Best Idol-Actors And Actresses Performances in 2017

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Idols actors and actresses just keep on getting better!

As a kdrama fan before a kpop fan, I don’t mind idols in my dramas as long as they can act.

I do have prejudice against idols because I have seen so many of them ruin good dramas with their below-average acting.

2017 was an exceptionally good year for idol-actors. Many gaining recognition and many others leading dramas.

So today, I (jasmine) will be discussing my favorite idol actors and actresses’ performances in dramas.

Hwarang, BTS’s V

“Hwarang” might not have been as good as we had expected it to be, but it did feature idols and their performances were praised.

Notably, BTS’s V made a splashing debut as an actor in the historical drama that aired its first episode in late December.

The show ran through January and February. The bromance between the cast made headlines. The cast was not only getting well together during filming but also off-screen. The entire cast became friends and still keep in touch with each other to this date.

One of the saddest kdrama scenes of 2017 had to be BTS’s V character death scene.

The actor showed great acting, fans cried so much when he died in episode 18, it was one of the most unforgettable deaths in kdramas history. Kpop and kdrama fans alike admired the cute BTS member who made a splashing debut as an actor.

I can’t wait to see what kind of project the rookie idol actor takes on next!

School 2017,  Gugudan’s Kim Se Jong

The beloved I.O.I ex-member Se Jong, debuted as the lead of the popular school series “School 2017.”

At first fans were skeptic and unsure of whether she could handle leading a drama when she hasn’t even been in any drama before. The idol rookie actress did an amazing job for a first time.

The rookie idol-actress proved she could portray a likeable, and natural performance for her character Eun Ho, the drama despites high school students who struggle to fight for their dreams.

Se Jong made a cute couple with actor Kim Jung Hyun, who also proved himself to be an actor worthy of attention with his first EVER leading role.

The drama is a feel-good light summer drama you can watch to refresh and recharge.

Se Jong proved herself to be a good idol singer and a promising actress, I wonder what her next will be!

Chief Kim, 2PM’s Junho

Probably one of my favorite idol performances in a drama EVER.

2PM’s Junho has been acting for a couple of years and had captured people’s interest starring opposite Kim Woo Bin and Kang Ha Neul in “Twenty.”

He managed to steal my heart with his performance as the mean hot-tempered director of finance Seo Yeol. He plays an unbearable character. He is a jerk and someone who doesn’t mind doing bad things to get what he wants.

His on-screen romance with Nam Goongmin was such a pleasant thing to see, his acting skills in the drama proved to me that he could act really well.

Out of all 2PM members who act, I have to pick Junho as my favortie 2PM idol actor and also my favorite JYP idol-actor.

The idol isn’t joking around and has serious talent for acting as much as he has for singing. He was very good opposite other actors who have been in the business for a while.

He made me hate and love his character, something not a lot of actors can easily do. Throughout the drama course he goes through a great transformation. It was really nice to see his character progress from the despicable director Yeol to the awesome guy who does good deeds.

The idol-actor is taking on his first EVER leading role in a drama with JTBC’s “Just Between Lovers.” I know he’ll do great and I can’t wait to see what he has to offer.

Lookout, SHINee’s Key

Often an underestimated idol-actor SHINee’s Key brings his character to life in the amazing drama “Lookout.”

“Lookout” tells the story of a people who feel mistreated by the system, these people form a group to realize justice for their lost loved ones.

Key played the role of Kong Kyung Soo, A mischievous skater and a genius hacker whose mother went missing due to a crime.

The entire cast performance was nothing short of superb, the plotline was solid and the drama ending teased for a possible season 2, the drama left us with a cliff-hanger and hunger to know what will happen next.

Key’s chemistry with actress Kim Seul Gee was also very adorable, the two made a good pair.

Hospital Ship, CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk

CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk had finally snagged his first leading role in MBC’s hit drama “Hospital Ship.”

The idol actor has been acting for a long time, he has made a memorable appearance in the popular kdrama “Heartstrings” back in 2011, after officially debuting back in 2010.

The drummer of the popular band CNBLUE managed to change people’s mind and prove he can act with his recent role in “Hospital Ship.”

At first the idol acting was met with criticism, but he improved throughout the drama and showed superb solid acting and leadership skills. He didn’t fall much behind the gigantic Ha Ji Won.

Although he was paired with an older actress, he had cute chemistry and synergy with her. The two made a cute couple and the drama maintained the top spot for its almost its entire run time.

The drama competed with SBS’s “While You Were Asleep” and managed to give the highly anticipated SBS drama a run for its money. “Hospital Ship” was one of the most unexpected 2017 hit dramas.

In my opinion, at times “Hospital Ship” felt boring and I eventually opted out, but I can’t deny that the cute Kang Min Hyuk has grown so much right in front of our eyes.

His acting has improved and he showed me that he could lead a drama and do well.

It will be interesting to see what kind of project the cute drummer of CNBLUE takes on next!

Suspicious Partner, Hello Venus’s Nara

Being a kdrama fan means that you’re often pessimistic when an idol gets cast in a drama with an actor/actress you’ve been wanting to see.

Because with all due honesty, idols can ruin dramas, and in some cases, they have ruined some very good dramas for me.

Hello Venus is an idol girl group that has been around for a while. Nara of the idol group decided to take on one of the lead roles in the anticipated Ji Chang Wook comeback drama “Suspicious Partner.”

At first, I was worried but oh boy, was I proven wrong or what?

Out of many idol-actresses, Nara has to be one of my favorite, she put on a great performance despite her short list of previous notable kdrama appearances.

She played the role of prosecutor Cha Yoo Jung, the ex-girlfriend of No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook), she cheats on him with their best friend and poor No Ji Wook ends their relationship.

Opposite talented actors, Nara surprised the director and the cast of the drama with her solid acting, not one moment during any of her scenes I felt she was lacking.

She played a lonely character who can kick ass, she is smart and beautiful but has no friends or a lover to hang out with. Don’t let this discourage you much because her character has a happy ending in the drama.

She took on such an important role in “Suspicious Partner,” she can easily create a successful career being an idol-actress.

While You Were Asleep, Miss A’s Suzy

With all due honesty, Suzy wasn’t always a good idol actress!

The girl even admitted so herself. She told reporters that she knew she was lacking back when she debuted in “Dream High.”

As a person who once saw her acting in her beloved famous debut kdrama, I found no reason that would make me want to check out any of her recent projects.

I heard that she improved a lot and that she gave an amazing performance opposite Kim Woo Bin in “Uncontrollably Fond,” but I never checked it out for myself.

With SBS’s 2017 hit drama “While You Were Asleep,” I changed my mind.

Suzy has improved so much, much more than I had ever thought she’d be able to be. For someone of the status of her, it can be quite difficult to shed her goddess like image for a feisty average reporter.

For the first time, I didn’t feel like I was watching an idol but an actress, if I hadn’t known she debuted as an idol, I would’ve believed she was an actress, a very good one.

She played the lovable Hong Joo, the feisty reporter who uses her brain and reporting skills to get what she wants. She is a hard-worker and an amazing friend.

She is also very honest and transparent, once she falls in love she goes all in.

Suzy did so well as Hong Joo, and I am sure she’ll probably snag many awards for her performance in the drama.

Her chemistry with Lee Jong Suk was the talk of everyone in kdrama land. People didn’t expect them to have such great chemistry since they’ve already known she was dating Lee Min Ho at the time of filming for her drama.

Suzy did so well, I can’t wait to see what kind of project she chooses as her next drama comeback, hope it’ll be something that’s interesting!

Byun Hyuk’s Love, Super Junior’s Siwon 

Comical idol-actor Siwon is back ya’ll.

Super Junior’s Siwon had been discharged from the military in mid-2017 and took no time off. He chose “Byun Hyuk;s Love” as his comeback project opposite Kang So Ra.

The derb face was back!

Siwon can put on a crazy funny act and can easily switch emotions so fast depending on the surrounding atmosphere and circumstances.

Although, I thought that he had poor chemistry with Kang So Ra, he did an amazing job playing the sleazy trouble-maker rich chaebol Byun Hyuk.

The drama was funny and many fans tuned in to see Siwon’s do his thang and be the great idol actor he’s always been.

The drama didn’t do well in ratings, some fans loved the drama while others really didn’t feel the chemistry.

In my opinion, the drama wasn’t one of the good dramas of 2017, but each actor’s performance was absolutely great.

Voice, Super Junior’s Yesung

Probably the biggest shock of 2017.

I didn’t know that Super Junior was hiding Yesung, who was an amazing idol actor.

OCN’s “Voice” was one of the best 2017 kdramas in my opinion. The drama had an intriguing plot and an amazing cast that helped the drama shine.

The drama rated very well for a cable channel, people were also very interested in Yesung’s character. The idol-actor had played the role of Oh Hyun Ho, the IT specialist working at a police call center, he has a hobby of DJing in his free time.

The idol-actor was doing well, but there was one scene in the drama which took me off guard, it showed how much potential he really had in him.

Yesung was praised for his accurate portrayal of his character by netizens and international kdrama fan community.

He’s probably the most underrated idol-actor on the list but he’s definitely one of the most talented in his group.

So, this wraps up my list of the best idol-actors/actresses’ performances in 2017 kdramas.

What did you think of the list? Which idol-actor is your favorite?

Is there any idol you’d like to add to the list?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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