TWICE Leader Reveals They’re Scared The Public Is Getting Tired Of Their Cute Image

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TWICE Leader Jihyo opened up about her group’s signature cute concept and her fears regarding it.

On January 31st episode of Mnet’s “Super Intern” the interns met with TWICE for a consulting session.

The members listened to the interns’ presentations and the leader Jihyo proceeded to ask them,

“What image do you think TWICE should develop in 2019?

We have a lot of discussions among ourselves about our cute and bright image.

As we move to our 5th year, we wonder if people will get tired of it.”

One of the interns compared TWICE to a friend you’ve known for 10 years, intern Lee Jung Bin thinks you never get tired of your close friend; the background is the only thing that’s changing.

TWICE is known for their signature cute concept which they have gone with since their debut back in 2015. The girls are some of the most hardworking currently promoting groups; they have released many Korean comebacks in 2018 starring with “What is Love” in April and then “Dance the night away” followed by the winter comeback “Yes or Yes.”

Before 2018 ended the girls also announced they would be releasing a repackage album of “Yes or Yes,” it was titled “The Best Thing I Ever Did.” It was a gift for fans and the girls didn’t promote it TV shows.

That is not mentioning the Japanese singles they released in 2018.

Fans are split on TWICE’s continuously playing the cute concept, the girls are also getting older and it must be challenging to always do a cute concept.

What do you think of Jihyo’s worries? Do you think TWICE should change their concept?

Check out Jihyo talking about this below:

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My Thoughts

It’s a tricky question from Jihyo but I like that she brought it up!

I personally don’t know how much control TWICE has over their own concept but I believe it isn’t much similar to many other idol groups.

They’re currently the biggest asset to JYP and I believe the biggest money makers, they had so many comebacks in 2018 I honestly couldn’t keep up.

I understand from a business point of view why JYP would keep extensively promoting them and I clearly see the benefits of that strategy. The girls have one of the biggest fandoms and the fandom makes sure the girls see how much they love them, they show support through buying their albums, streaming, buying tickets and so much more.

With TWICE’s fanbase demography in mind, I don’t think the public is ready to give up on the cute concept just yet. Switching concepts will lead to the loss of some fans in my opinion and I do believe it will eventually happen.

The girls aren’t getting younger and the older they get the more awkward it becomes for them and their fans to see them act all cutesy. An artist grows with their fans, if they keep doing one genre eventually people will get tired and move onto the next big thing.

I believe Jihyo and the girls think of this issue from this point of view, they’re happy they’re receiving love but also scared some will eventually get tired of them doing the same thing over and over again.

Its pretty understandable as an artist to have such worries, especially since doing strictly one concept since debut cements an idea in people’s minds that will be very difficult to take out.

When the switch happens, I believe some fans will be upset but it’ll be for the advancement of TWICE.

I do feel like switching up concepts back and forth will keep people interesting in them and I think JYP is also considering this possibility since they make them comeback so often.

I do wish the girls all the best; I have a feeling that if they had more than one comeback in 2019 that they’d try a different concept, of course, that’s only my prediction. Only time will tell…

Whats your reaction to this article?

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