same age as me, he treated me like his real sister.”

The lucky child-turned-adult actress also had the pleasure to share the screen with another hallyu star, Song Hye Kyo in the 2011 movie “A reason to live.”

Nam Ji Hyun character helps out Song Hye Kyo who seeks out the teenager who killed her fiancé a year ago, they form a great bond throughout the movie.

Nam Ji Hyun talked about how lucky she was to act with them both, and how wonderful of an experience it was.

Nam Ji Hyun Is Gong Yoo’s Label-Mate

Nam Ji Hyun has signed an exclusive contract with Soop Entertainment back in 2015; the agency is also home of actors Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin.

The agency also has more reputable actors such as Kim Min Hee, Jeon Do Youn, and Lee Chun Hee.

She must be one of the youngest talented actors of the agency that houses veteran successful actors who have been gracing the screen with their talents for a very long time.

Han So Hee Is A Rookie Actress

Han So Hee is another rookie who is part of the main cast. Despite the fact that most of the actors in this production are experienced, Han So Hee is also a rookie that’s been attracting attention for her good acting.

She started back in 2017 with a minor role in “Reunited Worlds.”

“100 Days My Prince” is only her 3rd drama project. She also acted in the hit 2018 drama “Money Flower.”

Cho Seong Ha, Jo Han Chul And Nam Ji Hyun Have Previously Worked With Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook is known for being one of the most popular Korean actors who helped carry the hallyu wave. Three cast members of “100 Days My Prince” have actually worked with him in the past.

Cho Seong Ha worked with him on “The K2,” while Jo Han Chul worked with him on “Healer.” Nam Ji Hyun worked with him on his last drama ahead of military enlistment “Suspicious Partner.”

Do Ji  Han Is Good Friends With BTS’s V, Park Seo Joon And The Rest Of Hwarang Cast

Popular historical drama “Hwarang” is a fan-favorite. The drama has a star-studded cast including BTS’s V, Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik and many others.

Do Ji Han was one of the main cast members of the drama. Through working together they became closer and still maintain close friendship to this day.

He even shared his desire to work with the cast again in an interview and even visited BTS’s concert with the rest of Hwarang cast back in 2017

Do Ji Han Has Previously Worked With Nam Ji Hyun

Remember Nam Ji Hyun’s fangirling over Song Joong Ki for “Will It Snow For Christmas?” Well, turns out she has reunited with one of the cast members of that drama.

Do Ji Han played a supporting role in the drama.

D.O Is Close To Lee Kwang Soo And Jo In Sung

At the start of his career, D.O didn’t have that many close celebrity friends but that changed after he made his acting debut in the hit 2014 drama “It’s Okay, That’s Love.”

He has gotten close to Lee Kwang Soo and Jo In Sung, they all shared the screen in that popular drama. Four years have passed but that didn’t change a thing, the three are still close friends and in the same friends circle as Song Joong Gi, Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Woo Bin and many others.

The three even went on a trip together recently. Jo In Sung even complained about D.O and said that he doesn’t like walking unlike Lee Kwang Soo who enjoys walking everywhere.

D.O Has Won 11 Acting And Popularity Awards So Far

D.O is considered one of the best idol-actors currently promoting in South Korea.

Since his debut back in 2014, he’s been in a total of 8 movies and is always busy doing one project after the other.

He has received praise from directors, fellow actors, and veteran actors as well.

Since his start in 2014, he won many ‘Rookie/Young Actor’ awards as well as popularity awards. So far, in 2018 he has won two ‘Popular Star Award’ for his role in the hit movie “Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days.”

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