Immensely Popular 2020 Kdramas That Surpassed The 15% In Viewership Ratings- So Far

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2020 was off to a good start in kdramaland, a lot of good dramas were released over the course of the past 3 months and some of them were able to surpass the double digits in ratings.

Even fewer than those were able to surpass the 15% in ratings, surpassing the double digits in ratings is considered a huge accomplishment and it means the drama is a huge success in South Korea.

Countless kdramas have aired since 2020 begun but only four of them were ever able to surpass the 15%. Today, we’ll go over them.

Note: the ratings numbers are taken from Nielsen Korea.

“Itaewon Class”

“Itaewon Class” is in fact the latest edition to this list. The hit JTBC drama highest rating was 16.5%, it is the second highest rated drama in JTBC’s history and one of the highest rated cable dramas as well.

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“Hot Stove League”

SBS “Hot Stove League” found massive success when it aired and continued to achieve better ratings with each passing episode, its best rating was 19.1%, it was so close to the 20% in ratings.

The hugely popular drama was a massive hit with critics and fans alike.

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“Crash Landing on You”

Considered one of the most talked about kdramas of 2020 thus far, tvN’s “Crash Landing on You” was a massive success. Its best rating was 21.7% which it achieved with its last episode.

“Crash Landing on You” is the highest rated drama in tvN’s history and also the second highest rated drama among all cable channels dramas.

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“Dr. Romantic 2”

The hit medical SBS drama returned with a season two to stellar results. “Dr. Romantic 2” highest rating was 27.1%, it’s the highest rated drama on this list and the nearest to the 30% mark, a number only one or two short kdramas (20 episode or less) can ever reach in a year.

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It’s worthy to note that the list is divided in half between cable channels and public channels which is another estimate of how far cable channels have come in recent years. The other two spots belongs to SBS, no short (kdramas with 20 episode or less) MBC or KBS drama was ever able to touch the 15% in ratings.

Which one of those 2020 kdramas were your personal favorite?

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