11 Shocking And Interesting Facts About “Vagabond” Cast You Need To Know

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“Vagabond” kdrama is the newest most talked about from South Korea.

With a budget of over $20 million and a star-studded cast, fans were more than excited for the drama to drop its first episode. And with its premiere, the drama garnered attention and even managed to reach the 10% mark in ratings which has become a difficult feat for dramas these days.

In case you find “Vagabond” cast interesting or you’re interested to learn more fun facts about them, you’re in the right place.

Today, we shall go over some shocking interesting facts about “Vagabond” cast that every fan must know.

One of Shin Sung Rok Dramas Received heavy Backlash From Muslims


Shin Sung Rok has been in many productions throughout the years, however, he ran into some issues with the Muslim community worldwide because of his 2017 drama “Man Who Dies to Live.”

The drama was met with severe backlash for misrepresenting Islamic culture in a way Muslims deemed very disrespectful. A couple of scenes from the drama were triggering, many Muslim kdrama fans demanded an explanation and response from MBC for the terrible research and misrepresentation.

As a result, MBC released an apology in both Korean and Arabic for its Muslim viewers, despite that, it was poorly received. After the drama concluded, actor Shin Sung Rok took it upon himself to personally apologize to all Muslim, he said,

“I felt apologetic about the entire issue. I am also at fault for remaining ignorant about it. The entire issue happened because we were all ignorant. It wasn’t done with malice intent at all. It was pure ignorance, please forgive us.”

Shin Sung Rok faced a hard time shedding his cold image


A lot of actors dream of getting that break yet can’t seem to shake the image they gained with their big break, this happened to Shin Sung Rok.

He started acting a really long time ago, but only received recognition in his country and overseas with his devilish portrayal of Lee Jae Kyung in “My Love From the Star.”

He played the bad guy in the immensely popular drama and freaked everybody out, so much so that the production staff was scared of the actor even when the cameras weren’t rolling.

Despite playing many roles since then, he was only slightly able to shake his image with his funny role in “Man Who Dies to Live.”

Despite the controversy surrounding that drama, the actor was praised for his performance. He was able to transform from a cold-hearted chaebol to an average struggling office worker.

Even his previous co-star Jang Nara touched on this point during “The Last Empress” press conference, she said that she thought he was a bad person ever since watching him in “My Love From the Star,” but then added that after getting to know him, she thought he was a kind actor who took good care of her.

Lee Seung Gi Admitted He once Ran Away From His Agency


Who would’ve thought an actor like Lee Seung Gi would ever consider running away, but that did happen!

Lee Seung Gi has shared a personal story about his past struggles in the entertainment industry with the trainees of “Produce 48” in a speaking session in 2018.

He talked about his successful debut at the age of 19 (in Korean reckoning). He debuted with “Because You’re My Girl” and received a lot of love and interest from the public.

He then admitted that it took a toll on him,

“I had a successful debut and it was one of the periods I had the most potential, instead back then I told my agency’s president that I wanted to quit being a celebrity. I packed my bags and went home.

They say he who is the king must bear the weight of the crown, but that crown was made up of people’s expectations. Back then, even the smallest crown that was placed on my head was too heavy. I wanted to run away.”

He shocked the trainees when he revealed that he tried looking for other work but then ended up coming back to music, saying,

“I was the happiest when I was singing.”

Lee Seung Gi new ideal type reflects his personal growth over the years


Lee Seung Gi probably had stated his ideal type to the world too many times across the years. Many fans also find such a question rather interesting. Of course, since he’s been in the industry for a long time, its only expected that his ideal type would change as he grows older.

The “Vagabond” star gave fans an update on his ideal type during an episode of SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling.”

He said,

“Back in the days, I used to be specific about the person’s appearance or personality but its not like that anymore.

I want someone I can talk to and someone who makes my heart flutter while making me feel a sense of security….

I would like to be able to comfortable around that person and enjoy their company without having to do anything in particular.”

Lee Seung Gi has two master degrees


Often described as a triple threat, Lee Seung Gi is also known for being a smart person in real life. He actually has two master degrees. He graduated from Dongguk University obtaining his degree in International Trade and Commerce on February 20, 2009 and received a Special Achievement Award during graduation.

He went on to get two master degrees, in trade Theory as well as Finance and Cultural Contents at Dongguk Graduate School.

Lee Seung Gi Never Received A Confession From Anyone Before


Lee Seung Gi shocked fans when he once revealed that no celebrity ever approached him and showed interest in him.

He said,

“There has never been an instance when a female celebrity confessed me. Its fascinating to hear about others when they say they’ve received a confession. Why didn’t I receive one yet? I still don’t know why.

Maybe its because I am difficult to approach. I should go around with my number glued to my chest.”

He also talked about juggling work and dating,

“If the opportunity comes and someone likes me and I like them back. I am open to date, but for now, my focus is work. It’s not that I intend on only working but its just that most of my energy is invested in work at the moment.”

Suzy Featuring In PSY’s Video Was Met With Negative Response


PSY has had his share of controversies and he was recently involved in controversy with YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk over prostitution mediation allegations. PSY had allegedly introduced Yang Hyun Suk to foreign investors, and Yang Hyun Suk allegedly arranged prostitution services for those investors using the help of Madam Jung.

So during his swag 2019 concert on July 13, fans didn’t react kindly to the news of Suzy’s participation and association with him.

Suzy has a clean history and has almost never been involved in any serious scandals or associated with the wrong people. Fans are not happy with the collaboration because it associates her with PSY who, at the time, was heavily criticized by the Korean public for his involvement in the controversy.

K-netizens comments on articles covering this story have been largely negative. Fans are not happy to see onscreen with PSY. However, her fans defended her and argued that she must’ve agreed to the collaboration before this entire scandal news broke out to the public.

Suzy Admits She Was Bad At Acting


Idol-actress Suzy was the cover model of Marie Claire Taiwan issue, during the interview portion of the photo shoot she opened up about her acting.

She spoke about how she grew as an actress over the years and her most recent album “Face of Love.”

She opened up about her acting experience and her humble beginnings,

“Back then I didn’t understand what acting really was, I filmed when I debuted, so there were a lot of shortcomings from my side. Since then I grew and learned a lot. In my most recent work ‘while You Were Asleep’ I had a job and I felt that I grew.

In ‘Dream High’ I was a high school student, this time I had a job and I was able to show a mature side of me. For ‘while You Were Asleep’ I showed a different side of myself.”

She also revealed how her perception of maturity changed over the years,

“When I was younger, I wanted to look more mature. Now I wish I was younger and cuter. This made me think to myself, ‘I’m not young anymore.’ as time passes I am becoming more calm.”

Lee Seung Gi Was Happy To Reunite With Suzy


To promote “Vagabond,” the leading actors held a press conference ahead of the drama premiere where they answered all sorts of questions, one of those questions was directed towards Suzy and Lee Seung Gi, “Vagabond” marks their second collaboration on a drama together.

They previously worked together in the 2013 drama “Gu Family Book.”

Suzy said,

“I was glad when I learned that we would be working together again, and was able to film more comfortably with better chemistry.”

Lee Seung Gi also said that its not easy to meet an actress twice through different projects,

“I was glad to work with Suzy again through ‘Vagabond.’ It was great then working with her at that time, but this time I got to see her acting style and discover what kind of actress she is. She is an excellent actress.”

Hwang Bo Ra has been dating for 6 long years


Actress Hwang Bo Ra has been in a long time relationship with Cha Hyun Woo who is the younger brother of Ha Jung Woo and the son of Kim Yong Gun.

In a recent TV appearance, Hwang Bo Ra revealed that she’s close to her boyfriend’s family as well; she also referred to Ha Jung Woo as her drinking buddy.

She also gushed about her boyfriend, says she’s comfortable talking about him publicly and that through this relationship; she got to learn how precious it is to be loved.

She says they fight every day but in the end, it’s only because he’s concerned about her,

 “We fight every day. It ends up like that because he’s always worrying, or he tries to stop me from doing something.”

“Vagabond” Airing Date Was Pushed Back Over And Over Again


If you’ve been keeping up with “Vagabond,” then you likely already know this but if not, let’s talk about its original air date.

Filming began in June of 2018. It was supposed to be originally released by the end of 2018, however, it got pushed back to May of 2019, only for it to be pushed back again to September 2019.

This happened because of various issues, including filming schedule issues and the pending deal with Netflix. The drama is also currently airing on Netlfix as well (all around the world) with the exception of South Korea, you have to tune in to SBS to see it there.

So these are some of the most interesting and possibly shocking facts about “Vagabond” cast. Did any of them shock you? and are you a fan of the drama? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I did wait with eagerness Vagabond primarily because of Lee Seung Gi secondarily of Bae Suzy. As the drama is going on …now with the same eagerness because b of everything in the drama, all the actors, the story while thinking also a of everyone connected with it…from the producers, actors, crew all the admin staff…may this drama be successful so they be truly happy. I am looking that this msge be read and that I can make another after viewing the final episode.

  2. I love Lee Seung Gi in Master in the House. Please dont ever stop doing that! I watch every week. But heard he was doing Vagabond but i didnt have Netflix. I finally got to watch this week and I say WOW!!! But definitely needs a season 2.

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