February 2019 Is Going To Be An Interesting Month For All Kdrama Fans, Here Is Why

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We’re already almost done with January; this means that a new slew of kdramas will air in February and the list is interesting to say the least.

A lot of highly anticipated kdramas are coming this February; a lot of kdrama stars are making their comebacks. This is why I decided to take a look at some of the dramas airing this February.

A lot of well-known names and old faces are coming back; Jung Ill Woo is returning with his first drama since his military discharge, Nam Joo Hyuk and Han Ji Min are coupled up for the unique JTBC drama “The Light in Your Eyes.”

One of the most well-known and liked on-screen couple Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na are also returning with a drama in February 2019.

“Descendants of the Sun” actor Jin Goo is making his drama return opposite Seo Eun Soo in “Legal High” which marks his 2019 drama comeback following his sudden departure from the expensive production “Prometheus” which was supposed to begin filming back in late 2018.

So let me walk you through each drama airing this upcoming February:

“Touch Your Heart”

“Touch Your Heart” has been the talk of town for a while now, a lot of fans were so excited to find out two actors who shared great chemistry would be returning to the small screen in the same production.

What makes things even more exciting was the director behind “Touch Your Heart.” Director Park Joon Hwa had previously worked on the hit 2018 drama “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.”

The director said in an interview that fans should anticipate the first episode of the upcoming drama because a star actor would be making an appearance.

“Touch Your Heart” is about an actress (Yoo In Na) who gets involved in a scandal with a son from a chaebol family. She is hot but her acting sucks. Following the scandal, her popularity declines greatly and she struggles to find projects.

She then hears a famous screenwriter wants her to play the lead role in a drama about a secretary for a lawyer. In order for her to gain experience, she decides to take it to the field and apply to become a secretary in a law firm for a couple of months.

The lawyer she’ll have to work with is played by Lee Dong Wook, he plays a lawyer who’s arrogant but experienced, his boss basically forces him to accept her as his secretary and their rivalry begins.

The drama airs its first episode on February 6.

I like director Park Joon Hwa, he has the ability to turn extremely cheesy cliché scenarios into something fun and watchable, I am skeptic about the script since it can easily fall into stereotypes but I will believe in our leads and director.

I seriously hope this drama lives up to the high expectations people have of it!


“Haechi” is the only historical drama on this list; people are excited about it because it marks popular beloved actor Jung Ill Woo return since his military discharge.

He is joined by the talented Goo Ara, Kwon Yool and Park Hoon.

The drama is set in the Joseon Dynasty period where four different people who lead different paths in life come together to make prince Lee Geum the king.

Jung Ill Woo will play the role of Prince Lee Geum who struggles to prove his worth because his mother is born to the lowest class.

Goo Ara plays the role of a woman who investigates cases with passion; she’s good with foreign languages and has good martial art skills.

Kwon Yool will play the role of the sweet Park Moon Soo, a student struggling to become a public officer, he’s not that smart but he’s kind and honest.

Park Hoon plays the role of Dal Moon who’s a famous clown who is also unexpectedly good at martial arts.

“Haechi” will air its first episode on February 11.


Joo Ji Hoon is a busy bee; this is currently his second project of 2019. He led the 2019 Netflix zombie-historical drama “Kingdom” which was released fully on Netflix last night (on January 25).

“Item” tells the story of a prosecutor Kang Gon (Joo Ji Hoon) who’s full of Justice, he wants to save his niece Da In, to do that he puts himself up against an item that has supernatural powers.

He and criminal profiler Shin So Young (Jin Se Yeon) have the ability to uncover secrecy surrounding everyday items. The drama is based on a popular webtoon of the same title.

The drama drew attention because it will be written by Jung Yi Do who previously wrote the cult-themed drama “Save Me” which explains why it feels like a plot from an OCN drama.

Although the description seems to be something made by OCN, it’ll actually air on MBC. This marks Joo Ji Hoon and Jin Se Yeon second collaboration, they had previously worked on a drama called “Five Fingers” back in 2012.

“Item” will air its first episode on February 11.


“Possessed” is an upcoming OCN drama that is led by Song Sae Byeok, Yeon Jeong Hun and Gu Joon Hee.

Gu Joon Hee is well known for playing the secondary lead in many hit dramas such as “She Was Pretty,” so it’ll be interesting to see her leading such a promising drama project.

“Possessed” tells the story of a detective and a woman with psychic ability who solve cases together.

Kang Pil Sung (Song Sae Byeok) is a detective, he is very good at his job and has a foul mouth, he can both lazy and rough but has a kind heart.

Hong Seo Jung (Gu Joon Hee) has great psychic abilities but tries to hide her ability so she leads a lonely life away from others.

“Possessed” will air its first episode on February 13.


Talented actor Lee Seo Jin is making his grand drama return since three years with the short (and hopefully) impactful OCN drama “Trap.”

“Trap” tells the story of Kang Woo Hyun (Lee Seo Jin), a respected anchor at a broadcasting station. On the outside he leads a perfect life; he has the perfect family and is asked to enter the political field.

Tragedy strikes when he goes on a trip with his family and a devastating situation occurs. Veteran detective Ko Dong Kook (played by Sung Dong Il) takes on his case and starts investigating.

I am personally a huge fan of OCN dramas, OCN does extremely well with crime-themed suspense dramas and since this drama is 7 episodes long, it makes me even more curious to see what will happen. I will definitely be tuning in.

“The Light in Your Eyes”

JTBC is on a roll in 2019, “SKY Castle” is their most successful drama to date and fans are excited about the dramas lined up to air on JTBC this year.

One of this year’s highlights is “The Light in Your Eyes” which is led by Nam Joo Hyuk and Han Ji Min.

An unlikely pair but interesting nonetheless!

The plot is about Kim Hye Ja (Han Ji Min) who wishes to become an announcer, she’s positive and has great personality, however, she suddenly becomes a 70-year-old woman.

The 70-year-old woman played by Kim Hye Ja (that’s the actress name) gains the ability to manipulate time.

On the other hand, you have a man named Lee Joon Ha (Nam Joo Hyuk) who also wished to become a reporter but his hard work didn’t pay off and he now lives hopelessly, he gets involved with Kim Hye Ja.

The plot of the drama sounds promising, however, I am a little skeptic since Han Ji Min is set to play a character who’s 25 years old (that’s 10 years younger than her real age). While I do think that Han Ji Min is a beautiful actress with a youthful look, I am not sure how to feel about casting her to play a character 10 years younger than her real age, I wonder why they didn’t cast a woman in her 20s to play the character.

Of course, that could have been done within reason so I have to watch to figure it all out.

The teasers of the drama look extremely promising and the characters posters look great and very intriguing, I am a bit skeptic but excited about the unique plot at the same time.

The drama will air its first episode on February 11.

“Legal High”

Actor Jin Goo is coming back in a comedy legal drama, he was supposed to starr opposite Ha Ji Won in the blockbuster drama “Prometheus” but he suddenly dropped out of the drama along with the rest of the main cast.

He soon picked up his next project and that was “Legal High.”

The story is about Ko Tae Rim (Jin Goo) a cocky talented lawyer with 100% winning rate, he values money most and cares about winning all the time. Meanwhile, Seo Jae In (Seo Eun Su) is a passionate rookie lawyer who wants to help those who need it most. She soon realizes that lawyers who don’t win cases go nowhere so she decides to work with Ko Tae Rim.

The drama is directed by Kim Jung Hyun, who has co-directed “Gu Family Book,” “Mrs. Cop 2,” and “Hwayugi.”

The idea behind a comedy legal drama is definitely intriguing. I hope that the writer can work out the script in a way that brings out the comedic elements of the actors and serve a meaningful story at the same time.

Most legal dramas I watched were mostly serious so it’ll be interesting to see a legal comedic drama.

“Legal High” has big shoes to fill; it’ll take over “SKY Castle” which currently has surpassed the 20% in ratings (pretty huge for a cable channel drama). It’ll be also interesting to see how “Legal High” does opposite “SKY Castle.” They can surely use the momentum created by “SKY Castle” to their benefit but the script must be interesting enough to keep people tuning in.

The drama will air its first episode on February 8.

“Big Issue”

This is another interesting drama about a specifically interesting topic in the entertainment industry, “Big Issue” will be centered on the world of paparazzi media.

It’ll tell the story of Han Seok Joo (Joo Jin Mo), a photographer who loses his job at a good newspaper and family due to a photograph, he becomes alcoholic. Ji Soo Hyun (Han Ye Seul) is the notorious chief editor of a paparazzi group; she decides to hire him to become a paparazzi photographer.

It’s interesting to see more dramas with reversed roles, I like that. Usually, kdramas place the main female lead at the bottom of the food chain (so to speak) while it puts the male lead at the top of it or somewhere near it.

“Big Issue” is about a strong female chief editor, who’s probably not the nicest person since she works in the paparazzi industry, it is considered; by many; a very annoying unneeded profession.

It’ll be interesting to see how the script plays out and I am even more hopeful since the drama is written by Jang Hyuk Rin, in case this name doesn’t ring a bell let me remind you that he wrote “The K2.”

I am personally not a fan of actor Joo Jin Mo, I appreciate his talent but I don’t watch his dramas, however, I am a fan of Han Ye Seul and I’ll be tuning to see how the drama goes. I think they’re onto something here.

“Big Issue” also has big shoes to fill similar to “Legal High,” its set to take over “The Last Empress” timeslot, “The Last Empress” is enjoying great popularity and has surpassed the 10% in ratings mark.

February sounds promising indeed, I have recently finished watching “Memories of Alhambra” and currently watching “SKY Castle.” I am anticipating almost of all the dramas on this list, specifically “Item,” “Trap| and “The Light in Your Eyes.”

Which one of these kdramas I just listed are you most excited about?

By Jass K.

Hi, I am Jass k. the founder of Jazminemedia, in this site, I discuss some of the hottest currently airing kdramas, and if you have any requests for a kdrama review, please let me know in the comment section of any article.


  1. The only two I am expecting are touch you heart and the light in your eyes. And maybe haechi. I officially am tired to see ugly and out of shape ajusshis. So kdrama please stick with young handsome ones.. We are not intrested in watching old guy love line

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