Yang Hyun Suk Says He Doesn’t Watch Music Shows Today Because All Idols Are Similar

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On October 27, a press conference for the anticipated survival program “MIXNINE” was held, Yang Hyun Suk along with producing director (PD) Han Dong Chul, PD Yoo Sung Mo, BIGBANG’s Seungri, and Zion.T attendant the press conference.

The man behind YG Entertainment didn’t sugar coat the truth when he shared his thoughts about the current status of the Kpop industry, he said,

“The problem is that the entire idol market feels the same way. I am a music producer myself and I stopped watching music shows because all idols are similar.”

He explained,

“BIGBANG told me they didn’t want to appear on music shows because it felt awkward being among similar looking idols. Zion T has also recently made a comeback but chose not to appear on music shows.

Only one or two of the similar looking idols end up succeeding, it’s a pity they all practice the same way.”

“MIXNINE” is the new JTBC survival program, Yang Hyun Suk visits more than 70 agencies looking for new talents. “MIXNINE” aired its first episode on October 29.

Have you checked out the first episode yet? What did you think of Yang Hyun Suk comments?

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