11 Interesting Strange Facts About The Cast Of “My Mister” You Need To Know

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“My Ahjussi” is the newest tvN drama that is making waves for its unique relatable plot, with its premiere it managed to spike kdrama fan’s interest for being something very different from what they’re usually used to.

The depressing theme of the drama accompanied by its very relatable characters made it one of the most talked about tvN dramas of this past week.

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Today, we’re taking a look at 1a strange interesting facts about its cast.

Fans weren’t happy with the drama pairing


When the casting news came to light, it caused controversy among both national and international fans, IU and Lee Sun Kyun were set to play lovers for the upcoming Korean drama about three middle aged men, fans found the large age gap very disturbing.

Lee Sun Kyun was born in 1975 while IU was born in 1993, their huge age gap made fans wonder whether any romance between them will be able to capture people’s attention without being disturbing, Lee Sun Kyun is old enough to be her uncle or elder brother.

However, ahead of its premiere IU and Lee Sun Kyun explained that the drama was not a love story but rather ‘a human story.” IU explained that they were not doing a romance fantasy drama but a drama about reality and people.

This probably means that there will be no love line between IU and Lee Sun Kyun’s characters throughout the drama course.

Kim Won Suk’s comeback


Many kdrama fans might have tuned in for the drama because of IU or Lee Sun Kyun but there was also a fair amount of fans who tuned in because of Kim Won Suk.

The name might not ring a bell but we’re almost certain that you watched a drama by director Kim Won Suk. The beloved director has worked on so many hit drama projects throughout his career.

He was the director behind “Misaeng,” “Signal” and “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” three huge kdramas that are beloved by both national and international fans.

IU chose “My Ahjussi” because of Kim Won Suk


The huge director Kim Won Suk influenced beloved idol actress IU to take on her most difficult dark role to date.

In a recent interview IU explained that she took on the role because she was excited about working with the director, she also explained that “Misaeng” was one of her favorite dramas.

She also talked about how much she liked the director’s confidence and ideas that he explained during their first meaning.

Fans have been praising IU for her portrayal of Ji An, a very dark character that has had her share of trouble, someone who has had a difficult life and has no one to turn to.

Many people were taken back by how good IU was during last week’s premiere of the drama.

This is the second time Lee Sun Kyun’s on-screen wife is cheating on him


Lee Sun Kyun is a beloved Korean actor who has been around for a while, he is famous for his movies more than his dramas for the most part but he manages to put on an amazing performance with each of his dramas.

Unfortunately for Lee Sun Kyun, this isn’t the first drama in which his on-screen wife is cheating on him.

Back in 2016, he starred alongside Song Ji Hyo in “My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week,” the drama tells the story of a man who finds out that his wife is cheating on him, he tries hard to save his marriage.

In “My Ahjussi” his wife played by actress Lee Ji Ah, his wife is cheating on him in the drama with his hoobae (subordinate) from university which adds more salt to the wound, his character however, is yet to find out that his wife is cheating on him.

Fans felt sorry for Lee Sun Kyun, since this is his second time being cheated on by his on-screen wife.

Lee Sun Kyun’s wife once called him out for playing minor roles


Lee Sun Kyun has been happily married to his wife actress Jeon Hye Jin, his wife noticed that he only took on supporting roles, this didn’t make her happy, she saw potential in her husband.

She called him out on it when he turned down an offer for a leading role, this prompted him to accept the role of a chef in the popular drama “Pasta,” and the rest is history.

We have actress Jeon Hye Jin to thank for enabling us to see the beloved actor more frequently on screen. He is an exceptional actor.

IU’s recent donation is related to her drama role


If you needed more reasons to love IU, here is another reason for you. The beloved idol actress is playing a character that takes care of her sick deaf grandmother; her role inspired her to donate a staggering 50 Million Wons (approx. $47,000) for the Korea Association of the Deaf.

Whats even more beautiful was that IU never made it a public donation; it was the Korea Association of the Deaf who spoke up about the lovely idol very generous donation.

They explained that the idol asked for it to be used for the Seoul City Deaf Senior Citizens Support Center.

IU even began to learn sign language to help her understand her character and do better in “My Ahjussi,” we love IU and her dedication for her acting and commitment to help out those in need.

“My Ahjussi” was reported to the Korea Communications Standards Commission



“My Ahjussi” made heads turn with its premiere and also made many Koreans upset.

A scene in which a fight occurs between IU and Chang Ki Yong’s character was so disturbing to viewers that they even reported it to the Korea Communications Standards Commission.

In a scene, Chang Ki Yong’s character beats up Lee Ji An’s character for falling behind on her debt and for opposing his intrusion and violating her privacy. The two characters share a troubled past and are enemies which is something that took fans by surprise when watching the drama premiere.

So much so that some viewers ended up reporting the scene for its violent nature, they found that a grown healthy man hitting a young petit woman disturbing. The KCSC released a statement confirming that they received many reports and if it was deemed bad they will be taking proper actions.

Lee Ji Ah Was Once married to Seo Taji


Probably the strangest fact of this article is that Lee Ji Ah was once secretly married to the great Seo Taji.

In 2011, the huge news shook the Korean community when they found out that Lee Ji Ah had filed for divorce from Seo Taji, it was later revealed that the two marred secretly in 1997 and split in 2006.

Both figures were believed to have been single during that period so it shocked a lot of people when they found out that they had been married.

Lee Ji Ah met him through a concert and they grew closer back in 1997, before they married quietly and moved to Atlanta then Arizona in the US.

They separated in 2006 and she filed for alimony, she filed a 5.5 billion won lawsuit against him.

After the issue was made public the two parties’ statements contradicted each other, despite all of that, they ended up reaching an out-of-court settlement, the settlement money amount was never revealed because it was a non-disclosure agreement.

Chang Ki Yong Is A Model Rapper


The beloved rising actor has captured fans’ hearts with his role in KBS’s “Go Back Couple” he played the second lead and captured attention for his great acting skills.

In fact the actor has originally debuted as a model, he is a part of YG Entertainment and YGK+, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment dedicated for their models.

He can even rap; he appeared on JTBC’s “Tribe Of Hip Hop” and even made it to the top 10 finalists.

I mean, how can you not love this man?

IU and Chang Ki Yong have worked together before


Unless you’re a dedicated fan of either, this might come off as news for you; the adorable actors have previously worked together.

IU’s hit track “Friday” featured Chang Ki Yong as her boyfriend. In an interview he revealed that IU has requested he appears in the MV, he even wanted to ask her why she chose him if he got the chance to meet her again.

We just hope that he got the chance to ask her that during filming for their drama “My Ahjussi.”

Oh, and did we forget to mention, the two even shared a kiss scene, Chang Ki Yong revealed that his heart almost exploded during that scene.

Chang Ki Yong was a part of the 4th most-viewed web-drama of 2015


Before Chang Ki Yong rose to fame, he took part of the popular web drama “We Broke Up” alongside his label mates Dara and Winner’s Kang Seung Yoon.

The beloved web drama is about a couple who breaks up; Chang Ki Yong took on the second male lead role.

He got close with Dara and they shared some sweet selfies together.

The web drama was a smashing success; it got more than 16 million views. The two leads where also nominated for best actors awards for their performances.

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