SHINee’s Key Opens Up Jonghyun’s Passing And Why He Wishes It Won’t Become A Taboo Topic

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SHINee’s Key has recently spoken about Jonghyun and his words are giving fans all the feels!

On the most recent episode of MBC’s “I Live Alone,” the idol was featured. He revealed his house for the first time and talked about many things including the tragic passing of Jonghyun and how he’s dealt with it.

During the show, Key prepared a meal for his guest who turned out to be his close friend and SM Entertainment labelmate Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon.

During their conversation, they talked about SHINee’s first comeback in two and a half years, Key said,

“The comeback was demanding, physically,” he added, “if it wasn’t for the members, I don’t think I would’ve been able to do it.”

Key then talked about mentioning Jonghyun in SHINee’s winning speech recently, he said,

“These words came out without thinking. Before that, I hated feeling like this was a forbidden topic that we couldn’t talk about. I sincerely want people to know we miss him and need him.”

After they finished their meal, Key told Taeyeon about how he felt when people brought up Jonghyun in the past, and how his perception had changed,

“In the past when people spoke about it, I’d avoid the topic. I felt like they were trying to use this to make me cry. Eventually, I turned around and began to think that its okay to talk about it. Now that I think about it, I think a part of me wanted to talk about him.”

Taeyeon encouraged him and said it was nice seeing how far he’s come, Key added,

“I’d like for us to stop treating this as a topic that’s too difficult to talk about or too sad. Is there a reason we should avoid it? I believe its important for one’s mental health to acknowledge what happened and speak freely about the emotions that come out of it. Of course, it was a difficult situation, but I wish people wouldn’t pity me too much when they look at me.”

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