Mnet Accused Of Allegedly Manipulating Votes In “Queendom 2” Finale, They Deny, Here Is What They Said

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Mnet has addressed the allegations that they have manipulated the digital performance scores of the tracks for “Queendom 2” finale.

“Queendom 2” aired its finale on June 2 and WJSN was crowned the winner. As soon as the show wrapped up, fans began to question certain aspects of the performance’s scores. The digital performance scores shown during the broadcast differed from the ones fans think they’ve seen on Spotify.

The winner for this season was determined by the cumulative score of the past rounds as well as the live finale score, which included each team’s digital performance, YouTube video score, fans’ choice score, and live vote count.

On June 3, Mnet addressed the allegations and denied them. They stated,

“In order to listen to the diverse voices of global K-pop fans, we collected the music score through the ‘Queendom 2 Official Playlist’ of a global music streaming service.

As previously announced, in ‘Queendom 2 Official Playlist’, only one stream per day per ID [multiple songs permitted, duplicates not permitted] was reflected in the music score, and all the music scores data are managed by the music streaming service. The final scores were counted [by the streaming service] and provided to the production team of ‘Queendom 2’.

A voting witness confirmed that the data was reflected as is in the broadcast.”

What are your thoughts on Mnet’s statement?

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