MBC’s “Marriage Hell” Will Not Air For 2 Weeks Amidst The Child Molestation Controversy

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“Marriage Hell” will not air for 2 weeks.

On December 26th, MBC announced, “The “Marriage Hell”, which was scheduled to air today, will be cancelled for two weeks due to internal maintenance.”

In “Marriage Hell”, which aired on December 19th, a couple who were in conflict with their 7-year-old daughter was shown.

The problem with the broadcast was the husband’s behaviour. In the scene of playing with her stepdaughter, the husband made excessive physical contact that the child did not want.

The child expressed strongly, “No,” and “Don’t do it.” However, the new father refused to let the child go because he found her funny reaction.

After the broadcast was released, the bulletin board of the MBC Viewer’s Communication Center criticized it as ‘child molestation’ and demanded to abolish the program.

The production team has deleted the scene from the VOD replay.

In addition, on December 21st, the production team announced their official position regarding the episode, saying, “We deeply apologize to everyone who must have been worried about the couple’s daughter, we focused only on analyzing the couple’s problems, and I didn’t pay close attention to the airing of scenes that viewers could be concerned about.”

The production team and Dr. Oh Eun Young will continue to support this family and children’s problems even after the broadcast. Together with Dr. Oh Eun Young, the production team plan to provide professional examination and therapeutic help.

According to the Jeonbuk Provincial Police Agency, the police received an opinion that the broadcast content of “Marriage Hell” was child sexual abuse, and they are reviewing whether to file a case.


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