The Co-Star Ji Chang Wook Had The Most Kisses With Isn’t Nam Ji Hyun Or Park Min Young

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Everyone is raving over how adorable Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun look together.

The two recently had another steamy kiss and bed scene and fans went crazy over how good the scene turned out to be.

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Since Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun kissed so passionately in their drama and shared many kisses, fans began to ask whether she’s the one who kissed him the most on-screen.

Since his rise to hallyu status, he took on the role of Jung Hoo in “Healer”.

Jung Hoo is an illegal mercenary with the code name “Healer”, back then Ji Chang Wook had amazing chemistry with Park Min Young, it was the talk of the town.

In the drama “Healer” he and Park Min Young shared many kisses and fans kept asking for more, they thought that the two had amazing chemistry together and were dubbed one of the best couples of 2014.

In 2016 he came back yet with another good drama and shared some kiss scenes with Yoona in “The K2” yet it wasn’t as impactful as “Healer”.

Yoona and Ji Chang Wook also had good chemistry and were highly praised for their performance in “The K2”, but there weren’t that many kiss scenes in the drama due to its intensity.

Then came 2017, and Ji Chang Wook took on his last drama before his impending military service took place in fall 2017.

He took on the role of prosecutor No Ji Wook who loses his job after defending the falsely accused Bong Hee played by “Nam Ji Hyun”.

Nobody thought that Nam Ji Hyun would have such great chemistry with Ji Chang Wook due to their large age gap (8 years), but they were proven wrong.

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Many people are calling Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun one of the best kdrama couples of 2017 due to their exploding chemistry together.

Suspicious Partner ratings are good in South Korea, but its even better outside it. It is one of the top watched dramas of many websites who air kdramas.

Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun shared more kisses than when Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young starred in “Healer” together, and there are still many episodes to go, many fans expect Jibong couple to have more kisses in the future.

But you’d be shocked when you find out that neither Nam Ji Hyun nor Park Min Young shared the most kisses with the lovely actor.

Contrary to what many believe, Ji Chang Wook actually started out as a musical actor, thus he can act and sing “very well” and participated in musicals until 2015.

Back in 2010, Ji Chang Wook was cast alongside Kang Ha Neul in one of the most acclaimed musicals in the US, “Thrill Me” tells the true story a murder that took place in Chicago, Illinois.

Both Ji Chang Wook and Kang Ha Neul shared deep kisses many times during the musical “Thrill Me” back in 2010.

When he was doing an interview promoting his drama “Healer” he talked about his kisses with Park Min Young, he was asked if he had kissed a Co-star as much as he kissed Park Min Young.

He mentioned the musical “Thrill Me” back in 2010 with Kang Ha Neul and said:

“We shared deep sensual kisses numerous times.”

Giving the fact that musicals are broadcasted for longer periods and are repeated many times each week for new audience, both Kang Ha Neul and Ji Chang Wook must’ve kissed so many times they stopped counting.

Which means that not even Nam Ji Hyun can beat Kang Ha Neul for the title of the actor/actress who had the most kisses with Ji Chang Wook.

Luckily for me, I still get to see Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun share many kisses in the drama and are wishing for more to come.

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