Lee Hyori And Lee Sang Soon’s New Cafe ‘Long Play’ Opens To Much Fanfare And Criticism, Apology Issued

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Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon have opened a new cafe called Long Play and its already super popular.

The newly opened cafe became viral through word of mouth alone, the cafe had only been open for one day but large crowds formed around the building as fans flocked to it. The crowds became such a huge issue that the cafe was forced to close down because it couldn’t attend to the unexpectedly large crowds that wanted to visit. Added to that, the neighborhood was reportedly known for being quiet and not often crowded which caused a bigger shock to the people living there. The crowds have reportedly ended up causing an inconvenience to their neighbors.

The cafe which is called Long Play ended up issuing a public apology on Instagram. In the statement, they apologize to the people who were turned away due to ingredients running out and to those who waited in the hot weather for a long time, they’ve decided to move with a reservation-based system from now on and will re-open after re-organizing.

Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon also received backlash for opening this cafe for what some netizens allege to be gentrification. In the past, Lee Hyori ended up selling her old house [which was also in Jeju] and moving away because of people coming around, some netizens think she’s being hypocritical by opening another cafe when she complained about the lack of privacy before.

What do you think of this?

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