Three B1A4 Members Confess To Park Jin Young That They Have Auditioned To JYP Many Times Before

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On October 21 episode of the popular late night show “JYP’s Party People” B1A4 were guests, after singing they chatted for a bit and revealed something that shocked JYP himself.

Jinyoung, CNU and Sandeul confessed to Park Jin Young that they auditioned to JYP Entertainment in the past many times but failed to get in.

Sandeul revealed that there was a specific time he only auditioned to JYP but he couldn’t make it to the final round, he explained that this was his first time meeting Park Jin Young himself in person.

While CNU admitted he auditioned many times himself, Jinyoung also revealed for the first time on TV that he had auditioned for JYP, he added, “I was sad because I couldn’t make it.”

Park Jin Young then revealed that he had also previously auditioned for SM Entertainment but failed to get in, he added, “I also got to meet Lee Soo Man after my debut.”

After Park Jin Young heard one more song of the members he added such a sweet comment and about how difficult it was to survive in this industry, he said,

“This is making me emotional because I remember experiencing the same thing like you guys, back then I wondered and thought a lot about how to survive in this industry.”

Where you shocked by these B1A4 members confessions?

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