Mnet Under Fire For Disrespecting Islam By Using Adhan In “Street Woman Fighter,” Fans Trend #Mnetapologize

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Mnet is under fire for what was shown in “Street Woman Fighter”!

During the introduction sequence of “Street Woman Fighter,”a remixed version of an adhan (also written as azan and adzan) was used. Adhan is the islamic call to prayer recited at specific times of the day.

The adhan is considered sacred and something Muslims take very seriously, it is highly frowned upon to use it in songs. The adhan prayer praises the name of Allah which makes putting it in the song very disrespectful.

Fans have been trending the hashtag #Mnetapologize as a result of this. Many fans are frustrated that their religion is being used as an aesthetic, fans want Mnet to apologize and to stop using that soundtrack.

Some netizens have found out that the introduction sequence used was not created by Mnet but a band called LOSERS that has a song titled “Azan,” the song was released in 2010.

Regardless, fans are upset with Mnet’s recent actions, many users have taken to social media accounts to ask the broadcasting station to address the matter.

Mnet has not yet publicly responded to this.

Stay tuned for updates!

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