Seohyun Breaks Down In Tears Speaking About Why She Couldn’t Be Happy To Make Girls’ Generation Debut Lineup

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Seohyun has recently opened up about how she felt when she made it into Girls’ Generation Debut Lineup.

Seohyun appeared as a guest on February 19 episode of MBC’s “The Manager,” she hung out with her close friend Lee Hwan Hee. Seohyun talked about how she’s been friends with Lee Hwan Hee for 20 years now ever since they met at SM when they were kids, they had trained together and dreamed of debuting in the next SM girl group.

Lee Hwan Hee and Seohyun talked about how they became friends because they’re the same age and how Lee Hwan Hee helped Seohyun a lot during the training period, Seohyun said,

“If it hadn’t been for you, I don’t know if I would have been able to endure it.”

Lee Hwan Hee ended up moving agencies and debuted as a singer, she’s been retired after getting married two years ago. Seohyun said she cried a lot at her wedding and then surprised her by saying, “I’ve always felt sorry to you. I was always so busy, and I couldn’t contact you or go see you that often. But you were always there for me in the same place.”

Seohyun began tearing up and added,

“I am just so thankful. I am so thankful to have you in my life.”

At the studio where Seohyun shares more comments on the time she spent with her friend, she admitted that she was utterly devastated when she found out she’s made the debut lineup for Girls’ Generation, but Lee Hwan Hee hadn’t.

Seohyun said,

“When I heard first that only I made it into Girls’ Generation, I didn’t feel happy at all.

I felt so bad I couldn’t stop crying. I think I might cry now, I couldn’t bring myself to call her, I felt so sorry, but she contacted me and congratulated me.

Just having this one friend makes me feel that I’ve lived my life well.”

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