Get To Know “My Liberation Notes” Cast- 10 Interesting Facts About The Cast Behind The Highly Praised Drama

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My Liberation Notes” is one of the most buzzworthy kdramas of 2022 and one of the most-talked-about on social media right now, many are interested to learn more about the cast behind the healing drama.

Here are some interesting facts about “My Liberation Notes” cast that you need to know.

Kim Ji Won could have become an idol

Before she began acting, Kim Ji Won had initially prepared to debut as an idol which is not hard to believe considering how beautiful she is. She was signed to the same company as singer Younha. She even appeared in one of her music videos once.

Kim Ji Won ended up switching to acting full time. She says she doesn’t regret the switch and chose to focus on acting fully leaving singing to those who are talented in it, according to her. You can check out a young Kim Ji Won in the music video for Younha’s song below!

Son Suk Ku used to be a CEO of a successful company

While it might be quite a shock to some fans, Son Suk Ku used to be a CEO, yes, you heard that right. How much cooler can he get?

Son Suk Ku became the CEO of a company named GOMT, a machine tool manufacturing company after he returned to Korea [he used to study in the U.S]. The company had reportedly made over $4 million in profit in 2016.

When the news of him being a CEO was revealed, his agency clarified that he’s no longer the CEO of the company and has stepped away from management to focus on acting.

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The company was founded in 2003 and distributes machine tools to approximately 10 countries.

Son Suk Ku and Lee Min Ki wanted to play each other’s roles in “My Liberation Notes”

In a recent interview with The Swoon, Son Suk Ku shared many interesting things about himself in relation to his recent role in “My Liberation Notes” and one of them shocked fans.

Son Suk Ku says he’s actually very different from Mr. Gu, they’re almost nothing alike. But not only that, he actually wanted to play the role of Chang Hee and Lee Min Ki wanted to play the role of Mr. Gu. Lee Min Ki said that he initially wanted to play the role of Mr. Gu too.

Fate had it that both actors played the opposite roles of what they had initially wanted.

Son Suk Ku and Lee El played a married couple in a previous drama

Who can picture Son Suk Ku and Lee El as a couple? While it might seem so random and imaginable if you’ve only watched “My Liberation Notes,” the two actors had actually starred in the same drama as a couple previously.

In 2018, Lee El and Son Suk Ku played a couple in “Matrimonial Chaos.” Son Suk Ku played the character of a cheating husband and Lee El played the role of his wife who is left utterly heartbroken by his actions.

Kim Ji Won pursued theater initially

Before Kim Ji Won settled on becoming an actress, she entered Dongguk University’s theater department. A fact that might surprise some of her new fans.

Despite successfully graduating, the actress didn’t end up pursuing a career in theater but rather TV. Despite that, she continues to show support to the school’s drama program by occasionally attending some of the students’ plays.

Lee Min Ki was active as a singer

It might be hard to believe but Lee Min Ki used to sing and act when he first made his debut in the mid-2000s.

Lee Min Ki performed a stylized version of “My Way” at the 2008 Mnet KM Music Festival. In 2009, he made his official musical debut with “No Kidding,” a very indie-electro rock sound.

Despite his singing abilities, the actor’s last participation in a song was in 2013. He’s been focusing on acting fully since then.

Lee Min Ki false sexual assault charges cost him a casting offer

In February of 2016, rumors circulated that Lee Min Ki had been accused of sexual assault after visiting a club in Busan. He had met a woman named ‘A’ who later filed a sexual harassment claim.

However, it was revealed after a thorough investigation that the actor wasn’t involved in the harassment case. His agency clarified that he was investigated by police and cleared of charges. The news was revealed belatedly when the actor had already been acquitted of the charges.

The agency says the woman had redacted her statement and apologized to the actor.

The accusations hurt the actor’s career momentarily. Since he was scheduled to be discharged from the military in August of that year, he was offered to play the leading role in “Tomorrow With You” opposite Shin Min Ah.

It was revealed that the casting offer fell through due to the incident. He would be replaced with Lee Je Hoon.

“My Liberation Notes” Cast Beat Top Hallyu Actors To The Top Of The Most Buzzworthy List

“My Liberation Notes” started out with modest ratings and has been slowly but steadily gaining attention. Due to its relatable plot and amazing cast performances, many k-netizens became interested in the drama later on and it developed a good following.

One of the indications that the drama found massive popularity in South Korea is the weekly buzzworthy dramas and actors rankings. The list entries are determined by collecting data from news articles, blog posts, online communities, videos, and social media about dramas that are either currently airing or set to air soon.

“My Liberation Notes” has continued to reign over the list of most buzzworthy cast and drama. Son Suk Ku has taken the number one spot among actors for the past three weeks. “My Liberation Notes” has also been ranked the number one drama on this past week’s list.

This is very impressive considering the fact the drama faces heavy competition from A-list actors and some of the most anticipated kdramas of this year including “Again My Life,” “Our Blues” and more.

Lee El is not her actual name

Lee El is one of the most respected actresses who always put on an amazing performance. Many new fans might find her name unique for many reasons but did you know that its not her real name?

Lee El is her stage name, her real name is Kim Ji Hyun. Since there are many Ji Hyun’s in the industry, many fans think she did well changing her stage name to something else.

Gong Yoo is a huge fan of the drama

Gong Yoo is a huge fan of the drama “My Liberation Notes” and he made it his mission to let people know how good it is.

On Instagram, Gong Yoo has been promoting “My Liberation Notes” to his 3.3 million followers. His first post on the drama included a caption referring to a famous line from the drama, he wrote, ‘I worship you.’ Gong Yoo also touched on the low ratings and advised fans not to focus on them but to enjoy the drama, that was before the drama managed to climb up in the ratings battle. Its most recent episodes have been doing very well.

So are you fans of “My Liberation Notes” and its cast?

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  1. Excellent and very realistic story.
    Great actors… i ached for the next episode and hoped so much for a positive ending.
    Kudos to all participants in bringing this beautiful story to us.
    Awards, awards,awards…

  2. I love the story and the cast,,, will done to all the people back and front of the camera,, watching 3x already,, very excited for the last episode

  3. I watched this in Australia and found it brilliantly sad. What great performances by all those involved. It warmed an old ladies heart. Thank you

  4. I watched this series from the United States and fell in love with the characters and their stories, which are so relatable. I’ve gone back and re-watched episodes and I find something new to appreciate each time. Wonderful writing, exquisite acting.

  5. “My Liberation Notes”
    I’ve watched this drama 10 x times lol. Thats how deeply the lines the characters, and acting touched my heart mind and soul. Its been said “you say it best when you say nothing at all ” Mr Gu mirrored that exquisitely. I wish for part 2 of this drama its very much relatable the drama for decades to come.
    Well done to the writer producer etc. Best drama of 2022.

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