The Most Heart-breaking, Sad And Disappointing Kdramas Endings Of All Time

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Korean dramas have their fair share of sad endings; they also have their fair share of disappointing endings that left fans annoyed.

Some kdramas clearly indicates that there won’t be a happy ending early on in the plot, and some others just come at you out of nowhere.

Despite the fact that most kdrama writers try to please fans with the ending and create sweet cheesy endings to the entire main cast, there are some Korean drama writers who stick or reality or completely mess up the drama.

Today we’re taking a look at some of the saddest most disappointing kdrama endings of all time.

Note: Please beware, this article is filled with spoilers, it will cover the following dramas: Cheese In The Trap, Scarlet Heart Reyeo, Im Sorry I Love You, I Remember You, Triangle, Uncontrollably Fond, And W Two Worlds.

Im Sorry, I Love You

If you google must-watch korean dramas, “Im Sorry, I Love You” will probably be on the top of every list. It was one of the first dramas that spread the hallyu wave. Back then people didn’t know much about kdramas and didn’t care much either.

And now we’re here!

“Im Sorry, I Love You” was a sad drama. The drama ends with the hero dramatic demise and it was tear-jerking.

Cheese In The Trap

The main male lead of this drama was a bad person, he is a sociopath who manipulate and hurts those around him, Park Hae Jin was perfect for his role. However, since he’s a bad person, I didn’t feel all that bad when he didn’t end up with the lead female character.

I related so much to the drama and I bet a lot of people did as well, its about college life and how people struggle in it. All the characters were amazing, everyone in the drama was amazing, even over-top-Lee Sung Kyung.

I liked that he knew he isn’t good enough for her, he wishes her the best. I highly doubt he’d stop being a sociopath just like that, in real life people don’t change so easily, how can a girl in the span of a year or less completely help change a 24~ year old man?

In real life, the two shouldn’t have ended up together, if I were her, I would have walked away, she is too precious and deserves someone who is at least normal.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo

“Scarlet Heart Ryeo” might’ve had a messy plot but the actors helped bring the characters to life and even if it sounded absurd at times, at the end of the day all of us cried watching the finale.

It was one of the very few kdramas I can’t be logical when discussing it, I knew it became almost impossible to have a happy ending but that didn’t mean I didn’t cry buckets watching the finale of “Scarlet Heart Ryeo.”

“Scarlet Heart Ryeo” ending didn’t provide a proper resolution for the fans but it was one hell of a ride.

Uncontrollably Fond

“Uncontrollably Fond” was a drama that many fans agree was too sad. The drama was filled with a lot of tear-jerking moments and having the male lead die at the end was such a punch to the heart but executed beautifully. The male lead dies after getting diagnosed with cancer, a heartbreaking resolution made worse by how much all of us deeply wanted the leads to have a happy ending.

“Uncontrollably Fond” is remembered by fans as one of Suzy’s best performances and the role that shot Kim Woo Bin’s popularity even higher.

Remember: The War Of Son

“Remember: The War Of Son” is considered the drama that shot Nam Goong Min to fame, his portrayal of the evil character was one of the drama highlights, another highlight had to be the sad-but-expected ending.

Yoo Seung Ho played the role of someone who is slowly losing his memories after getting diagnosed with dementia. Before things became more difficult for him and the love of his life, he cut things loose. It would’ve been a sad ending if the two had ended up together, he will hurt her daily and cause her trouble, he will hinder her life not add to it, he was going to become more difficult to manage with time, having realized that, he chooses to let go.

Yoo Seung Ho’s character made such a brave decision that really shows you how much he cared for her. She was still young, too young to have to take care of a younger man who won’t even recognize her.


“Triangle” was one of those dramas whose endings changed because of its cast schedules. In the end, instead of reuniting as brothers, one of them dies, Siwan’s character was the one who ended up dead. Jaejoong opened up about the reason, he said,

“The drama has ended and I know I can speak up about it now, but honestly, Jang Dong Chul’s death was certain. He was supposed to die at the airport on the way to attend the Hold ‘Em Championships. However, the drama was extended by two episodes, so the ending changed. Im Siwan had other filming schedules and could only attend the filming of one extended episode, so that is why his character Jang Dong Woo died instead.”

source: soompi

W Two Worlds

This is a personal pick because many fans tend to love the ending, in my opinion, it was beyond absurd. Let me explain.

For starters, the drama was filled with plot-holes that became more of an issue as time went by. Lee Jong Suk’s character is literally a character made up and drawn by Han Hyo Joo’s character. In a way, she was his God and she created him.

The father well aware of his daughter’s ideal man went ahead and chose him over his own life when he was just a drawing.

I found it absurd that by the end of the day he is still a drawing but somehow, he ended up with the girl and the father felt it was okay to sacrifice himself for their happiness.

Do you get me?

If she had to choose…. the obvious choice should’ve been her father.

I know its supposed to be a fantasy drama and I understand for the most part, but it was a crossover between reality and fantasy, the least the writer could do was to actually try to balance between both.

So these are some of my picks for the most disappointing kdrama endings, which ones do you agree with? do you have more to add to the list?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I’ve only seen Scarlet Heart and W from this list, but I completely agree!! In both series it started falling apart at about the middle and the final episode was just terrible. I’m furious about how Scarlet Heart ended!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt like this.
    Also, both series had fantastic actors… for the most part. It’s disappointing they weren’t utilized to their fullest potential. Seriously so upset about these two dramas. >_>

  2. I feel the same about W, I stopped watching it after the cartoon character shot the girl’s dad. I couldn’t get past the fact that they were somehow going to have these characters develop a relationship. Like the guy shot her dad, I wouldn’t be able to be with someone who shot my dad like I don’t care if he didn’t shoot him in a vital area, something bad could have still happened to him after that one shot.

  3. Cheese in the Trap: he wasnt a bad guy. The thing show (and webtoon) was about him being misunderstood and her seeing him for who he really is; a guy thats socially awkward and doesn’t understand people at all.
    W Two Worlds: Dont blame Lee Jong Suk for the bad script. The script was bad not his acting. You missed the point on this one too. He started out as a character in a manhwa but he became an actual person. A living, breathing, person. The dad didn’t kill himself for the character, he killed himself because the “other” dad was also going after his daughter and the only way to stop him was to kill himself. Again, bad script good acting.

  4. OOOOHHH, I thought I was the only one thinking about the faltering scenes on W. Lots of inconsistencies and loopholes. Didn’t like the ending either.

  5. Lee Jong Suk’s character was physically based on Han Hyo Joo’s character’s ideal guy. His story and personality was created by Kim Ui Seong’s character.

    I also didn’t like how KUS had to die in the manhwa. I just think it would be better if the killer has a different face than his… it was prety weird at first that the killer can travel and has the upper hand since it’s not yet clearly stated that he’s a human being. But when he became a human, he still got the upper hand and still be able to manipulate LJS’ character…

  6. Of the list, I’ve only watched “W” to the end. I will disagree with your conclusions on the story. In a fantasy world, rules of the real world are either changed or removed to some extent. That was true in “W”. In fact, it was established the world inside the comic was “real” and seperate and the people there actually existed. They weren’t “just” paper people who didn’t have “real” lives. A viewer can take that as “fact” within the construct of the “fictional” world created in the drama or they can apply their real world (outside the drama) rules to the story. Doing the former allows the view to watch and accept the story as it’s being presented. Doing the latter causes the viewer to question the logic of fictional characters in a fictional story and world. At some point, when we watch fiction we’re asked to suspend disbelief. At what point and to what degree varies from story to story. Personally, I like fantasy because it lets us invent other worlds and other realities, unconstrained by what we face in the real world. It’s one of the things that makes fiction, fiction.

  7. You should’ve add third charm now. I don’t get the story at all. Why would the writer put sad ending for the main character? What’s the point of romantic drama if they don’t get together? Ahhh so frustrating!

  8. yeah fck i just ended watching mirror of the witch and the ending was so sad that i literally cried. and how the fck did they meet y couldnt the editors make it more specific. how the fck can a woman who died be still living in a hut having not aged at all when the man aged for 40 years. fck sad kdrama is fcking frustrating my heart is going to burst .

  9. Ahhhm.I think School 2015 should also be in this list.Its not a sad ending though many people shipped the female lead to the second male lead but she still ends up with the male lead.I mean what kind of ending is that ? the 2nd male lead supposed to be the male lead because most of the interaction on the series are on them.And what? I even want to asked the writer of the story by myself on whats the crap is happening after i watched the finale.Though it still a good kdrama, it just have an unsatisfying ending Eunbi❤️Taekwang.

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