Veteran Kpop Idol Revealed To Have Reached Out To Sulli + Calls Her Final Variety Show A ‘Human Zoo’

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Veteran Kpop idol Dongwan of Shinhwa surprised fans with what he had to say about Sulli’s death and the last variety show she appeared on.

Back in October, Dongwan posted to Instagram expressing his frustration with the way idols are treated in the industry, his post resonated with many fans who can clearly see the signs of trouble in the idol world and the lack of immediate concrete action to ensure idols are well-protected and cared for.

On November 20 episode of KBS “Feast on the Road,” the preview showed Dongwan talking about his post regarding idols’ mental health and well-being.

Dongwan said,

“Through media, I saw her from afar. Even from a distance, I was worried about her because she was going through a rough time and was blamed so much. Through an acquaintance, I reached out and asked her if she needed any consulting. I told her, ‘I know people who could help you.’

When I saw her recently on media, I thought to myself that she must’ve found a way to cope with her issues. I was happy to think, ‘yes, that is one way, she will be okay now.’”

He says not long after that he saw the news and was devastated. He even commented on her last variety show “The Night of Hate Comments,” He says he was extremely furious with the show, he says he believes the show was produced based on videos of Hollywood celebrities reading out malicious comments.

Dongwan says such a format isn’t possible in South Korea because celebrities can’t say something mean on TV or radio. He says,

“The show seemed like a human zoo to me.”

“The Night of Hate Comments” was immediately discontinued following the tragic death of Sulli.

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You can watch the clip where he talked about this below:

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