12 Biggest Korean Celebrity Couples Break Ups Of 2017

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People fall in and out of love easily, celebrities are also human and are prone to date and breakup.

So many reasons contribute to breakups when celebrities are dating. Busy schedules are often cited as the main reason, but we all know that sometimes, its more than just ‘busy schedules,’ in other times its simply because of the public pressure on the idols and actors dating.

2017 was a good year for dramas and actors in general, but it was also filled with many breakups.

So today at jazminemedia.com, we’re taking a look at 12 couples who broke our hearts when they announced their breakup.

Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung


Two of kdrama fans ultimate ship has confirmed they’re dating earlier this year, sadly, back in August they announced that they have broken up.

Fans of the couple and shippers were taken back by the news. The two seemed to be happy together and suited each other well. They  had been long time model friends, and had even worked together on two dramas.

They announced their breakup back in August 18, YG confirmed the breakup news but remained silent when asked to comment on the reason for the breakup.

Which led to many fans speculating what might have went wrong with the relationship; close sources stated that the two became distant due to their busy schedules.

Lee Joon Gi and Jeon Hye Bin


On August 25, shocking news revealed that another two of our favorite couples of 2017 were over.

Lee Joon Gi and Jeon Hye Bin have been dating for a while but only confirmed their relationship back in early April this year.

On August 25, close sources and the two actors’ agency have confirmed that the two parted ways, citing busy schedule as the reason for the breakup.

According to an insider source, the two were very busy which led them to become distant and eventually break up. The source also stated that the two will continue to support one another as colleagues.

The agencies shortly after also confirmed the breakup and cited “busy schedule” as the main reason for it. This came as a shock to many fans who saw the two fit each other well.

They had confirmed their relationship in early 2017, but according to their agency the two have been dating since 2016.

Jeon Hye Bin has carefully and cautiously opened up about her relationship with Lee Joon Gi on a previous KBS variety show.

Back then when the news of them dating were announced some fans were happy while others hated the news. Mainly because some shipped him with IU while others shipped him with Park Min Young.

He was doing a variety show of guys and girls bonding together called “My Ears Candy” and the show made it look like the two had interest in one another.

Thus, fans were extremely shocked when the news came to light. As a result, the special episode the producers have prepared had to be axed.

IU and Kang Ki Ha


Another power couple had ended their relationship in 2017.

But this news had some fans who shipped her with Lee Joon Gi very happy, thinking that the two might actually be dating.

IU and Kang Ki Ha had been dating for 3 years, and had met back in 2013 when she was invited to his radio show, she revealed that she fell in love with instantly.

They confirmed they’ve been dating back on October 22, 2015 and were one of the few power couples that shared a strong bond.

They’re 11 years apart, yet they still managed to date for almost 3 years before announcing they have broken up back on January 22nd, 2017.

According to reports, the two have been breaking up and getting back together continuously, until they ultimately decided to call it quit forever.

Back when the relationship was made public, IU apologized to fans for having an open relationship, true fans continued to support her and rooted for her relationship to work out.

EXO’s Kai and f(x)’s Krystal


Probably two of most influential idols in the game, Kai and Krystal were the perfect couple.

Sm Entertainment confirmed that Kai was dating Krystal back in April 2016, when they admitted they were dating, the news Sent fans into frenzy.

Both are born in 1994, and have been friends ever since their trainee days and had begun dating as their feelings to each other grew.

They have worked together a couple of times, Kai appeared in f(x) second album teaser and they’ve also been in a pictorial together.

According to Dispatch observations, the two used to meet whenever they had the chance despite their overseas concerts and busy schedules. They are known to be foodies and enjoyed dates in good restaurants, and used to avoid places with lots of people.

Sadly, back in May 31st 2017, SM confirmed that the two have broken up. A close source stated that they decided to focus on their careers, SM Entertainment cited their busy schedule as the breakup reason.

Back then, they were busy preparing for their dramas, Krystal was working hard on “bride of the water god” and Kai was busy preparing for his drama “Andante”.

Some netizens were happy while others were sad because of the news. The kpop community was fairly supportive of the two, it was a shock to all of us.

FTIsland’s Choi Jong Hun and Son Yeon Jae


The leader of FT Island was very happy with his gymnastic girlfriend Son Yeon Jae before their relationship collapsed.

They were captured on a couple of dates by Dispatch and didn’t even bother to cover up their faces or try to hide, they were very happy together and were close.

On June 14, 2017, FNC confirmed that they were dating, they met through an acquaintance, they had been dating for about 3 months before they confirmed it.

The leader of FTISLAND threw a birthday party for his girlfriend, she also flown to Japan to see him in their band concert, the two seemed to be getting close and were comfortable around each other.

Choi Jong Hun was also outgoing when expressing his love to his girlfriend, he candidly talked about her in variety shows, causing jealously from his bandmates.

Sadly, less than 2 months after they confirmed their dating news, they announced that they have split.

Back on the 1st of August, the two confirmed their breakup, the reason was because of the pressure Son Yeon Jae felt after the dating news spread to the whole world.

According to sources, she felt burdened by the reveal. Jong Hoon and she had broken up a couple of weeks before people found out they were no longer a couple.

The idol had to go on the variety show “happy together” and lie that they were still dating because no one knew of the breakup back then.

Sadly, the public pressure was too much for Son Yeon Jae.

UEE and Kangnam


One of the fastest breakups in the kpop world had to be UEE and Kangnam.

On the 14th of July 2017, reports of them dating circulated the internet, yet the two idols denied them, then Dispatch released photos stating that the two are dating, they denied again.

Again, Dispatch released a video of the two hugging, which forced the two to admit they were dating, and even release an apology for why they wanted it to remain a secret.

Back then, UEE was preparing for her drama alongside Jaejoong, it made people suspect that it was because of her drama, she wanted her relationship to remain a secret.

They met on the set of “Law of the jungle” and were good friends before they started developing feelings for each other. Sadly, the relationship was cut short due to the huge public backlash.

On August 1st, their agencies confirmed the breakup stating that the two became distant due to their busy schedules. Yet fans and netizens believe that the burden; which came with the news of them dating; took a toll on them.

Which might explain why they’ve broke up after almost 3 months of dating. They decided to remain colleagues and continue to cheer on each other.

Shin Ha Kyun and Kim Go Eun


Shin Ha Kyun and Kim Go Eun are the couple with the highest age gap on this list.

They have confirmed their relationship back in August 2016, they shocked the world as people couldn’t imagine them together because they looked so different and had a huge age gap.

They started dating back in June 2016. They are 17 years apart. Kim Go Eun was born in 1991, while Shin Ha Kyun was born back in 1974.

They became close because of their love to scuba diving, they used to be in a scuba diving club together and enjoyed each other’s company.

Sadly, back on the 21st of March, they confirmed they have broken up, after almost dating for 8 months, another short-lived relationship was cut short.

Sadly, various shippers of Kim Go Eun and Gong Yoo began speculating and spreading rumors that Gong Yoo was the reason for their breakup, the two had been in one of the best kdramas of 2016-2017 and had good chemistry together.

Her agency was pretty upset with the rumors and released a statement confirming that they broke up because of their busy schedules, not because of another man.

Choiza and Sulli


Choiza and Sulli are probably the most publicly affectionate couple of Kpop history.

They were never shy when displaying their love for one another. Sulli used to post photos of him and her to her social media account all the time, so he did.

The two revealed they were dating back in August 2014.

They had a close sunbae-hoobae relationship and were close friends before they developed feelings for each other and started dating.

Sulli and Choiza were often spotted on dates and photographed enjoying their time together. Sadly, after 2 years and 8 months of dating, they announced their breakup back in March 2017.

The reason behind it (as explained by Choiza’s agency) was that their different way of life and their busy schedules. They decided to remain colleagues and support each other from afar.

But that wasn’t the end of the story because shortly after Sulli confirmed she was dating SM brand director Kim Min Jun. The funny/suspicious thing was that Choiza and Kim Min Jun have a 10-year-old friendship and the 3 used to hang out together.

It doesn’t end there because then Choiza uploaded a photo indirectly throwing shade at his friend and his ex-girlfriend, he wrote in an Instagram post “So this is a lamb’s leg?” The word for lamb’s leg is ‘yang-da-ri’, which is the exact same phrase used to describe cheating in a relationship in Korean.

Some think it’s a coincidence while other are convinced he was referring to his ex in the post following the news confirming his ex was dating his friend.

A couple of months after Sulli was reported to be dating the SM brand director, the two confirmed their breakup, which led people to believe that Sulli might be back to Choiza.

Choiza’s agency quickly denied the rumors, stating that they’re not getting back together or dating again.

UEE and Lee Sang Yoon


UEE is on this list again, this time for another relationship we thought would last.

The idol-actress had met Lee Sang Yoon through a friend and began dating back in January 2016, they confirmed their relationship back in May 2016.

In 2016’s MAMA awards the two walked linking arms together looking perfect. Sadly, back in January 24th 2017 they announced their breakup to the entire world after having dated for a year.

According to an insider the they seemed to be happy together on New Year ’s Eve but then suddenly broke up, the insider continued to confirm that they naturally drifted apart due to their busy schedules.

Lee Dong Gun and T-ara’s Jiyeon


Probably this list’s most scandalous breakup.

This couple dated for a year and a half, they had a huge age gap, Lee Dong Gun was born in 1980, while Jiyeon was born in 1993. The couple couldn’t withstand the test of time.

The couple was seen on dates and didn’t hold back when expressing their love to one another, Jiyeon talked about her boyfriend in interviews, the breakup news was shocking to fans.

The thing that made this breakup very scandalous was the fact that less than a month later, Lee Dong Gun started dating fellow actress Jo Yoon Hee whom he met on the set of “he Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop,” Dispatch revealed photos of the two going out on dates less than a month after he broke up with Jiyeon.

What puzzled fans was that their agencies revealed they had broken up only recently (back then the news were revealed in February 1st), he started dating Jo Yoon Hee very shortly after his breakup with Jiyeon, which made some fans angry.

The actor later married Jo Yoon Hee, shortly after they confirmed they’re dating, he revealed that they registered their marriage back in May. In December of 2017, they welcomed their first child into this world.

Joo Won and Boa


Another couple we thought were going to work out, they sadly broke up.

The couple’s relationship was only confirmed back in January 2017, they dated for about a year before they called it quit.

When the news of their breakup was announced back in November 2017, Joo Won was already in the military. His agency confirmed the two broke up, but didn’t disclose the reason or timing they broke up as it was ‘their own personal matter.’

Joo Won is currently serving as an assistant instructor of the 3rd Infantry Division, while Boa is currently preparing for her upcoming comeback album.

GSoul and Min


The couple had confirmed they were dating back in November 2016, less than a year later, the couple announced they had broken up.

The announcement was made back in early March 2017, JYP Entertainment confirmed that the two have recently broken up.

They had been friends for years and a part of the same agency as well.

This wraps our list of the most shocking breakups of 2017, all the couples on the list had good chemistry together and their breakup news were shocking.

Which couple breakup news shocked and saddened you the most?

Which couple do you think had the best chemistry?

Is there a couple on this list you’d wish they’d get back together?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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