Lee Hi Tears Up While Talking About The Lack Of Promotions In YG  

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Lee Hi was emotional in a recent episode of JYP’s “Party People”.

On the 20th of August episode of “Party People” Lee Hi was a guest alongside Baek Ah Yeon. The two power vocalists sang “Breathe” and Lee Hi struggled while trying to hold her tears.

Baek Ah Yeon hugged and comforted her, Lee Hi then told everyone how much she hated crying and how little she cried, she talked about how struggles being a part of YG’s entertainment, she said,

“I wanted to be signed to an agency so much, and I wanted to sing more than anything else in front of my fans, but even after signing I was not free to do so.

I signed with YG through an audition program and I even released an album quickly after. But after that I thought I was lacking and needed more practice.

I didn’t know time would fly by so fast, I didn’t know it would take me that long.”

She then added,

“My teen years passed by quickly and I am now in my 20s and I still have no album. This one thought kept going through my head ‘when will I ever be able to sing again?’”.

Fans and JYP himself sympathized with her and after she sang her duet with Baek Ah Yeon, he talked about all the opportunities that she still has ahead of her.

What do you think of this?

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