“Taxi Driver” Actress Pyo Ye Jin Says Her Job As A Flight Attendant Was Suffocating

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Rising actress Pyo Ye Jin who recently appeared in the hit SBS drama “Taxi Driver” has spoken about her past job and what she had to say shocked fans.

On the most recent broadcast of MBC “I Live Alone,” Pyo Ye Jin made a guest appearance and showcased her life as a rising actress.

During the show, Pyo Ye Jin openly discussed her past job as a flight attendant. She met her friend and spoke in a dialect shocking fans by revealing she’s from Changwon.

Pyo Ye Jin talked to her friend about her time as a flight attendant, her friend said,

“When you told me you were going to quit your job, you said you will become an actress.”

Pyo Ye Jin replied,

“I still remember the trips we’ve had and the fund times I had with you as a very positive memory. But thinking about working as a flight attendant for 10 years felt suffocating.

It made me realize this wasn’t the future I had in mind. After thinking about what I could do well in, I wanted to become an actress.

At first, I was handing out my profile around. At the time, that was the only thing I could do. But those times don’t only come off as difficult because it was also pretty fun.”

Pyo Ye Jin has made a name for herself by starring in many dramas such as ‘Fight For My Way’, ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’, and ‘VIP.’ She’s been recently receiving praise for her performance in “Taxi Driver”

When the actress first gained attention, it was revealed that she used to be a flight attendant prior to becoming an actress. This is one of the very few times she’s openly discussed her past job.

Are you surprised that Pyo Ye Jin found her previous job suffocating?

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