Why Ku Hye Sun Suffered A Concussion After Filming This Iconic Scene In “Boys Over Flowers”

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Ku Hye Sun had a lot to say about her past hit drama “Boys Over Flowers” on a recent broadcast!

Ku Hye Sun has made her first variety show appearance since the divorce announcement on “The Manager” and she had a lot of interesting things to share about her legendary role in the hit drama “Boys Over Flowers,” and many fans found what she shared interesting.

During the show, the head of her agency, Kim Sung Hoon, was introduced. He talked in details about how he cast Ku Hye Sun for her legendary role in “Boys Over Flowers,” he revealed that the competition was extremely fierce so much so that every agency wanted their actress to be cast in that drama, he spent so much time waiting at the production company and met with the director multiple times until Ku Hye Sun was cast in the role.

While talking about “Boys Over Flowers,” Ku Hye Sun revealed that in one of the most iconic scenes of the drama, she suffered a concussion. She suffered the concussion while filming for a scene in which she falls backwards into a swimming pool, it’s a popular scene that’s often revisited by fans regularly.

Ku Hye Sun’s dedication stopped her from seeking medical care immediately. She said that ‘filming would stall’ without her and wouldn’t air on schedule thus, she pushed herself to keep filming, however, about a week later, she felt dizzy,

“I eventually fainted during filming and had to be rushed to the hospital.”

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Ku Hye Sun’s hard work has definitely paid off, “Boys Over Flowers” is considered one of the biggest and most legendary kdramas ever made.

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