Former INFINITE Member Lee Ho Won [Hoya] And Former HOTSHOT Member Roh Tae Hyun Qualify For “Street Man Fighter” Project Dance Crew Mbitious

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Former INFINITE Member Lee Ho Won [Hoya] And Former HOTSHOT Member Roh Tae Hyun have been named as part of “Street Man Fighter” project dance crew Mbitious.

“Street Man Fighter” is a spin-off from the popular dance survival show “Street Woman Fighter” that aired in 2021. Back then, Mnet announced that a male version is coming out in 2022.

Ahead of the main show, a prequel program named “Be Mbitious” aired, the show is for solo dancers [including idol dancers] who have no crew. The show aims to bring a crew together that will be added to compete on “Street Man Fighter.”

On July 5, Mnet announced the Mbitious lineup and the eight crews. The members of Mbitious are: 5000, Kim Pyong Ya, former HOTSHOT and JBJ member Roh Tae Hyun, Tarzan, Woo Tae, former INFINITE member Lee Ho Won (Hoya), Jinwoo, and Kim Jung Woo.

There were many idols who participated in the show but couldn’t make the final cut including PENTAGON’s Kino, ONF’s U, DKB’s Harry June, KARD’s BM, and Cha Hyun Seung from “Single’s Inferno.”

MC Kang Daniel also announced the full lineup of the crews that would compete on “Street Man Fighter.” The lineup is: 1MILLION, We Dem Boyz (WDBZ), Eo-Ddae, Bank Two Brothers (BⅡB), Prime Kingz, YGX, and Just Jerk.

“Street Man Fighter” is slated to air this August.

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