5 Korean Stars We Lost In 2017

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2017 was filled with good and bad times. It was a year to be remembered.

In 2017, we lost 5 amazing Korean stars, while some passed away from natural causes, others’ lives were cut short to a tragic car accident.

Today, we’re talking about five amazing Korean stars we lost in 2017.

Choi Seo In (October 18th, 1983 – December 18th, 2017)


Choi Seo In, a beloved Korean comedian was only 34 years old when it was announced that she has passed away after losing her fight against ovarian cancer.

She experienced a relapse and passed away on December 18.

Choi Seo In became known for her work in shows such as tvN’s “Comedy Big League” and also took part in comedy performances.

Lee Mi Ji (1960 -November 27th, 2017)


The veteran actress was one of the most beloved Korean actresses of her age. She debuted back in 1981 and became known through a variety of dramas and films such as “It’s OK Because I’m a Mom” and “Untold Scandal.”

On November 25, police received a call of a foul smell coming from the next door and after checking they found that actress Lee Mi Ji had passed away.

The actress death was not a suicide or a crime. She was last seen entering the building of her apartment on November 8 alone and it was pronounced that she died due to an illness from her urinary system.

Her family member had already known that she was suffering from kidney issues but the actress didn’t think of it much.

She spent her last days alone and was laid to rest on November 25, she was 57 years old.

Kim Young Ae (April 21st, 1951 – April 9th, 2017)


One of the most famous veteran actresses, Kim Young Ae was a frequent face in many of the older and the recent kdramas and movies.

The actress debuted in 1972, and over the years played many roles, her most recent roles are in many popular kdramas such as “Liar Game,” “Kill Me, Heal Me,” and “Doctors.”

Her last drama project was in the famous 2016 Korean drama “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop.” While her last movie project was “Pandora” which was released in late 2016.

The veteran actress passed away after battling pancreatic cancer at age 67.

Kim Joo Hyuk (October 3rd, 1972 – October 30th, 2017)


The beloved Korean actor Kim Joo Hyuk is one of this list’s most shocking unexpected deaths.

The beloved actor was driving his car when he was involved in a fatal car accident that reportedly took place around 4:30 p.m. KST in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on October 30.

His car overturned, and he was taken to Konkuk University Hospital. He was pronounced dead two hours after arriving due to a fatal head injury.

The exact cause of death and why the car overturned is still unknown to this date. His blood showed no traces of alcohol and he was known to be a very careful driver.

The actor’s death caused quiet a shock, he was one of the most beloved personas on the popular Korean variety show “2 Days and 1 Night.” His death caused a shock to the people closest to him.

He had then revealed his plans to marry his girlfriend actress Lee Yoo Young, she was seen sobbing at his funeral and barely standing on her feet, she was recording for “Running Man” when she heard the news and could hardly believe it.

The actor was 45 years old when he passed away.

Kim Jong Hyun (April 8th, 1990 – December 18th, 2017)


The youngest on our list and probably the most shocking deaths of all, was that of the beloved singer of SHINee Kim Jong Hyun.

Kim Jong Hyun took his own life on December 18 by inhaling charcoal smoke inside a residence he had booked for a couple of days.

The singer’s death was later revealed to have been premeditated. The singer had been battling severe depression and decided to end his life. He left his sister many messages on her cell phone, when she later called police and they tracked him down it was already too late to save his life.

The emergency staff tried to perform CPR while the idol was being rushed to the hospital, the emergency staff and doctors attempt to revive the idol were to no avail, the idol was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital.

His sister revealed to police that he sent a series of alarming messages such as “It has been really hard. Let me go. Tell me I did well. This is my last goodbye.” His sister feared for his life and was afraid he’d attempt to kill himself.

SM Entertainment released a statement confirming the news, they said,

“SHINee member Jonghyun has suddenly left our side.”

The idol’s private funeral was held back on December 21st in the attendance of his closest family and friends.

The memorial was held publicly and attended by numerous Kpop celebrities and fans as well who showed respect to the late actor.

Upon his last wishes, his last goodbye letter was released to the public and it was disturbing to say the least.

This wraps our list of Korean artists and stars we lost in 2017.

May their souls rest in peace! Forever in our hearts they shall remain.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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