Worried About Woo Do Hwan And Yang Se Jong Upcoming Drama “My Country”

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As the title hints, I am seriously worried about the upcoming historical drama “My Country.”

[Disclaimer: I have nothing against Seolhyun, I really think she’s a nice idol. This is an OPINION BASED ARTICLE, if you can’t handle opinions, don’t read.]

Everyone in kdrama land was hella excited after two amazing actors were confirmed for a historical drama called “My Country.”

Yang Se Jong and Woo Do Hwan will be leading the upcoming JTBC historical drama “My Country.” So far, they have been joined by AOA Seolhyun and Jang Hyuk.

Impressive, or is it?

I have a complicated relationship with idol-actors, there are times when I love it when I hear an idol was cast in a drama and there are times when I am seriously disappointed.

I really like Seolhyun and I truly have nothing against her but man her acting is lacking!

I am a huge fan of Yeo Jin Goo, when I found out back in 2015 that he’d be acting in an upcoming drama about vampires, I just had to check it out. He chooses interesting projects that carry deep messages.

It was back then when I first stumbled upon Seolhyun.

I am not a huge Kpop fan but a huge Kdrama fan so I had no idea who AOA were, I found out such a girl group existed because of Seolhyun.

Unfortunately, her acting was so cringy, she was not immersed in her character and I had a very difficult time watching. It was very difficult for me to watch her.


I normally NEVER skip a scene in any kdrama because I like understanding the story fully but I struggled with that drama. What made her bad acting stand out was Yeo Jin Goo’s terrific acting.


I eventually stopped even though I love Yeo Jin Goo, I just couldn’t watch. No matter how much I love my actors, if the drama is written badly or has bad acting, I stop.

I also saw clips of her acting in her most recent movies. I must admit she slightly improved but still not fit for a role bigger than a supporting role.

There are so many actors or idols actors who are actually talented, just because an idol is hella famous doesn’t mean she/he can act. When will agencies stop getting famous idols to do acting when they seriously lack the ability?

There are idols who started badly but improved, we have IU and Suzy who were cringy but seriously took it upon themselves to show they can act and improved.

There are other idols who have natural talent such as EXO’ D.O and 2PM Junho.

Historical dramas are difficult to act not everyone can pull it off; even actors who train to become actors (not idols) struggle sometimes. Imagine putting an idol who still hasn’t proved herself yet to lead such an impressive drama with an impressive lineup!

What makes it worse is that Jang Hyuk, Woo Do Hwan and Yang Se Jong were cast in the drama as well.

Everyone loves them and they are extremely talented. Yang Se Jong has been paired with talented actresses throughout his short career.

Woo Do Hwan was once paired with idol actress, Red Velvet Joy. That was also bad! Joy had improved since I last saw her but she was still lacking.

Yang Se Jong and Woo Do Hwan are some of the most talented rising actors that everybody is praising. When they were paired for this drama, I was seriously thrilled because I had dreamt of a lineup that includes them together. I just never thought it would EVER happen.

“My Country” will be directed Ki Jin Won who previously worked on many hit dramas such as “The Innocent Man,” and “Just between Lovers.” It is written by Chae Seung Dae who worked on “Inspiring Generation.”

I don’t honestly understand why such an impressive director chose Seolhyun. He has such an impressive history and I love his dramas. There must be a reason why he chose her beside her popularity and looks.

This is the slight thread of hope I am hanging onto. I seriously hope she has taken acting classes to improve and I seriously hope she auditioned for this drama so the director could see her acting out scenes and chose her based on that fact not because she has a pretty face and is popular.

A lot of work and time goes into making dramas; historical dramas are more costly because they need costumes, renting of historical filming locations, extras because of battle scenes. All of this adds huge expenses to the mix.

The drama will likely have a huge budget (many historical dramas do), the filming begins in March and the drama will air in the latter half of 2019 as said by JTBC.

This leads me to believe there will be a lot of scenes filmed ahead of the broadcast. They will have 3 months to film before the second half of 2019 kicks in.

I seriously hope Seolhyun proves me wrong; in fact, I would love it if she proved me wrong.

This is not me jumping into conclusions but merely reacting to the casting news based on my own perception. I will have to watch the drama when it airs to judge.

What about you guys? How do you feel about the casting news?

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Jass K.

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  1. I think I agree with u . Nth against both Seolhyun and Joy , a fan of both AOA and RV . What u said with historical dramas is rly accurate . As much as I enjoy idols being casted in dramas and being recognized for their hard work (those who were outstanding), Seoulhyun is not just fitted for a role this big YET .

  2. Depends what kind of drama it will be… But I do think she’s better at acting now then before because she wants to improve herself. Not only her but also the agency… I think they invested in her acting as well. Let’s just hope it will be a good surprise.

    1. Totally agree with you I was super disappointed when I found out it will be seolhyun next to the great actors, I really hope she give justice to the drama and hope that her acting skills is impressive or else it will be such a waste with good actors and director.

  3. I agree with you. I tried watching Orange Marmalade, the one with the vampires etc., and I have had a really hard time with it. I came to the point that I almost wasn’t able to finish watching it if not for Yeo Jingoo and Lee Jonghyun as well as the other actors who made it a little bearable for me to continue. I wasn’t particularly thrilled with her acting cause I swear, her acting was really bad but I’m hoping, if the director chose her, then she might have improved somehow so we’ll just have to wait and see.

    1. I had a hard time watching Orange Marmalade too. I couldn’t get her acting skills and Jong Hyun’s. In my opinion, these two idols didn’t have the skills yet to be leading cast. I just couldn’t continue watching the drama. Now in My Country she becomes the leading actress, I do have big expectations for her. Especially with the actors, there are Jang Hyuk, Yang Se Jong and Woo Do Hwan who have proven their skills. I am not against idols becoming actors, but many times I see them being the leading cast only based on the popularity they have had already. She really has to shine in this sageuk drama otherwise she will be just another idol taking advantage of their fan base to try to boost the drama’s popularity.

  4. I am worried too. Two of the best rising actors . Yang se jong and woo do hwan arr honestly doing so good. Yang se jong’s duel and woo do hwan’s save me were strong dramas which are building their foundations for both . I want an equally strong actress to be cast besides them because they deserve better . Good story and acting will definitely bring in audience , they don’t need to rely on idol popularity.
    I wish she wasn’t casted.

  5. I beg to differ though, even if these actors are great in acting, are they great too in chemistry? Not that I see it & hear, I hope Seolhyun will be out, she needs more mature actors to learn the craft than paired with newbies. Just as there are one lucky shot, there’s also one bad luck. So you cant judge Seolhyun by Orange Marmalade that was ages ago, you should watch her new movies and she’s good actress in them. FYI.

  6. I agree that u said Seolhyun acting was cringy back then in orange Marmalade but don’t assume that she will be always like that she can improve too we don’t see my country yet . And also don’t forget that yoona and Suzy IU also came through that cringy acting and they took times to prove people who said they can’t act. Seolhyun she’s just a rising actress don’t compare with them pls. And also Seolhyun is not that pretty so don’t say that director chose cuz she has pretty face & popular/ there are many idols who are more popular than her and prettier The directors saw talent so he chose her

  7. Honestly i agreed with everything you said. I was so disappointed in Orange Marmalade because of Seolhyun’s acting that killed the drama as well as tempted as it could have been better. Maybe if they had different female leads those two dramas would have been a big hit. Don’t get me wrong i love Joy as she’s my bias in Red Velvet but when it comes to acting that’s another story. I had my doubts about the drama(My country the new age) until one of my friends called me just to tell me that i had to watch the drama. So i did and trust me Seolhyun’s acting got better. I really did enjoy the drama alot because even though she was the female lead the drama centered around the two boys more. It seemed to me that they were the two leads in the drama and not Seolhyun. Just my point of view.

  8. Assuming we are talking about the main female lead in this drama, I feel her character ALONE wasn’t strong enough to be included in this drama.

    As a past filmmaker, and current writer, you always want to make sure your characters are driving the story, and the best way to find out if they are, you remove them from the story completely, and ask yourself, could this story still be told WITHOUT this character. It was clear to me after only a few episodes of seeing the main female lead’s character on screen that her character wasn’t needed at all.

    Now, if the writers of this show had added a twist to where she was the reason that created the wedge between these two good friends (which I’m glad they didn’t because that would have been all around cringe) then yes, her character would have absolutely been necessary for this storyline.

    I’m all for creating female leads/roles, but the writers failed with this one. Her character was simply not strong enough to have demanded any kind of performance to be honest.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Woo Do Hwan’s character though. And of course he played it extremely well! It was the kind of character that stuck with me long after I finished watching the drama.

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