7 Most Anticipated Kdramas Airing In February 2023

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February is just around the corner and it’s time to mark your calendars for the most highly-anticipated K-dramas set to air next month.

Here are the top 7 K-dramas that you won’t want to miss in February 2023. Get ready to add them to your watch list!

Our Blooming Youth

Cast: Park Hyung Sik , Jeon So Nee

Plot: “Our Blooming Youth” is a youth salvation romance that tells the story of a mysterious cursed crown prince and a genius girl who was singled out as the culprit of a family murder case overnight.

Air date: Feburary 6, 2023

Network: tvN

Love to Hate You

Cast: Kim Ok Bin, Yoo Teo, Kim Ji Hoon, Go Won Hee

Plot: “Love To Hate You” is a romantic comedy about a woman who morbidly hates losing to a man and a man who is morbidly suspicious of women and is healed through war-like love. Yeo Mi Ran (played by Kim Ok Bin), is a lawyer who is suspicious of men, and Nam Kang Ho ((played by Yoo Teo), is a top actor who is always wary of women.

Air date: February 10, 2023

Network: Netflix

The Heavenly Idol

Cast: Kim Min Gyu, Go Bo Gyeol,  Lee Jang Woo, Tak Jae Hoon, Ye Ji Won 

Plot: “The Heavenly Idol” is a drama adaptation about the world’s greatest divine power, Lambrary, who transforms into the body of an unknown idol’s body in the disorganized entertainment industry in Korea one day. The drama is based on the Web novel and Webtoon of the same name.

Kim Min Gyu will play the main role of Lambrary, who is regarded as the world’s most divine power and the current unknown idol, for unknown reasons, the world’s most divine power somehow awakens in the body of Woo Yeon Woo, a member of the current unpopular idol group “Wild Animal,” who debuted 3 years ago

Air date: February 15, 2023

Network: tvN

Big Bet Part 2

Cast: Choi Min Sik,  Son Suk KuLee Dong Hwi, Heo Sung Tae, and more.

Plot: “Big Bet” tells the story of one man who becomes the king of the casino after many twists and turns. After a series of incidents, he loses everything but decides to return to the game with his life on the line. The 2nd part will focus on what happens after the 1st part wraps up.

Air date: February 15, 2023

Network: Disney+

Taxi Driver 2

Cast: Lee Je Hoon, Kim Eui Sung, Pyo Ye Jin, Jang Hyuk Jin, Bae Yoo Ram, Shin Jae Ha, and more

Plot: “Taxi Driver 2” is a private revenge act in which Rainbow Transportation, a taxi company, and Kim Do Ki, a taxi driver, complete revenge on behalf of mistreated victims. Its also based on the webtoon of the same name. Lee Je Hoon returns as Kim Do Ki, the representative driver of  Rainbow Transportation, Kim Eui Sung, the representative of Rainbow Transportation, Pyo Ye Jin, plays the role of Ko Eun, Jang Hyuk Jin, and Bae Yoo Ram, the role of Rainbow  Transportation engineer duo, are also returning. A new character, Shin Jae Ha, who plays the role of the youngest On Ha Joon, is also joining the team for the 2nd season.

Air date: February 17, 2023

Network: SBS

Call It Love

Cast: Lee Sung KyungKim Young Kwang, Hani, Sung Joon and Kim Ye Won

Plot: “Call It Love” is a romantic melodrama in which a man and a woman, who become entangled due to revenge, forget about revenge and instead shed tears because of their situation. The drama is about these two people who are tired of the harsh reality they live in so they come to understand each other and begin to change for the better.

Air date: February 22, 2023

Network: Disney+

Island Part 2

Cast: Kim Nam GilLee Da HeeCha Eun Woo, and Sung Joon

Plot: “Island” is a fantasy action drama based on writers Yoon In Wan and Yang Kyung Il’s popular cartoon of the same name, and tells the story of the journey of characters who are destined to fight against evil which tries to destroy the world. Part 2 picks up from where part 1 ended.

Air date: February 24

Network: TVING

Which one of these 2023 February kdramas are you most excited to see?

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