Mnet Issues Apology Over “Street Man Fighter” PD Sexist Remarks, He Said Competition In “Street Woman Fighter” Had ‘Jealousy And Greed’ While The Male Version Had ‘Loyalty And Pride’

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“Street Man Fighter” PD found himself in hot waters over his insensitive sexist remarks at the show’s press conference.

On August 23, “Street Man Fighter” held a press conference where chief producer (CP) Kwon Young Chan made a shocking comment that alluded to toxicity among women but positivity among men. He said, ‘if there was jealousy and greed in the survival show for the female dancers, I think the male dancers showed a lot of loyalty and pride.’

Many k-netizens took issue with his remarks and labeled them sexist. After a couple of days of the issue making headlines, Mnet ended up issuing an apology for the matter.

They wrote, “We apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable by the inappropriate comments made by a producer at Mnet’s ‘Street Man Fighter’ press conference.”

Mnet says the producer’s comment don’t match their core value of “novelty that breaks prejudice,” adding they feel a sense of responsibility regarding what they label as ‘generalized and incorrect comment.’

wThey ended their statement by promising to take follow-up measures to ensure this never happens again.

The apology was poorly received by netizens.

“Street Man Fighter” premiered on August 23 and will air every Tuesday at 10:20 p.m. KST.

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