U-KISS Eli Breaks Down In Tears After His Son Nearly Fails To Recognize Him After Two Years Of Living Apart

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This recent clip of U-KISS’s Eli has gone viral.

On the most recent episode of “We Got Divorced 2,” U-KISS Eli and former wife Ji Yeon Soo are seen on their last day of their reunion. They stayed with each other for three days and two nights, his former wife then asked him if he wants to see his son before leaving.

While reluctant and nervous at first, Eli agrees, in the clip you can see Eli breaking down in tears upon seeing his son, his son fails to recognize him right away because Eli was wearing a mask.

After he took it off, he hugs his son and cries out loud, he hasn’t seen him for two years since their separation. The three share a hug.

After the emotional reunion, when Eli is about to leave, the son goes on his knees and begs him to stay and live together with him and his mom bringing tears to fans’ hearts. The entire studio was also seen in tears as the son tries over and over again to beg his dad to stay with them. The parents try their best to assure him its not his fault.

Eli and Ji Yeon Soo registered their marriage in June of 2014 and had a son together in 2015. They officially held a wedding ceremony in 2017 and have previously appeared on variety shows together, fans loved the former couple together and were shocked by the sudden news when they confirmed they were getting divorced. They divorced in November of 2020.

You can check out the clips here and here.

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