11 Facts About Lee Je Hoon You Need To Know [Dating, Past Girlfriends, Marriage And More]

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Actor Lee Je Hoon is gaining a lot of attention for his acting chops in his various dramas, through his recent projects, the actor has gained many news fans who became curious about all aspects of his life.

Today, we’ll be sharing with you these 11 facts you need to know about Lee Je Hoon.

I bet you are all curious about this hunk called Lee Je Hoon, and in this article, you will find out about him in more details.

Lee Je Hoon started his career in Indie films


This sweet handsome man didn’t start as a kdrama actor which most of our oppas have done; he started by doing indie films and he had appeared in about 18 of them.

To those of you who don’t know what indie films are, they low budget films distributed by independent labels that are not mainstream or as popular as regular distributors.

He started late in the game, not as many other kdrama actors who started in their high school years, Lee Je Hoon started a bit later.

He started out small, but I love how he managed to become someone who is so famous for his amazing acting, having this very difficult background to begin with.

Lee Je Hoon was a biotechnology student


Lee Je Hoon has studied biotechnology but he realized when he was in college that he wanted to shift to acting, and he went on and acted in many indie films from that moment on.

He was a biotechnology major in Korea University, a very prestigious university.

Lee Je Hoon gained his breakthrough in 2011

He spent a long time in the shadows before capturing anyone’s attention, it was not long ago, only in 2011, he has started back in 2006, while many other actors his age have probably gained fame way before he did.

He had his breakthrough in an indie film called “bleak night,” he was praised for his acting by critics and the general public.

Lee Je Hoon dating scandal? He was never in one


Lee Je Hoon has never once confirmed he was dating anyone. In an interview once, he admitted he has been single for 6 years shocking his fans. Many fans are rooting for the actor to find a lover and would love to see Lee Je Hoon dating news soon.

Lee Je Hoon is a HUGE Gdragon fanboy


Lee Je Hoon is a huge fan of Gdragon.

Lee Je Hoon starred in the hugely successful drama “SIGNAL” back in 2016 and got the chance to do a film parody with gdragon himself on an infinity challenge episode.

He admitted to being a huge Gdragon fan then. He bragged to his fans in a fanmeeting and said

“so suddenly, I wanted to attend their concert. He invited me to come to their concert and so thanks to ‘‘Infinite Challenge,’ I was able to attend and I was so happy.”

Lee Je Hoon says it has been his dream for 10 years to work with Shin Min Ah


He said in a an interview:

“When I met with the drama’s director Yoo Jae Won, I was attracted to the idea of a time travel romance, And when I heard Shin Min Ah would be the female lead, I didn’t have many worries about it. If I had the opportunity to work with her, I knew my first romantic-comedy would be a fun one.”

“I had always really wanted to work on a drama with Shin Min Ah. Maybe for ten years,” he confessed. “It’s hilarious that it actually ended up happening.”

Lee Je Hoon is still close with his architecture 101 co-stars


Architecture 101 was released in 2012 and Lee Je Hoon starred alongside Suzy and Yoo Yeon Seok in one of the biggest Korean films in recent memory. Above is a recent photo of their get-together.

Lee Je Hoon didn’t think “architecture 101” would be a hit


Lee Je Hoon admitted on an episode of happy together that he never would have imagined that the movie would be so successful, it was the movie that launched his career.

He said “I never even imagined that so many people would watch [‘Architecture 101’]. I did think that people who could relate to the story would like it since the film is very tranquil. It turns out a lot of people loved it.”

“Director Lee Young Joo was the one who directed ‘Architecture 101.’ I worked with him for my first film ‘Living Death,’ and it went completely down the drain. He came to me saying that his second film is going to be ‘Architecture 101,’ wanting my advice on the scenario. I thought the film was going to do poorly because the title sounded so funny.”

Lee Je Hoon is SISTAR’s Dasom ideal type


In an interview back in 2013, she picked her ideal to be Lee Je Hoon, and has even sent him a message because back then he was in the army.

She said: “I know you are working hard doing your responsibilities for the country’s defense. I hope that I can meet you when you are discharged. miss A’s Suzy promised that she would let me meet you.”

Lee Je Hoon fainted once when he tried to smoke

Lee Je Hoon admitted on happy together that he had never smoked before in his life. However, since one of his movie character smoked, he thought he should master the role, and inhaled a couple of times but ended up fainting and was rushed to the hospital,

“I was filming a movie when I was 27 as a friend who smokes.  I had never smoked in my life, but I wanted to play the role well, so I practiced inhaling a cigarette and spitting.

While smoking, we had to do multiple takes, so after eight takes, I passed out and was taken to the emergency room where I threw up, had an IV drip, and faded in and out.”

Lee Je Hoon as acted twice with veteran actor Han Suk Kyu


Right after the military discharge of Lee Je Hoon, he chose the drama “secret door” as his comeback drama, and it was alongside non-other than Han Suk Kyu.

Han Suk Kyu is one of the well-known veteran actors of south Korea, a highly respected figure that many actors dream of working with. They have done a movie together back in 2013, called “My Pavarotti,” and reunited again in another drama.

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  1. I am so in love wt ljh since Signal. He is a great actor with look and charisma. His personality is very nice and kind also. Fighting oppa…saranghaeyo

  2. Because I am more k-movie fan than k-drama fan, I knew him since Bleak Night and it’s the time I started falling love with his acting. He, as an actor, is very amazing. He never failed in portraying different yet difficult characters. And I am happy because now, he got more recognition.

  3. I love this article, it’s so fun
    I have only watched (I can speak) for Lee Je Hoon and I looooove his acting!! And now I’m looking for other films of his to watch

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